Cinema: the three films to see this week

Posted November 23, 2022 at 10:10amUpdated November 23, 2022, 10:19 am

On October 5, 2017, Jodie Kantor and Megan Twohey posted on New York Times, the article that allegedly brought down abominable producer Harvey Weinstein. Five years later, the two journalists become… movie characters. She said by Maria Schrader chronicles their investigation. The film doesn’t have the strength of Spotlight, Pentagon documents… without even going back The President’s Men. Nevertheless, we find ourselves with pleasure these appointments against the background of restaurants and these editorial crossings (classical scenes that have lost their picturesqueness with the end of tobacco). She said it is mostly based on the composition of Zoe Kazan and Carey Mulligan, a duo that makes you want to be a journalist… including those who already are.

In American films the reporter carries the flag of the first amendment of the Constitution which protects its independence. But was Larry Flynt really a man of the press? Shrewd and ambitious, he takes off Hustler in 1974, a licentious title intended to compete with the smooth Playboy. His life will be a long legal battle. Wild Side releases “Larry Flynt (1996) film by Milos Forman on BLU-Ray and DVD.

We have to see this insolent film in which Forman offers a biting portrait of the United States. Is Flynt the embodiment of the American Dream or its worst? The ambiguity lies in an authentic response from the data subject: “If the First Amendment protects a bastard like me, it means it protects all of us.”

2022, the year of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s centenary, is in the pipeline. As a final point, Carlotta publishes an invigorating box set of 9 BLU-Rays, where we find in particular “Accatone” (1961) or “Médée” (1969). Filmmaker and poet, Pasolini was also a journalist and one of the small treasures of this set is called “Inquiry into sexuality”. In 1964 Pasolini travels from Venice to Rome through Sicily and from the suburbs to the beaches through the countryside. Microphone in hand, he questions his compatriots about sexuality. Seen from today, the poetry of the film lies less in what he tells than in what he films: an exhausted peasant girl and a young lady in a bikini; bearded students and baby taking the first steps boosted. A boy proclaims that his passion is striptease shows (unfortunately he has only seen one… in Tripoli, Libya). An older “progressive” gentleman thinks there must be “a little inferiority for women…but not too much! “. And then there’s this proud boy who speaks out “against the right to divorce”. Why? “Because I’m Calabrian!”.

Survey on sexuality it tells of a bygone era, where crowds, at the appearance of a camera, would gather to express themselves. Pasolini offered them this moment, with a touch of mockery but without malice. Through other aspects the film describes the Europe of all time: the showdown between conservatism and progress; the enthusiasm of an era to come, the anguish of seeing what we believed to be eternal cancelled.

The small publishing house L’Ours de Granit publishes Pasolini 2022-1922a collection of remembrance reflections and poems about the author of Mother Rome. In a short essay, Angela Biancofiore, professor of Italian studies writes: “Reality, according to Pasolini, is in perpetual change, and since it continually escapes new interpretations, the writer intends to place himself ‘with feeling where the world is renewed'”. » In his post as a reporter.

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