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Black Friday attracts hundreds of millions of customers around the world. Amazon is one of the architects of the success of this operation, although local players such as Fnac and Cdiscount have since joined the international operation. In France, where it is also the main e-merchant, Amazon is working on its image. Here are all the best deals you can take advantage of this Tuesday.

Black Friday has replaced the winter sales and has become the number one commercial operation in France. Amazon is the leader in this operation but is very well supported by players such as Cdiscount, Fnac, Darty, Boulanger, Carrefour and Rue du Commerce. The landscape of the e-commerce sector in France allows for all topics to be covered and everyone should find what they are looking for.

For this Tuesday, the quality of the offers has passed another milestone and Amazon continues to be just as generous on prices. Black Friday and Prime Day are the two key dates for Amazon: it doesn’t want to miss them and does everything to make it happen. In just a few years, he has turned the French calendar upside down to make this Black Friday a central point. The French are on the run.

Discounts may vary from theme to theme and brand to brand. In other words, during Black Friday you can find discounts ranging between -10% and -80% depending on the references in question. The better known the brand, the lower the discount percentage should be. That said, we always have nice surprises, especially on Amazon, where prestigious brands see their prices plummet.

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The French like Black Friday

Although originally American, Black Friday has become a tradition in France. More than 70% of all French people try to take advantage of this operation, which comes at the right time. A few weeks before the end of the year celebrations, it’s a chance to buy a lot of things for less. All product themes are covered by the operation, from fashion to cooking, beauty, decoration and high-tech.

In France, physical stores generate a large part of Black Friday turnover. Amazon and company, however, manage to capture most of the bargain hunters. According to Fevad, 43% of French people would buy on the web for this operation. The large online sales platforms will inevitably drain the largest volumes.

But to get there, they have to live up to it. You must be able to combine the quality of the offers, the quality of the prices and the quantity in stock. These three parameters are essential for a successful Black Friday. Amazon plans months in advance to deliver the best experience to its customers. This is also the case of Cdiscount and Fnac which are respectively the second and third e-retailers in France.

At Presse-citron, we have the know-how to identify all the good deals in high technology. This is exactly what the above list offers you. All our experts are at your disposal to find you the best Black Friday offers on Amazon, Cdiscount and others. There are dozens of cyber-merchants participating in this operation and it is extremely difficult to find the best offers.

In the list above, you have a nice overview of the unmissable offers this Black Friday. Amazon and Cdiscount hit very hard with very prestigious big brands in the ranks. Apple is the best example, but well-known players like Samsung and Dyson illustrate the enthusiasm for this move. Volumes are very strong, the French want to do good business while their purchasing power is declining.

Check out the offers on Amazon

Three reasons to buy through Amazon

One of the main reasons people choose Amazon for Black Friday is the quality of the prices. Indeed, the trader is able to negotiate deep discounts with manufacturers thanks to his critical mass. In this way, he also manages to reduce his margins in the best possible way to grant percentage discounts that his competitors do not have. For Black Friday it is forbidden to sell your products at a loss.

Next, Amazon stands out with its return policy. Since half of the French use Black Friday to give Christmas gifts, it is also very important that the merchant is flexible about returns. This is the second year that it offers returns through the end of January 2023. This allows for any lost gifts to be returned and refunded. Fnac or Darty are limited to the 14 days imposed by law, with that you won’t go beyond mid-December.

Finally, the last point that plays in Amazon’s favor for this Black Friday is the best price guarantee policy. If you buy something today, you are guaranteed to receive the best price for the entire transaction period. The giant Amazon will match your final bill to the lowest price observed between November 18 and 28. You can therefore buy this Tuesday with the guarantee of paying the lowest possible price.

These three arguments allow Amazon to calmly attack Black Friday, even more than in previous years. The American ogre is still experiencing crazy growth, will he be able to do it again this year? While the economic environment is not favourable, it could do well by lightening French wallets.

On the other hand, it will have to adapt to the difficulties associated with e-commerce and especially procurement. Last year even for Black Friday, Amazon was limited due to numerous stock shortages. The same scenario is emerging this year. One thing is sure and certain: in the end there won’t be much left. It’s best to start now so as not to arrive too late.

To discover its offers, it is here:

Check out the offers on Amazon

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