10 must-see Korean Christmas movies with hot chocolate

With the added smell of the Christmas tree, the excitement of Christmas approaching, the presents piling up under the tree, family reunions, eggnog and fruitcake… the movies of Christmas are inevitable. You definitely need to add Korean movies this year to your list

As it gets colder and colder, we just want to be wrapped up in a huge blanket in front of the TV and have a good hot cocoa. Then it’s the perfect time to discover romantic classics Korean.

10 must-see Korean Christmas movies with hot chocolate

It should be noted that in South Korea, Christmas is mostly celebrated by couples in love. Kind of like Valentine’s Day, it’s an occasion for them to go to restaurants or stroll through the beautifully decorated streets.

christmas south korea

If you are a fan of Korean culture and Christmas movies, here are 10 must-see movies this holiday that will absolutely warm your heart!

“Children of the swing”


Directed by Kang Hyung Chul, “Swing Kids” is not the typical film commonly seen in Korean cinema. Set in 1951, this whimsical film tells the story of a dance group formed by a US Army Major General in a prison camp.

Christmas swing for children

It stars DO of EXO, Jared Grimes, Park Hye Soo, Oh Jung Se and Kim Min Ho, known as the “Swing Kids”.

“On your wedding day”

Your wedding day

The Christmas season is all about being merry and merry! Park Bo Young and Kim Young Kwang’s romance film ‘Your Wedding Day’ is one of the best movies to watch if you want to laugh, smile, cry and be able to bond with characters on a whole new level.

Your wedding day Christmas

It’s the story of an innocent first love that was found and lost, taking risks and playing with fate. A heartwarming and romantic film not to be missed!

“Inseparable Brothers”

Inseparable brothers

Heartbreaking, funny and captivating. These are the best words to describe the 2018 film ‘Inseparable Bros’ by Lee Kwang Soo, Shin Ha Kyun, Esom and Park Chul Min. This film shows the beautiful bond and love between two brothers, who will do anything to have success together.

Lovebird Bros. Christmas

Lee Kwang Soo and Shin Ha Kyun’s performance was outstanding.

‘Architecture 101’

Architecture 101

Released ten years ago, “Architecture 101” by Uhm Tae Woong, Lee Je Hoon and Suzy is still going strong.

This film is sure to appeal to anyone as the story follows a montage of the lives of the two characters, Seung Min and Seo Yeon, who fall in love for the first time. It also dwells on assumptions and what is so relevant, especially in this day and age.

Architecture 101 drama

“Architecture 101” is a melodramatic movie to watch with your partner.

“August Christmas”

Christmas in August

First on this list is a 90s classic! Han Sun Kyu and Shim Eun Ha’s “Christmas in August” is a perfect movie to watch this Christmas, which is sure to bring warmth and healing.

“August Christmas”

It follows the story of two people who fall in love with the right people at the right time, despite their contrasting differences.


quit korean christmas movie

The perfect Christmas gift is here! Lee Sang Geun’s “Exit” is a complete package – comedy, action, suspense, drama and romance – it has a little bit of everything!

The combination of Jo Jung Suk and YoonA is surprisingly stunning, supported by fellow stars Kang Ki Young, Go Doo Shim, Park In Hwan and Kim Ji Young.

quit korean movie

It shows how amazing life can be sometimes and the most unexpected things could be a person’s only hope.


Which do you want to watch

Sung Dong Ill, Ha Ji Won, Kim Hee Won and adorable child actress Park So Yi “Pawn” will definitely make you laugh and cry during the holidays!

In 1993, two loan sharks kidnap the daughter of a woman who hasn’t paid her debt. While the woman is looking for her son, the two loan sharks are stuck taking care of their “pawn”.

Which do you want to look at pawn

Though they got off on the wrong foot, the three unexpectedly bond and build a loving relationship.

WooJoo’s Christmas (2016)

korean christmas movies

The beautiful story of a young woman who turned an antique shop into a café.

Ryang-kang-do: Merry Christmas, Nord! (2011)

10 must-see Korean Christmas movies with hot chocolate

In this village live poor Jong Soo and Jong Seong with their widowed mother. Jong Soo is in the fourth year of Bocheon-bo In-min is very cheerful and looks like an adult. His dream is to go to Pyeongyang.

However, despite his dynamism, Jong-soo despairs that children with an unfavorable appearance like himself cannot enter Pyeongyang.

Merry Christmas I Was (2003)

10 must-see Korean Christmas movies with hot chocolate

Since childhood Byung-ki has wanted to become a respected policeman and defeat the “bad guys”, that’s how he becomes a patrol officer.

Living in a small village, her duties are mostly mundane tasks, such as distributing promotional materials.

One day he meets Min-Kyong and falls madly in love with her. Attempts to woo her, however, are thwarted by the leader of the local gang who also wants Min-Kyong to be her girlfriend before Christmas!

Josee (2020)

10 must-see Korean Christmas movies with hot chocolate

Starring Han Ji-min and Nam Joo-hyuk, “Josée” is a Korean adaptation of a Japanese short story by Seiko Tanabe, “Josée, the Tiger and the Fishes”, and the Japanese romantic film of the same title directed by Isshin Inudo.

The film version of the story of a girl in a wheelchair, nicknamed Josée, and her boyfriend is one of the most popular films in recent years among South Korean moviegoers.

What are your favorite Korean Christmas movies? Which of this list do you want to look at?

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