Top 15 Movie Sequels That Have Nothing To Do With The Original, What’s All This?

Top 15 Movie Sequels That Have Nothing To Do With The Original, What’s All This?

If generally the goal of a sequel in the cinema is to continue the story in which the first film ended while maintaining more or less the same tone and respecting the codes put in place, certain exceptions come a bit to make a point of honor this principle. In fact, if it can give really good results because it’s original to do another treatment, it can also give infamous bullshit whose meaning we don’t understand. And so we’re going to look at a little summary of all of that.

Halloween 3

If the first two movies Halloween consisted more or less of seeing Michael Myers kill teenagers without showing remorse (or the slightest emotion for that matter), the third had completely changed register by not showing the famous killer on the screen at all. Instead, the focus was on stories of pagan rituals, child murders against the backdrop of Halloween folklore, and plenty of viewer misunderstandings. It’s hard to say to this day what I was able to remember of this film.

Blair witch 2

If the very first film was a real original independent horror film that reinvented many directing techniques mainly due to lack of money, the second was a shapeless thing with a much more inflated budget and with the only real point in common with the first chapter the words “Blair Witch” in the title. No need to advise you not to look at it, it’s like drinking bleach, it wouldn’t occur to you completely innately.


The turn was tight. After a long string of mainstream successes, taking one of the most iconic characters in superhero movies and giving him a conclusion like this was pretty brave. Unlike previous blockbusters, Logan was decidedly darker, more violent, more pessimistic and intimate. So we had in front of us an R-rated film (Rated R in the US, the first since then Dead Pool) that would draw ideas from the video game The Last of Us and created a particularly original atmosphere for such a film. Probably the first arthouse superhero film.

Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle

If the first movie didn’t show any scenes inside the game, the second made it the centerpiece of its story. By turning the board game into a video game, we were almost certain that the film would be useless and would disgrace this fabulous film of our childhood, but the reality was quite different. The cast worked well, it was funny, it changed completely but in a good way and overall it was a nice surprise. It’s not a masterpiece either, don’t exaggerate what I say, but it was far from a miss.

Dead Evil 2 / Dead Evil 3

To put it simply, let’s say so evil Dead before the name was a blockbuster traditional horror film meant to scare the viewers. The second part was a real horror comedy in which we laughed frankly in the face of certain funny situations and other good ideas. The third, yet another twist, was half comedy half horror but above all placed in a historical context of the Middle Ages completely out of nowhere. And overall everything works very well, each episode has reinvented itself in a completely unexpected way and has been a success. Something you will never hear me say about the saga Dusk For instance.

Trolls 2

If the first movie Troll it was already a bad horror film that we like, the second surpasses the first in this discipline. Why obviously has nothing to do with the former? Simply because it wasn’t written as a sequel at all but as a completely different project and given the same title at the last minute to try and capitalize on the propensity of the (few) fans of the first film to buy a cinema ticket. It also has the distinction of having one of the strangest deaths in film with a character drowning in popcorn, a scene as funny as it is disturbing that is of public interest to see.

S. Darko

If you have seen the movie Donnie Darko you’ve probably noticed something undeniable: the story was quite conclusive and therefore didn’t need a sequel. But since where we can find the limits of human decency is generally Cyril Hanouna, near where there is a hope of dough to be made film producers very often hover. So we decided to make a “sequel” centered around Donnie’s sister (who had powers this time when we didn’t hint it for a second in the first movie) just to try and make money off the fame of the first one. As you can imagine it doesn’t work at all and causes the viewer to have torrential diarrhea, the color of which is reminiscent of certain freshly picked coffee beans on the Colombian hills.

American psycho 2

If you just learned about the existence of the sequel to American psycho reading the title of this point so don’t change anything, you haven’t missed anything. The “second part” actually has nothing in common except the title and this was given only to ride the success of the first. We are talking about a film released directly on video and therefore never shown in cinemas, which in 90% of cases is a really bad sign with the exception of a good handful of porn films. It has nothing to do with it, it hurts and we advise you as much to eat five kilos of flour with a spoon while being more than five kilometers from the nearest water point as to look at it.

The suicide squad

Opinions differ on this sequel but overall we can agree on one point: it was completely different from the first. There was already this much more comedic and gory aspect that works relatively well and that was totally absent from the first part which takes itself too seriously, which the second part doesn’t even try to do for a single second; but there was also an overall less “academic” realization that sticks to the style of superhero films. Say what you will about James Gunn, the gentleman still has his paw.

The Chronicles of Riddick

It’s hard to find many commonalities between them Black as pitch and its sequel, the first a sort of survival camera with few characters and a rather gloomy atmosphere while the second is an incomprehensible blockbuster space-opera in which Judy Dench is still seen flying, according to certain rumors without special effects (the English method acting is always really amazing). There’s the Riddick character who comes back with his big muscles and his black diving goggles but other than that, let me tell you the vibe is very different.

Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift

If there’s one thing that can tell you you’re going to make a bad movie, it’s when Vin Diesel reads the script and says “no.” ‘Cause even when the guy she said yes to Babysitter judging your scenario isn’t good enough is that you’re about to screw up big. Tokyo Drift so, apart from the fast cars, nothing to do with the previous two films and generally nothing to do with the sequels in terms of characters and story. That said, it’s still a film about motor racing, nor did they center the story around Justinian’s plague epidemic in the heart of ancient Rome, you won’t be entirely out of place.

10 Cloverfield Lane / The Cloverfield Paradox

The first film was a traditional “found footage” with a boy holding a camera and trying to escape a damned alien invasion, the second was a psychological behind-the-scenes stress in which a young woman finds herself trapped by a madman who told that aliens had invaded the Earth (and who was right) and the third a sort of totally heated space survival that only served to remind us how much the first Alien it was big. Suffice it to say that each film has the merit of being frankly different, whether they are successful or not.

Highlanders 2

An immortal fellow who has lived since the heyday of Scotland when it was still fashionable to walk on the moors with his balls in the air under his kilt manages to survive to the present day when he has to wage a great and final fight. Here, summarized in a very questionable way, is the narrative structure of the first film. The second one ? It’s a completely strange (but not without some good ideas) kind of futuristic sci-fi film in which the same characters from the first one return without us understanding for a single second the damned logic behind this sudden change in direction of the universe.

The whole Rambo saga

If you have never seen the first movie Rambo I can only recommend it to you because it is a good film, well directed, very well acted and which talks about a subject rarely addressed in cinema: the soldier returning from the front syndrome. However, what happened with the sequels is really a shame as it has become a machine of wildly varying quality but never quite reaching the ankle of the first film. Too bad, it was definitely one of Stallone’s best roles and I mean that literally (with the excellent copland).


Few know it, but Jean-Jacques Annaud himself confirmed it: The Fire War is the prequel to Voyage, as hinted by the fact that Ron Pearlman would reprise his role. A sequel relatively distant from the source material, but only because “it takes place in a moment very distant from the first part” as the director of the bear. If the choice of another director had been forced due to a calendar story, that of Ryan Gosling in the lead role had been decided during the shooting of the first film when this was only a year old. Edifying.

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