Marina, Plurien’s seamstress, was the costume designer for Romain Duris’ films at the cinema

PLURIAN. After her experience as a costume designer for theater and cinema, Marina has just opened her sewing workshop in Plurien. © Carolina Mariotti

You remember the movie eiffel, released in theaters just a year ago, with actor Romain Duris? Marina was in the team. Costume designer, you made the men’s suits for this feature film. In 2022, again: is in the casting of the seamstresses of the next film by Martin Bourboulon, scheduled for 2023, The Three Musketeersbased on the novel by Alexandre Dumas with Romain Duris again, but also François Civil and Vincent Cassel.

For Jean-Paul Gaultier

Marina also collaborates for the theater. He worked on the details of the toilet the bourgeois gentlemanplayed by the French comedy and for the work Tistou the green thumbsin Rouen.

He also made the ornaments and the finished for several suits by Jean-Paul Gaultier.

I learned to sew during my free time in high school with one idea in mind: to make it my job.

Marina, seamstress and costume designer

Passionate about theatre, she naturally turned to the profession of costume designer. “I studied for four years in various institutes specialized in the sector: al La Source high school in Nogent-sur-Marne for a costume update, then a Martiniere Diderot to Lyon to obtain a costume designer craftsman diploma and finally to the Sorbonne and Duperré in Paris for a professional costume designer license. »

Marina designed the costumes for the upcoming film Les Trois ©Marina Couture et Broderie

Sewing and embroidery

Graduated in 2018, Marina began to practice her profession in various Parisian workshops continuing her evening studies. at the Octave-Feuillet high school to obtain its CAP in the art of embroidery.

I worked as an intermittent and freelancer, which allowed me to discover very different professional backgrounds.

During these years he had the privilege of working, among others, for the Comédie Française, La Maison Schiaparelli, the comedy of Colmar.

Working in the world of cinema, as a costume designer, running from one big city to another, “is exciting, but tiring in the long run”.

Video: currently on Actu

The young woman from Strasbourg fell in love with the Côte de PEnthièvre region and decided to start her own business in Plurien, Brittany.

He just set up his lab there. Sewing and embroiderysoothing and luminous, conducive to concentration and creativity.

The work done on the strawberries of the show Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme for the Comédie Française. ©Marina Couture and Embroidery

For all levels

With her experience, both manual and artistic, Marina now brings into play a wide range of skills available to its customers.

Thus, everyone can train, update or improve their sewing technique, thanks to private lessons which he offers on weekday evenings, or on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

I suggest a basic formula for learning how to sew a button, hem, or use a sewing machine.

The courses are available in different formats: package, à la carte or quarterly subscription.

Convenient custom made

Marina also delivers all the classic retouching services. It also performs embroideries, on all types of supports.

From the simple t-shirt, to the wedding dress, passing through table and bathroom linen. Everything is customizable.

He specifies: “Tailor-made has a price, but this does not necessarily mean too expensive. All my prices are deemed fair, and while some pieces are on a budget, it’s entirely possible to afford custom-made products without breaking the bank. »

No magic wand in Marina’s lab to accomplish this. But listening, smiling professionalism and nimble fingers!

Marina Creations, classes and modifications. Contact: 06 85 66 67 25, [email protected] ;

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