In Rennes, the Culture Bar-Bars Festival returns in November

El Maout & I am Fez will play on Friday November 25th at Oan’s Bar (©Bar-Bar Culture Festival)

Launched in Nantes in the 90s the Bar-Bar Culture Festival it is part of the will of the National Federation of Café and Club Cultures to initiate, develop and promote an artistic offer. The party will take place from 23 to 26 November in 200 locations throughout France, including 15 in Rennes.

1988 Live Circle

  • Thursday 24 November, 11.58pm: DJ Hustler (DJ-set, hip-hop)
  • Friday 25 November, 11.58pm: Joris Delacroix (melodica techno)
  • Friday 25 November, 11.58pm: Pura Pura (DJ-set, hip-hop)
  • Saturday 26 November, 11.58pm: JABBA 2.3 (live electro)
  • Saturday 26 November, 11.58pm: Carla Genus -Daddy Chulo- Jojo SK- Mel Woods (DJ-set, hip-hop)
  • Saturday 26 November, 11.58pm: Chloé (DJ-set, electro)

27, Place du Colombier.


  • Saturday 26 November, 21:30: Cryogenic excision (metal)
  • Saturday 26 November, 8.30pm: Man’n Sin (metal)

6G, rue de Brest.

DJ Hustler will be in Rennes for the festival.
DJ Hustler will be in Rennes for the festival. (©Bar-Bar Culture Festival)

City bistro

  • Thursday 24 November, 8.30pm: Dion Lunadon (post punk)
  • Friday 25 November, 6 pm: Walking Queens (karaoke, drag queen)
  • Saturday 26 November, 8.30pm: Flip Radio Live (humor, radio, show)

7 St. Louis Street


  • Thursday 24 November, 11.00 pm: DJ Goofa (DJ-set)
  • Saturday 26 November, 8.30pm: Tommy Isaac (rap beatmaker)
  • Saturday 26 November, 11pm: DJ Baron (DJ-set)

54, rue Saint-Malo.

Green Fairy

  • Friday November 25, 21:00: En Gramma (trance rock)

44, rue Legraverend.

The part of the angels

  • Thursday 24 November, 6 pm: Ainsel (exhibition)
  • Thursday 24 November, 9.00 pm: What the Drag (drag cabaret)
  • Friday 25 November, 9 pm: La Bande à Momo (DJ-Set, techno, acid, electro, gabber)
  • Saturday 26 November, 8pm: DJ Capasse- DJ Matolabu-La Barbo-Lazer Arafat (DJ-set, afro, techno, breakbeat)

2, rue Saint-Melaine.


  • Thursday 24 November, 8.30pm: Hemlock Daze (garage, post-punk)
  • Thursday 24 November, 10pm: Barney & Crawford (DJ-set, psyche-rock, EBM, garage, post-punk)
  • Friday 25 November, 8.30pm: Peter Triangle (post-punk, rock, pop)
  • Friday 25 November, 10pm: The Odds Bods (rock, pop, electro)
  • Saturday 26 November, 8.30pm: Tuco (rock, surf, free)

Via Nantes 24.

Marquis de Sade

  • Friday 25 November, 8pm: Vertebrae (post-punk, electro, indie rock)
  • Friday 25 November, 9pm: Ex Fulgur (front wave)
  • Saturday November 26, 8pm: Old Battlefield Entertainer (rock, folk, psyche)
  • Saturday November 26, 21:00: Here come the floods (rock, noise, grunge)

Via Paris 39.


  • Thursday 24 November, 8.30 pm: Gonzalo Gudino Quintet (Latin jazz)
  • Friday 25 November, 8.30pm: Night Fuss (90s rock)
  • Saturday 26 November, 7.45pm: El Juju (punk)
  • Saturday 26 November, 8.30pm: Squaretone (rock)

264 General-George-S.-Patton Ave.

Oan’s Pub

  • Thursday 24 November, 20:00: Thow (blind test)
  • Friday 25 November, 9.30pm: El Maout & I am Fez (hip-hop, electro, techno)
  • Saturday 26 November 201: Der (rock, record beast)

1, rue Georges Patton

Stamped paper

  • Friday 25 November, 21:00: First Draft (indie rock, brit’rock)
  • Saturday 26 November, 9.00 pm: Gustav (electro rock)

39, rue de Dinan.

Small Bar

  • Thursday 24 November, 9pm: Djulo (DJ-set, electro, rock)
  • Friday November 25, 21:00: Monsieur K (rock)
  • Saturday 26 November, 9pm: Sitarsoni (electro live sitar)

18 Piazza Sant’Anna.

The staysail

  • Thursday 24 November, 21:00: Jacob (hard folk, duet)
  • Saturday 26 November, 9 pm: Supertigre (rock)

26, rue Saint-Malo

Ti Anna

  • Wednesday 23 November, 9pm: Transatlanticks (Irish, folk, traditional music)
  • Thursday 24 November, 21:30: Alabnon! (improvised trance, jazz, electronic, urban music)
  • Friday 25 November, 8.30 pm: Étienne Grandjean (song)
  • Friday November 25, 10pm: Mathieu Ramage Solo (piano, slam)
  • Saturday 26 November, 8pm: Sir Edwards (pysché rock)

19 Piazza Sant’Anna.

Melody maker

  • Friday 25 November, 8pm: Viktims (punk, hardcore)
  • Friday 25 November, 21:00: Offensive (punk, hardcore)
  • Friday 25 November, 10pm: Reckless (punk, hardcore)

14, rue Saint-Melaine.

Prevention spaces

Of the prevention devices fixed or mobile are set up in some cities in collaboration with health and risk reduction professionals. In Rennes, the prevention area will be a Ti AnnaThursday 24 November and Friday 25 from 20:00 to 1:00.

Of the tool distributions such as condoms (with Manix) and earplugs, in connection with regional poles of current music (with Agison) will be available at the festival venues.

For more information, access the festival website by clicking here.

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