XV of France.  With Moefana and Flament: this is Fabien Galthié’s typical team in 2022

XV of France. With Moefana and Flament: this is Fabien Galthié’s typical team in 2022

Second line Thibaud Flament names himself among the most used XV-type players since the XV of France in 2022.
Second line Thibaud Flament names himself among the most used XV-type players since the XV of France in 2022. (©Icon Sport)

After using 57 players in 2021, Fabien Galthié has only used 44 in 2022. This clearly means that the band from XV of Francewho won the Grand Slam in particular, is clearly honing in the run-up to the 2023 World Cup. Some have further consolidated their starting position, others have revealed themselves, but they are few.

France’s standard squad in 2022

If we find Damian Penaud, Anthony Jelonch, Grégory Alldritt, Gaël Fickou, Romain Ntamack or Antoine Dupont among the most used players in 2022, two small “surprises” invite themselves between the XV type of the year (done based on playing time).

In the second line, Thibaud Flament, “man of the match twice against Japan and against Australia in November”, according to Galthié, ahead of Paul Willemse who was injured in the fall. This doesn’t challenge Montpellier, but it shows that Toulousain has grown. In the end, Yoram Moefana he used his centre/wing versatility to play, play a lot. He has never disappointed and has made a name for himself in this group.

XV of France. Typical 2022 squad through game times

15. Melvyn Jaminet (462 minutes)
14. Damian Penaud (704 minutes)
13. Gaël Fickou (561 mins)
12. Jonathan Danty (469 minutes)
11. Yoram Moefana (662 minutes)
10. Romain Ntamack (585 minutes)
9. Antoine Dupont (491 minutes)
8. Gregory Alldritt (588 minutes)
7. Charles Ollivon (400 minutes)
6. Anthony Jelonch (614 minutes)
5. Thibaud Flament (346 minutes)
4. Cameron Woki (537 minutes)
3. Uini Atonio (396 minutes)
2. Julien Marchand (442 minutes)
1. Cyril Baille (351 minutes)

First line: a trio clearly emerges

Three prostitutes were used in 2022 alone. The Marchand-Mauvaka-Bourgarit trio seems to be in pole position for the 3 places reserved for the 2023 World Cup. On the left, the hierarchy is well established between Cyril Baille and Jean-Baptiste Gros. On the right, Uini Atonio crushed the competition, and Sipili Falatea made his hole, taking advantage of Demba Bamba’s injury and Mohamed Haouas’ drop.

First line. The ranking based on playing time in 2022

. Julien Marchand (442 minutes)
. Uini Atonio (396 min)
. Cyril Baille (351 mins)
. Peato Mauvaka (297 minutes)
. Jean-Baptiste Gros (226 minutes)
. Sipili Falatea (160 minutes)
. Danny Priso (112 minutes)
. Reda Wardi (111 minutes)
. Demba Bamba (87 minutes)
. Mohamed Haouas (65 minutes)
. Pierre Bourgarit (61 minutes)

Cameron Woki is calling for more time regarding his mixed start to the season with Racing 92.
Cameron Woki is the blue who played the most on the second row during this 2022. (©Icon Sport)

Second row: Flament played more than Willemse

Since being tested on the second line, Cameron Woki has been fixed in this position. He looks like the No. 1 pick in the No. 4. The haul of the group is Paul Willemse, but he hasn’t played this fall due to injury. Thibaud Flament confirmed everything the staff thought about him. His profile and energy are highly regarded by the Blues staff. Romain Taofifenua is the impact player par excellence. Behind these 4, the competition is a long way off.

Second line. The ranking based on playing time in 2022

. Cameron Woki (537 minutes)
. Thibaud’s flame (346 mins)
. Paul Willemse (293 minutes)
. Romain Taofifenua (246 mins)
. Thomas Jolmes (86 minutes)
. Thomas Lavault (74 minutes)
. Bastien Chalureau (24 minutes)
. Florian Verhaeghe (6 minutes)

Third row: That’s 4 by 3 starting places

As in 2021, Anthony Jelonch was the Italian striker who played the most. Grégory Alldritt did not envy his playing time Charles Ollivon, he signed a great comeback after his serious injury. Absent this autumn, François Cros will necessarily have the say about him. Behind, Dylan Cretin and Yoan Tanga appear to be the closest fixtures to a quartet that still has a huge lead over them.

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Third row. The ranking based on playing time in 2022

. Anthony Jelonch (614 minutes)
. Gregory Alldritt (588 minutes)
. Charles Ollivon (400 minutes)
. Francois Cros (315 minutes)
. Dylan Cretin (246 minutes)
. Yoan Tanga (143 minutes)
. Ibrahim Diallo (38 minutes)
. Selevasio Tolofua (17 mins)

The South African press clearly fears the power of the pack of the XV of France and the match of the Azzurri before the Marseille clash on November 12, 2022.
Antoine Dupont and Romain Ntamack (in the background) are clearly the two indestructibles at the hinge of the XV of France. (©Icon Sport)

Zipper: Dupont-Ntamack, of course

Nothing has changed in 2022. As since the beginning of the Galthié era, the Dupont-Ntamack pair is option no. 1 at the hinge. And even though she happens to experience ups and downs, she retains all the trust of the staff. Maxime Lucu insures in his liner role, and Matthieu Jalibert made the most of the playing time on offer this autumn, having been in reserve in Japan.

Hinge. The ranking based on playing time in 2022

. Romain Ntamack (585 minutes)
. Antoine Dupont (491 minutes)
. Maxime Lucu (247 minutes)
. Matthieu Jalibert (204 minutes)
. Baptiste Couilloud (60 minutes)
. Antoine Hastoy (11 minutes)

Center: an indestructible couple

Versatile, the Bordelais Yoram Moefana is the 2And French player with the most playing time this year. He was torn between center and wing, always with efficiency. In 2022, the duo Danty-Fickou made their mark. The two together work well and provide a lot of security. They will struggle to move, even if Arthur Vincent returns from injury.

Center. The ranking based on playing time in 2022

. Yoram Moefana (662 minutes)
. Gael Fickou (561 mins)
. Jonathan Danty (469 minutes)
. Virimi Vakatawa (143 minutes)

The Toulouse full-back, Melvyn Jaminet, hit in the left ankle, is forfeited for the November tour of the XV of France.
Toulouse full-back Melvyn Jaminet was option no. 1 at full-back for France’s XV in 2022, but saw Thomas Ramos shine in the autumn. (©Icon Sport)

Outside full-back: the Macalou paradox

First, deep down, Melvyn Jaminet realized that he is/not alone anymore after the fall tour. If he has been a little less brilliant this year, the neo-Toulouse has seen Thomas Ramos shine during his absence this fall. There really is a match between the two men. Jaminet can count on the length of his kicking game, but Ramos has shown that he has reached a level and is equipped for the international level.

The wing is the total paradox. If Damian Penaud grabbed the right wing, the left saw a lot of people. Moefana, Villière and Lebel have played there, as well as… the 3And Sekou Macalou line. His 4 games in the Blues in 2022 have all been as a winger.

Outside fullback. The ranking based on playing time in 2022

. Damian Penaud (704 minutes)
. Melvyn Jaminet (462 minutes)
. Gabin Villière (310 minutes)
. Thomas Ramos (256 minutes)
. Matthis Lebel (166 minutes)
. Sekou Macalou (165 minutes)
. Max Spring (80 minutes)


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