Health/CGT – The social and medico-social sector is in danger

On Tuesday morning, at the invitation of the USD CGT Health and Social Action 71 employees of the social and medico-social sector met at the Maison des Syndicats de Chalon to denounce their working conditions and remind, once again, that they remain Forgotten of Segur!

Among those present in this movement were employees of PEP 71, ADFAAH, Mutualité Française de Saône et Loire, Papillons Blancs Bourgogne du Sud, UDAF and Safeguard 71.

Movement of November 22, 2022Press release. Employers’ unions are hand in hand with the government.
This same government that doesn’t listen to us despite individual requests, alarms and sector mobilizations in these months in the square.
They destroy our working and living conditions for our beneficiaries.
It is becoming normal today to work in degraded mode. NO IT’S NOT NORMAL
We are against budgetary difficulties with risks for associations, increased expenses and the cost of living. And doesn’t the cost of living increase for employees???: NO IT’S NOT NORMAL
The employers’ unions ask for mobilization but refuse the extension of the 183 euros to all professionals during the annual negotiation. Are they schizophrenic?
The single collective agreement, we have been demanding a high collective agreement for years. Opposite, we talk about savings: merit bonus, questioning of holidays, questioning of diplomas…
More and more vacancies, a glaring lack of attractiveness of our sector.
To stop the depletion of employees, we are told to revalue the 3% point value.
There is no account! not only is it not aligned with the public administration (State, territorial and hospital) which is 3.5%, but in the presentation of AXESS it is even 2.8%. The point value would increase from 3.82 to 3.93.
Employees can no longer close the month with inflation which amplifies this phenomenon of impoverishment. We just want to work with dignity!
Employees are still under the Smic, even with a differentiated salary that allows them to achieve it, this is not included in the budgeted budget.
Family assistants and legal representatives are not affected by these measures, but are part of the CCN66.
Let’s take the brunt of exponential inflation in food, clothing, energy and fuel costs.
Ségur’s forgotten once again stigmatized.
Inflation: 6.5%, hypothetical point revaluation 2.8%
Is there any problem there??
The last joint joint commission took place on November 16th, maybe they managed to move things around and finally make progress.
Was the Ségur a form of salary recognition for some professionals in our sector, but not for all? How do we justify this difference in consideration? We are in a tense climate, an exponential deterioration of our working conditions
Would you want to split the teams?
In a context of renewal or establishment of CSE, the current professional elections have even more importance and significance!
However, it is clear that even in our sector, some opportunist unions are taking advantage of the situation to interfere and have national representation where they are not, unions that are introduced into our local associations by employers, even if they defend themselves. We are not stupid! Complicity or search for common interests.
Today we are all tired of constantly repeating the same requests without ever being listened to, listened to or considered.
Employees are worn out and disappointed by the contempt shown towards them; how to motivate our colleagues while they are still working for the good functioning of the establishments?
Faced with this extremely tense social situation, how can we ask colleagues to come and demonstrate or to go on strike when the degraded mode seems to have become commonplace and endorsed by our employer who is taking advantage of this context?
Even the government, through its national solicitation, is desperately trying to attract vocations to our sectors.
However, our industry does not arouse enthusiasm in responding to the vacancies offered.
 additional positions to lighten the workload and maintain good care of beneficiaries
 salary increases: 300 euros for everyone
 for a single high-threshold collective agreement: net salary increase, CT maintenance, increase in
career, no pay scale below minimum wage, retention of seniority
 revaluation of the point, value of the point at 5 euros!
 Value-added bonuses, for whom and when?
We will continue the fight, no more contempt!!!
The social and medical-social sector is in grave and imminent danger!!


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