Is CBD good for health? It’s safe?

Increasingly popular among followers of alternative medicine, CBD (or cannabidiol) is a molecule with proven therapeutic properties. Derived from the cannabis flower, however, it should not be confused with THC because, unlike the latter, it is not considered a narcotic. Indeed, its THC content, the main psychoactive component of cannabis, must be less than 0.3%, so this hemp derivative is sold in different forms: oils, herbal teas, dried flowers, chocolates… But in which situation should be? used? ? And is it really safe for health?

What are the effects of CBD?

When THC is present in large quantities in the cannabis plant, it causes addiction, memory problems or attention disturbances. It is therefore a drug whose recreational use is prohibited in many countries.

But some cannabis strains are more heavily dosed with CBD. However, CBD or cannabidiol, unlike THC, is not addictive. According to WHO, it does not produce the typical effects of cannabinoids such as THC. […] In pure form, CBD does not appear to have any potential for abuse or to be harmful to health. “. On the other hand, he is famous for his relaxing effects and might as well possess some therapeutic value “.

Health benefits

Indeed, studies have shown that CBD can be particularly beneficial to health, particularly thanks to its anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, neuroprotective and anticonvulsant properties. Wellness product par excellence, to which it contributes reduces stress, promotes sleep and, above all, helps relaxation. Not considering its anti-inflammatory action it can make it easier to bear some pain, such as migraine or back pain.

Its use is therefore indicated for people with anxiety, sleep disorders or chronic pain. CBD is also the main component of a medicinal product for the treatment of pediatric epilepsy. But research is still ongoing to determine if its therapeutic use can be extended to other diseases.

Side effects

Even if CBD is indicated for self-medication, its consumption can still lead to some side effects. Among the best documented are drowsiness, fatigue, fever, decreased appetite and gastrointestinal disturbances.

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Consuming CBD is not without risk

Mild side effects

Like any other product, high dose CBD can be more or less harmful to the body. Indeed, as indicated above, it can be the cause of a certain drowsiness, digestive disorders or even disturbances of vigilance.

However, when consumed occasionally, it poses no health risk.

Smoking is harmful

Smoking CBD-rich cannabis flowers, on the other hand, is not recommended. And for good reason, smoking itself is bad for your health, and this no matter the stuff. In fact, the combustion caused by smoke releases substances that are toxic to the lungs, which in the long term can cause cancer and cardiovascular disease. These include tars, aromatic hydrocarbons or even ammonia.

Be aware of the effects of sleepiness during the day

The consumption of CBD can, depending on the dose ingested and the sensitivity of the consumer, cause drowsiness. It is therefore essential to be vigilant when consuming it during the day. The risk of doing a careless mistakewith or without serious consequences, it can actually be increased.

Can you lose your driving license after taking CBD?

Precisely, it is not recommended to consume CBD in the form of dried flowers or e-liquids during the day for the simple reason that these products are more at risk of exceeding the authorized THC level. As a reminder, current legislation is 0.3%. If, during a police check, the police decide to carry out a saliva test to detect cannabis use, it is therefore possible that it will be positive. In this case, a fine may be issued, accompanied by a withdrawal of 6 points, or even a suspension of the driving license.

For this reason, and if you absolutely must drive, we recommend that you do prefer other products such as CBD oil (CBD oil), which are less likely to contain high levels of THC. But know that, in any case, it is contraindicated to drive after consuming CBD.

Drug interaction

CBD has been shown to interact with some medications. These include blood thinners, immunosuppressants, antiepileptics and methadone. And for good reason, it’s the same a psychoactive substanceacting on the brain.

In any case, it is recommended that people undergoing drug treatment seek advice from their doctor before consuming CBD.

Poor quality oils, e-liquids or products

With the development of CBD, even low quality products have seen their glory days. In fact, many people have jumped on the wave of selling low-quality CBD products at bargain prices. These can especially be mixed with toxic products and therefore can be harmful to health.

The CBD market is unregulated, so abuse is a must. And, unfortunately for the consumer, it can be very difficult to pick and choose products that do not contain additives.

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What are the contraindications of CBD?

Even if it does not represent a health risk, CBD is, for prevention, contraindicated for some categories of people. The pregnant women in particular, it is necessary to avoid consuming it since it is not known what effect it may have on the fetus.

It is also contraindicated, as a precaution, for people with kidney disease, cardiovascular disease and mental problems. In the absence of precise studies on the subject, prevention really is better than cure.

Legislation in force in France in 2022

The decree of December 30, 2021 establishes that the cultivation, import, export, sale and consumption of CBD are authorized in France if the product comes from a Cannabis variety Sativa L. Also, as we indicated above, the THC content of CBD-containing products must be less than 0.3%.

On the other hand, the order specified that the sale of CBD flowers was illegal. Indeed, it is extremely difficult to differentiate a CBD flower from a THC flower as they are identical in many points. Which complicates the checks. Hence the reluctance of the French state to authorize its marketing. But on January 24, 2022, the situation was reversed: the Council of State suspended the decree which prohibited the marketing of cannabis leaves and flowers in all their forms.

The CBD market in France is still in its infancy, so the soap opera isn’t ready to end. The situation could actually change in the future, both as regards the ban of certain products and the increase in VAT.

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