“The end of the curse of the champions”, “Historic Giroud”, “Mbappé essential”: the French press rejoices after the Blues’ victory

“The end of the curse of the champions”, “Historic Giroud”, “Mbappé essential”: the French press rejoices after the Blues’ victory

France recovered easily against Australia. Review of the French press that only has eyes for Kylian Mbappé and Olivier Giroud.

Kylian Mbappe – World Cup 2022 ©BelgaImage

It was only in the ninth minute of the game when Hugo Lloris converted an unstoppable shot from Goodwin. While we thought the Blues were struggling, the reigning world champions scored again before the break, making their entire profession talk. Adrien Rabiot was in the right place just before the half-hour mark to head away a cross from Théo Hernandez, who had replaced his brother Lucas (note: whose World Cup is already over). Adrien Rabiot himself snatched a ball from the feet of the Australian defense to serve Olivier Giroud, moments later. In five minutes, the meeting changed.

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And for those who took the game on the road and were worried about seeing Kylian Mbappé assist or finish off either of France’s goals, they can be reassured. The Parisian was on the receiving end of a superb cross from Ousmane Dembelé to counter-attack before the 70th minute. Two minutes later, he dropped his direct opponent with a double acceleration before dropping the leather on the skull of Olivier Giroud, who offered himself a brace and a record (note: he became the top scorer in des Bleus history, tied credit with Thierry Henry).

The victory of the Azzurri conquered the press. A brief overview of the French media and our columns.

In the DH of the day, we conjure the “sample reaction”. “Caught cold and still weakened by injury, the Blues ended up picking themselves up, carried by their fearsome offensive strike force”we write, alluding to the Mbappé-Giroud couple. “In Benzema’s absence, the duo was expected. They did not disappoint. Each has written a page of his own personal story in a collective narrative that may seem like the first chapter of a great adventure.”

We cross the border.

In one of its newspapers, L’Equipe highlights Olivier Giroud with the headline: “Blue sky”. “After a catastrophic start (goal from the Australian and injury to Lucas Hernandez), the horizon has cleared for the French team. The world champions are first in their group thanks in particular to Olivier Giroud’s brace. He joins Thierry Henry as the Blues’ top scorer with 51 goals”, writes the newspaper.

L’Equipe talks about the rebirth of the AC Milan striker. “Still uncertain of his presence in Qatar three months ago, while Karim Benzema was on fire, Didier Deschamps did not want to put him in competition with the future Ballon d’Or and a new generation seemed to have demolished him, the phoenix has signed a new breathtaking renaissance, perhaps the most beautiful, for a boy who could sometimes be described as spoiled – when he lost his starting position at Arsenal then at Chelsea but never at the Blues – and to whom we have always repeated that he would never reach the table between Zidane, Henry, Platini or Kopa in the collective mind. […] Benzema’s retirement gave him the opportunity to become essential again, and this performance against Australia necessarily changed the opinion of the recalcitrants about him, especially after the development of Mbappé in left half and the excesses of Théo Hernandez from one side and Ousmane Dembélé on the other seem to draw a scenario in which he would no longer be there just to “weigh on the defences”.

For its part, Le Figaro highlights Kylian Mbappé: “The boss is Kylian Mbappé. And even more after the retirements that have been raining on the Blues for several weeks. And the Parisian fully assumed his status on Tuesday at the Al-Janoub stadium. It’s not his best game, he sometimes is been messy, a little too greedy or just plain unsuccessful. But he’s the trigger. In all the good shots, he’s put the Australian right-back to the test. And he’s involved in all three of the French team’s last goals,” with this little heel on the second, it is he who scores the third and he again who offers the fourth to Olivier Giroud. Not perfect but essential. “

On its website, So Foot is full of praise for Olivier Giroud: ” Despite his advanced age, the French striker has the freshness of a young wolf with long teeth, starving and ready to kick without going into detail.” .

In its columns, Le Parisien evokes the “end of the curse of the champions”. ” It is a perfectly successful entry, if we take away the heavy and early injury of left-back Lucas Hernandez“, we can read. “A world champion who wins on his return to a World Cup has become a rare thing. […] The French team gave a sensational proof of life this Tuesday evening, November 22 in Qatar, taking a two-point lead over Denmark and Tunisia and extricating itself from an evening that began like the apocalypse and ended in the euphoria of an equaled record. The thesis of the miracle has no substance, everything concerning France, its sins of the season and of the moment – ​​defending itself badly – ​​as well as its eternal happiness. From the leaping Giroud to the captivating Kylian Mbappé, also a top scorer, like a complete panoply, in the sense of disguise.”

The newspaper highlights a “historic” Olivier Giroud. The AC Milan forward has become the oldest French goalscorer at the World Cup. At 36 years and 53 days he broke the record set by Zinédine Zidane who had scored his famous panenka against Italy at 34. Le Parisien also salutes the performance of Kylian Mbappé. ” There was Giroud, but there was also Mbappé. Scorer but also decisive passer, the PSG striker did not miss his reunion with a competition that had revealed him in the eyes of the planet four years ago in Russia.

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