The chef of the Mirò restaurant in Ostwald wins the audience award at TheFork Awards

Robin Dorgler, chef of the Miro restaurant located in Ostwald in the Bas-Rhin, was awarded the audience award on November 21, 2022 at the TheFork Awards ceremony held in Bordeaux.

Regional pride. Robin Dorgler, young Alsatian chef of the Mirò restaurant in Ostwald, was awarded by the public at TheFork Awards 2022. The ceremony, which took place on Monday 21 November at the Palais de la Bourse in Bordeaux, was organized by the restaurant reservation site , formerly called “Fork“.

This first prize100% digital food.” is awarded by the general public. In all, 15,000 voters named six winners out of 76 participants across France. Customers only had to choose their favorite restaurants after eating there. To mark the occasion, the event took place at the presence of Almir Ambeskovic , CEO of TheFork, but also many chefs such as Michel Sarran, Gilles Goujon and Hélène Darroze.

To compete, the chefs had to have recently opened or taken over a restaurant, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is the case of Robin, who still finds it hard to believe in the price of him: “I was absolutely not expecting that. It’s a consecration and an honor, because in this time of pandemic, I really thought I should stop cooking.“.

The restaurateur from Sermersheim was supported during this competition by star chef Julien Binz. Each candidate was supported by a godfather or godmother. The latter chose his godson in relation to the region of him. “Robin’s cooking and concept are in tune with the times“, explains chef Julien Binz, “I was seduced, it embodies a modernity, rare in Alsace“.

Robin’s big life goal was to travel a lot. As soon as she could, the Alsatian chef flew to the four corners of the globe. “JI’ve been through Canada, Peru, Argentina, Bolivia and even Japan“, He smiles, “I have worked as a cook in every country and this has allowed me to get to know their typical dishes“.

To combine his passion for travel with his passion for dining, Robin wanted to return to Alsace to share his culinary discoveries with his family and the locals. However, he didn’t want to go back to France right away, but the Covid-19 pandemic forced him to. “I was working at the Europea restaurant in Montreal at the time and it closed. So my family told me to come back“.

My goal is to make the customer travel thanks to my recipes

Robin Dongler, chef at the Mirò restaurant in Ostwald

Back in his Alsatian town, he began to set up an atypical restaurant project in which he would cook dishes from all over the world: “My goal is to make the customer travel thanks to my recipes“, He explains, “So I presented my project to my two partners and they followed me directlyIt opens in September 2021 and is an instant hit.

For the curious who would like to go around the world in one bite, the chef offers some key dishes from his menu. Among these, the beef tataki cooked in hay like in Japan or the aguachile which consists of shrimps marinated in lemon juice and chilli pepper. “My list changes all the time, because I want to offer customers fresh and seasonal products“, he specifies. To taste the menu of the Mirò restaurant, count €25 for lunch and €50 for dinner.

Before the institution opened to great fanfare, Robin Dorgler had to brainstorm to come up with an original name. Wanting to begastro-uninhibited“, the boss decides to go to Barcelona to clear his head and find out how to baptize his new baby. With his friend and room manager Ronan Eberlin, they visit a museum in the Catalan capital. In front of a painting by Miro, it is the revelation : “I turn to my friend, and there I tell him that I have found the name of the restaurant: Miro, for Mi-Robin and Mi-Ronan“, smiles the chef.

They therefore decide to settle in the municipality of Ostwald in order to have a large piece of land: “I wanted to have a big enough restaurant. We have a 3000 m2 park where I grow my aromatic herbs. I will soon be setting up a beehive and a citrus greenhouse there.Robin announces.

Located on the edge of the Ill and a forest, the setting is ideal for its customers. “Summer is pleasant, we have a large terrace with 100 seats and customers can eat there“, he explains. The Miro restaurant also hosts, once a year, a cooking and music festival that brings together many chefs. The opportunity for Miro to be half gastronomy, half party animal.

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