“When the song has entered people’s hearts, the music remains”

About two million copies later, “Someone told me“still remains a disc that has marked the collective memory. This disc of Charles Bruni brings together several hits, including its famous eponymous title that toured the planet. To celebrate 20 years of her record, the singer, a former model, wanted to re-release her album in a limited edition on vinyl.
Carla Bruni sometimes still seems surprised by the dazzling success that this album had when it came out: “it was made without commercial criteria” the singer assures us. In fact, accompanied for the arrangements by the co-founder and guitarist of Telephone, Louis BertignacCarla Bruni has produced a very refined folk record.
I was coming off a very flourishing modeling career at the time, everyone laughed a little when they saw me coming. They had an unfavorable bias“. However, the public and the press unanimously greeted this album: “I think it was his simplicity that touched the heart“.
Carla Bruni had never taken the step to pursue a career as a singer. She the latter considered herself only an author. Lover of words, Carla Bruni has been playing with the pen since childhood. But it is thanks to Julien Clerc which he professionally launches into song. She writes him 6 titles of her record “if i were her” released in 2000. The feedback is positive and some encourage her to sing her own songs. Carla Bruni then launches into writing her very first record, she who was the first to learn piano and violin music from an early age.

“A song is above all music; you can remove the lyrics but not the music”

Born in Turin into a family of musicians, Carla Bruni was attracted to music from an early age and then spends all her days making it. mother of her, Marisa Boriniconcert pianist (who still plays today) and his father Alberto Bruni Tedeschicomposer and director of the Teatro Regio in Turin, he passed on his love for music, in a familiar universe where Karajan and Maria Callas visited them regularly.
In those years everything seemed possiblerecalls Carla Bruni, There was no fault; the 1960s had opened up a screed of freedom. I met Visconti or even Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli in an incomparable atmosphere with a lightness of life that I have never found“.

But Carla Bruni took her time before really dedicating herself to music: “I was obsessed with independence and travel, so I took a job that was close at hand… I wanted to work right away, get out and live”. However, in these years of treading the podiums all over the world, Carla Bruni has not abandoned music, she has remained there: “it is a daily companion“.
It is on the death of her father that the singer dares to start. It must be said that this composer did not have popular music in his heart, Carla Bruni slyly tells us. “His music was radical, exciting and powerful. I like its clutter. To me it evokes something very similar to the human soul in all its light and dark.So it is his father who makes him listen to it Stravinsky, Schoenberg but also boulez. “It is thanks to him that I like twelve-tone music“says the singer. It was then with some apprehension that she decided to make her first record: “I probably wouldn’t have dared to do it while my father was still alive” he admits. But Carla Bruni has never ceased to wink at her classic family heritage, both by taking up the melody of the posthumous waltz in A minor by Frédéric Chopin on her album”little french songs” or even by reproducing the beginning of Robert Schumann’s Scenes from Children cycle on the title I’m a child taken from his third album “As if nothing ever happened“.
Never resting on her successes, Carla Bruni has continued to release records since her first successes. Six records in total will see the light of day and someone told me that a new one would be prepared…

Released from a collector’s vinyl in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the release of the album “Someone Told Me”

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