UFC Que Choisir works alongside the Guéret hospital (Creuse) to improve patient care

The Creuse branch of UFC Que Choisir has been around since 1990. And all those years, volunteers have been active every day to advocate for consumer rights, no matter the controversy, no matter the field. And there’s one in particular that UFC Que Choisir is particularly committed to, and that’s health.
“We believe that health consumers are consumers like everyone else,” explains François Martin, president of the Creuse branch.
Yvette Martin, a litigation consultant, specializes in defending users of the healthcare system. You represent them in various organizations, and in particular you are president of the users’ commission of the Guéret hospital. For this she had to be nominated by the Regional Health Agency, for a renewable three-year period.

Make suggestions for improvement in the hospital

Yvette Martin plays an essential role: she ensures that rights are respected, welcomes and takes care of users and is aware of all complaints and complaints. “We activate levers to make improvement proposals that are really listened to. In the hospital, the voice of the users is taken into account ”, she explains.
The complaints it deals with can be of any order: a complaint about meals, about waiting for an appointment, about the quality of care or even about accidents…

The Guéret hospital (Creuse) opens an appointment booking platform on the Internet

“We are looking for the cause, we are trying to put in place adequate means so that it doesn’t happen again,” he adds. At the Guéret hospital, a user area has been created in the hall of the establishment: about fifteen health associations intervene to provide information. “Me, I go there as a user representative, with hotline. I get direct complaints. »

The Guéret hospital is committed to welcoming patients and families in better conditions

In three years, Yvette has already seen an evolution: “The commission is much better known in the establishment than before. Doctors come to see us. We are there to accompany, inform: taking into account the user’s voice, it is very important”.
The user commission meets at least four times a year, “but there’s more to the hospital center”. Next to Yvette Martin, about fifteen other people sit: mediators, doctors and non-doctors, managers, director of care… “Complaints are not taken off the cuff, we do research. We then send our response by mail. »

Yvette Martin (Healthcare Litigation Advisor) and François Martin (President)

Yvette does not stop there: she is also a representative of the departmental committee for emergency medical assistance and medical transport (Codamups), and is a member of the regional committee of France Assos Santé Nouvelle-Aquitaine.
Enough to occupy this pensioner, who worked in the health sector, on the side of the administration.

“I came to UFC Que Choisir to get help with a dispute, and I stayed! And finally, we don’t know that we are so invested in health in the UFC What to choose »

Yvette Martin was also mobilized during the Covid crisis. You have participated in many meetings, together with the ARS, the prefect… always as a representative of the users. “You have allowed me to have all the information to respond to requests. For example, during times of isolation, things were always changing. And I’ve always been heard.

Gueret.? By appointment or not. Stay on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2pm to 6pm, at the Maison des Associations, 11 rue de Braconne. Gouzon.?Office hours every Tuesday from 10:00 to 12:00, Espace Beaune. Bourganeuf?A user representative position was available at Bourganeuf hospital.

Sophia Emery

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