Miss France 2023. New rules, themes… What do we know about this new edition

Like every year, the month of December will mark the return of the ceremony France is missing on TV. The show, which also achieved a strong audience rating last year with 7.3 million viewers, will air on December 17 on TF1 .

If the jury of this 2023 edition is not yet known because there is still a member to recruit, here’s what we already know about this new vintage.

The theme of the evening

Every year, France is missing tries to push the limits of the show to impress. Under the guidance of artistic producer Frédéric Gilbert, the show is reinventing itself. After celebrating musicals in 2021, Miss France will have cinema as its theme this year.

There are 30 candidates who will parade on 9 different tables. The ceremony will open with titanic. There will also be a table in the colors ofharry potter, another way Rocket man (the movie about Elton John) and even a great show on the theme ofavengers, to make Miss superheroines. A choice designed for the general public, with films well known to all, regardless of age.

Dynamic skits aiming at “by deleting the parade side of Victoria’s Secret and involve the Miss » according to production.

Sylvie Tellier’s latest

A few months ago, Sylvie Tellier announced her departure from the head of the Miss France contest to devote herself to “business career”. Rumors of disagreements between her and Alexia Laroche-Joubert were brushed aside by a Sylvie Tellier trying to put on a pretty face. “ I’m leaving for personal reasons. If I left because things were bad with Alexia, I wouldn’t be here anymore. However, this year you will see me again on the set, to pass the baton to Cindy Fabre».he said during the press conference, alongside Alexia Laroche-Joubert, the new president of the Miss France company.

Despite their attempt to make believe this good arrangement, the two women very quickly argued with reporters about Sylvie Tellier’s involvement in the production of the show. A conflict that shivered during the press conference and leaves little doubt about the climate that must have reigned in society in recent months.

Sylvie Tellier, elected Miss France in 2002, will therefore say goodbye on December 17, after 17 years spent in the company. She will pass the baton to Cindy Fabre, Miss France 2005.

“Cindy is one of the young ladies I don’t know because I came to the contest right after her election so I’ve never worked with her. I’m here to answer your questions if you need help. She hasn’t asked me so far, which is a good sign.”concludes Sylvie Tellier, who says she is still very moved at the idea of ​​leaving.

Jean-Pierre Foucault always present

If we never see the former Miss France again, viewers will always be able to count on the indestructible Jean-Pierre Foucault, who has been presenting the contest for 28 years. Despite the persistent rumors about a potential latest edition, the presenter intends to hold back a little longer. “Obviously one day I will stop presenting France is missing. But there’s no reason for this to be my last year at the moment.reassures.

When asked what makes him flawless every year, his answer is quick and sincere: “He’s presenting the latest great live entertainment show on television”he said proudly. France is missing, it’s more than 3 hours of show. It is dream and escape. And then it’s a family reunion, a unifying program. It is a real annual meeting, which allows me to speak to all French people, from the youngest to the oldest. »

A new regulation

Among other big changes this year, the new regulations have also caused a lot of talk. Source of conflict between Sylvie Tellier and Alexia Laroche-Joubert, these famous rules of participation have been revised to allow more women to participate in the competition.

Concretely, the Miss France contest now allows tattoos. 45 women would have presented themselves in the regional elections with tattoos. Ultimately, only Miss Languedoc will have one on stage, on her wrist, which she will be free to show or not.

On the side of surgery, the rule changes very little. It is licensed for reconstructive surgery but not for simple cosmetic surgery. A nuance that we also find on nude photos. A young lady may have taken nude photos, only if she was for a good cause (like Pink October).

The age limit has also changed. If you must always be at least 18 years old to participate, the competition no longer stops at 25 years old. In the 2023 selection, two Misses will therefore be 26 years old. “36-year-old candidates also presented themselves in the regions”assures Alexia Laroche Joubert.

If we add to this the opening of the competition to mothers, this new regulation is therefore more “inclusive and representative of today’s society” depending on the production. The participation of a transgender woman this year in the election of Miss Ile-de-France has also been noted. But for Alexia Laroche Joubert, France is missing has always been open on the subject: “To participate you must be a woman according to marital status. That’s all we check. Otherwise, we will not examine the participants’ panties. If it is, there had already been transgender people in years past.

A competition criticized

Finally, there is still a lot of criticism regarding the physical criteria imposed on women to participate in the competition. An argument quickly brushed aside by Cindy Fabre, now head of the Committee. “There has never been a weight limit. The only physical criterion required for the Miss concerns the size, minimum 1m70, and is imposed for a practical matter. All the Misses will wear the same dress, without possible alterations, which would not look good on a smaller one. ».

Diane Leyre, Miss France 2022, adds: “I don’t do size 34. No young lady does size 34 anyway, that’s not what we ask them… I can assure you that in the region many contenders were round. But it is the public that ultimately chooses its representatives, we have no say in this.”.

Please note that these new regulations for participating in the draft do not change the rules of the Election Night ceremony.

In summary, this 2023 edition of France is missing there is a strong risk that there will be talk, despite the denunciation of the collective Osez le féminisme! against the company of Miss France is running its course. See you on December 17 h TF1 know if France is missing I still dream or not.

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