Health: changing the lives of Senegalese with clubfoot disabilities

  • By Naomi Grimley
  • Global Health Correspondent, Dakar

image caption,

Integral plaster serigne

As Africa holds its first conference on clubfoot – a condition that affects around one in 800 people worldwide – the BBC visits a clinic in Senegal to witness a life-changing treatment.

Earlier in the year, 14-year-old Serigne was reluctant to leave the house.

He could walk very slowly, but, born with both feet turned in, he was too ashamed. Some teased him about the way he walked… But today, less than six months later, his feet have transformed and his dream of playing football for Senegal seems at least possible.

Serigne has clubfoot, also known as clubfoot. It is about to start a new phase in correcting this anomaly.

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