prices still rising in France

prices still rising in France

The year 2022 is not good for new real estate. It is in fact marked by a drop in the production of new collective housing close to 3% in the first nine months, with just over 110,000 units started up at the end of September, according to the Property Laboratory, a study service which publishes on 7And edition of its new real estate price barometer in more than 100 cities in France*.

This scarcity of supply fits into a context of rising construction costs, with shortage of materials, inflation, lack of manpower, etc. This creates a continuous increase in property prices for new construction.

Almost €5,500 per m² for a new apartment

If the average price of a new apartment in municipalities with more than 45,000 inhabitants was 5,195 euros per m² in November 2021, it is now 5,495 euros per m², or + 5.7% over 12 months.

“Last May we recorded an increase of 7% over 12 rolling months… the evolution of prices therefore continues at an always sustained pace, indicates Kevin Brulin, head of studies at the Real Estate Laboratory. In the three years since the first edition of our barometer, sales prices have increased by 18%! »

Paris, Lyon, Nice: the cities where new buildings cost the most

In the top 15, Paris maintains its leadership in the ranking of cities where new property is the most expensive with an average price of 13,475 euros per m² for an apartment, an increase of 7.8%. New home production is so rare there that a single deal can have a major impact on the average price within a neighborhood, the study points out.

The municipalities of Lyon and Nice follow, with average prices for new buildings reaching €6,792 per m² and €6,515 per m² respectively, or +6.4% and +6.8% over one year.

“Three years ago, only three municipalities had an average price above 5,000 euros per m². Today, almost two-thirds of the largest municipalities in metropolitan France have crossed this threshold,” observes Kevin Brulin.

Grenoble and Strasbourg: price increases above 5%

In Strasbourg and Grenoble, respectively 9And and 13And of the top 15 of the Laboratoire de l’immobilier, the price of new apartments this year exceeds €5,000 per m2 for Strasbourg (€ 5,066 per m2 ; +6.9%). In Grenoble it costs €4,481 per m2with an increase of 5.7% over one year.

Rennes: a more moderate price increase

The city of Rennes recorded the most moderate growth among the top 15, with +4.8% over a year for new apartments. But at €5,297 per m², it ranks 6thAnd location of the most expensive cities.

Annecy: price increase of 6.6% over one year

In the province, the variation in prices over a year has reached +5.8%, and the average price of a new apartment is close to 4,800 euros per sq m.

Outside the top 15, Annecy continues to occupy first place in the ranking of the most expensive cities with an average price of 7,351 euros per m², up 6.6% in one year.

These are followed by the cities of Antibes (€6,978 per m²), Cagnes-sur-Mer (€6,032 per m²) and Aix-en-Provence (€5,906 per m²). Antibes and Aix-en-Provence respectively recorded increases of +7.4% and +7.1% over one year.

Besançon, Nancy, Colmar: over €3,500 per m²

New property prices also increased significantly in Mulhouse (+6.3%; €3,715 per m²), Saint-Étienne (+6.1%; €3,732 per m²), Besançon (+5.7%; €3,910 per m²), Vaulx-en-Velin (+5.9%; €4,191 per m²), Dijon (+6.7%; €4,253 per m²), Vénissieux (+6.8%; €4,501 per m²) and Colmar (+6.9%; €4,574 per m²).

In Nancy and Metz the increases are respectively 2.9% and 3.2%, but the price per m² reaches 4,089 euros in the first city and 3,883 euros in the second.

Valence: among the municipalities where new construction is the cheapest

In the register of the cheapest municipalities, under the €3,500 per m² bar, we find, in the study of the Laboratoire de l’immobilier, Dunkirk (€3,480 per m²), Laval (€3,426 per m²), Valence (€3,401 per m²) and Poitiers (€3,372 per m²).

* The data used for this study are the public prices including VAT (excluding 5.5% VAT) for new collective housing schemes (excluding service residences) registered in municipalities in metropolitan France with more than 45,000 inhabitants. Prices include parking, except in Paris.

Does the RE2020 raise the price of new?

The first real estate deals that comply with the new environmental building standard, RE2020, have appeared on the market.

“For the time being, their number is still negligible to have a significant impact on the average price of new properties at the municipality level, points out Franck Vignaud, director of the Real Estate Laboratory.

This means that, despite the sharp slowdown in promoter sales in 3And quarter of 2022, new home prices will continue to rise sharply in the coming months as programs gradually arrive in RE2020. »

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