which films will be screened at Le Mans?

which films will be screened at Le Mans?

Thursday 24 November – The filmmakers

For the opening session, the documentary “Navigators” by Noah Teichner will be broadcast at 20:45.

November 25th to 27th – The Royal

Nine films in the running for the 20th edition of the European competition for first feature documentaries. They will be broadcast from Friday 25 to Sunday 27 November. Prizes will be awarded after the last screening at 4.45pm.

Friday 25 November will be broadcast at 20:45 “Relax” by Audrey Ginestet.

Two films will be screened on Saturday 26 November at 2 pm: “Papier Poésie” by Guillaume Cuny and “Chroniques Hospitalières” by Brigitte Lacasse.

Then, again on 26 November at 5 pm: “KM 18 905” by Barthélémy Péron, Fanch Dodeur, Erwann Babin and Éric Thomas and “Histoire d’une Narse” by Alexis Jeannot.

And the day will end with two more sessions at 8.45 pm: “Les Traverses” by Félix Besson and “Tutto Apposto Gioia Mia” by Chloé Lecci Lopez.

Sunday 27 November at 2 pm: “Le Silencieux Rivage” by Nathalie Giraud and Thimothée Corteggiani and “En Plein Jour” by Lysa Heurtier Manzanares.

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29 and 30 November – The Filmmakers

The festival awards director Alice Diop for the “focus” sessions. Tuesday 29 November at 8.30 pm, “La Permanence”. Then the next day, Wednesday November 30th at 20:30, “We” again by Alice Diop.

From 1um to December 3 – The Filmmakers

At the Les Cinéastes cinema, another selection of documentary films will be screened on the theme “Looking at the territory of the other, beyond the borders”.

Thursday 1um December “Birds of America” by Jacques Lœuille at 8.45pm

Friday 2 December, 6 pm: “Inner experience, thinking inside” by Philippe Poirier and Jean-Luc Nancy. Then, at 20:45, the documentary by Stefan Pavlovic “Looking for horses”.

Saturday 3 December at 10, “Extended Holidays” by Joan Van Der Keuken.

At 2 pm: “Sans soleil” by Chris Marker.

At 16, broadcast of “What remains of madness” by Joris Lachaise.

At 6 pm, “The Last Refuge” by Ousmane Samassekou.

And to conclude the evening, a screening at 8.45 pm of the film “Le Den des Constraints” by Léa Rinaldi.

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Sunday 4 December – The filmmakers

To close the festival, a selection of films from here, made by directors or producers from the Pays de la Loire, and a selection of films from elsewhere, made in France or abroad.

At 10:30 two films are shown: “The Trees Die Standing” by Ronan Kerneur and Fany Fulchiron. Then “Silbario” by Marine de Contes.

At 2 pm, “140 km west of paradise” by Céline Rouzet.

At 4 pm, broadcast of “Political Women” by Daniel Bouy and “Corps samples!” by Astrid de la Chapelle.

The last session of the festival at 18:30 “Zinder” by Aicha Macky.

Practice : Filmmakers, 42, place des Comtes du Maine, Le Mans. Le Royal 409, avenue Félix Géneslay, Le Mans

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