here are the ones not to be missed!

here are the ones not to be missed!

Cup in hand, blanket on knees, socks on feet… That’s it, you’re ready to watch a nice Christmas movie on your sofa! Here are the must-see TV movies this season.

Wrapped up in a blanket, a cup of coffee or tea in the palms of your hands, or even lying on the sofa in front of the television while the wind blows outside – there’s nothing more comforting than an afternoon at home on a cold day. And what’s better than a good Christmas TV movie to top it all off? With the end of year celebrations approaching, television channels are increasing the broadcasts of Christmas films which, over the years, have become unmissable events. Here are the best Christmas movies you can’t miss in the coming weeks!

Which movie to watch for Christmas?

With books to devour in front of a good fireplace (or stove) and Mariah Carey’s planetarium tube All I want for Christmas, the Christmas movie to watch with family or alone under the duvet is another tradition that continues. Imported directly from North America, the Christmas film is released every year in early November in France.

The stories are pretty standard and the ending of his feature films is always predictable and positive, but viewers are still fond of them. This is perhaps why TV channels love to bet on this type of program to fill their afternoon and sometimes even evening schedules. To get into the mood without necessarily snow or a fir tree in the living room, we enjoy zapping to forget the annoyances of everyday life.

On M6, it’s the return ofOne day, a Christmas story at 14:00 from 5 December. Right after Family scenes, two Christmas TV shows will be broadcast. But in the meantime, competing channels are spoiling us. ON Movies from the TF1 seriesfollow the adventures of Molly, who will spend Christmas in Hawaii (only that!) with her father inside A Christmas sprinkled with love November 28 at 21:00

Tuesday, November 29 at 1:55pm, dive into A dream Christmas in Switzerland immediately after the TF1 newscast. This American TV film follows Alex, a young architect living in Chicago, as he travels to find his family in Europe, especially his mother who has opened a boarding house in Switzerland.

On W9 November 30 at 2:20pm, don’t miss it On the way to Christmas with you, a romantic comedy that promises to rock you! This is the story of Emily, a businesswoman living at 100 per hour, who decides to do anything to see her family for the holidays. But she was without counting on the vagaries of her life. Transport problems, plane hijackings…: her fate will befall her and make her task difficult!

Celebrate the start of the month on Thursday 1 December with an enveloping afternoon on TF1 from 1.55pm, with Love at first sight in the avenue of fir trees. This American comedy starring Alicia Witt (Unannounced Love, Prescription Vacation) and Andrew W. Walker (Scare Me, Sabrina the Teenage Witch) tells the story of Meg’s struggle, manager of a music store on a historic Denver city street that is in danger of demolition. With her work friends and her family, Meg will do anything to save the spirit and tradition of this place dear to her.
At 3.40pm Santa’s Favorite Cookies starring Rachel Boston and Paul Essiembre, it’s another real estate project that the characters in a mountain village will try to thwart.

December 2, Chad Michael Murray (The Scott Brothers) it will play its charm Dog and Cat ChristmasCanadian television film in which a young woman’s feelings are turned upside down when she has to spend the holidays with the man responsible for her former romantic relationship… Notice to romantic comedy lovers 21:00 onwards Movies from the TF1 series !

Holiday specials

Like every year, our favorite programs will offer us a special evening in the colors of Christmas. Jean-Luc Reichmann will record on December 13th The 12 Strikes of Christmas, ahead of a scheduled release at an as yet unknown date. For fans of the series With the familyappointment set for 14 December at 21:10 on the M6 ​​to spend the holidays in the company of Jacques, Brigitte, Marjorie and the others at With the family: what a merry Christmas.

Christmas movies: we never get tired of the great classics!

Christmas movies are there to warm our hearts, amaze us, make us dream and remind us of the most important things: forgiveness, love and family. Themes that constantly recur in the great classics of the genre such as The Grinch with Jim Carey, Mom I missed the plane with Macaulay Culkin, Gremlins, Current love or The holidaywhich will air December 1 at 21:25 on TMC. Because for our overseas neighbors, the Christmas season is the time when anything is possible, when everything is patched up and forgiven, and where wishes are granted.

As for French films, we prefer comedies like Santa is trash with the splendid company, The Bronzes go skiing, A tale of Christmas with Catherine Deneuve and Mathieu Amalric and, for history buffs, Happy Christmas by Christian Carion on the armistice.

With new services such as television or replay platforms, it is no longer necessary to make a schedule in order not to miss the TV movie. On MyTF1, 6play or even Netflix, you will find a “Christmas Movies” category to invent a magical evening throughout the year.

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