All about Mexico’s famous Tacos

All about Mexico’s famous Tacos

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Word “ Tacos It immediately resembles a thick greasy sandwich. Indeed, tacos are typical dishes of Mexico. Together with the pepper, the taco remains one of the emblematic dishes of Mexican cuisine.

Also, for frequent travellers, this recipe allows them to relive their travel experience in Mexican lands for the second time through the country’s gastronomic heritage. Currently, tacos are visible all over the world, especially in France, with all the flavor that has always made this dish famous.

While most taco lovers recognize it by its creamy, lightly spiced, and generously garnished taste, they don’t know the origin of this dish. In this article, you will learn all about the Mexican taco and the place in France where everyone will have the opportunity to taste tortillas like in Mexico as well as variety of tacos.

Essence of the Mexican taco

Mexican tacos are among the most consumed dishes in Mexico,just like tamales.

tacos from Mexicans are in principle composed of corn tortillas on top of which we put meat or vegetables.

To taste a real taco that faithfully rivals the original, the taqueros always ask you for the accompaniment you want: tacos with cilantro or with onions. But know that you can always season your dishes. To add more flavor to your Mexican tacos (or at least for your simple pleasure), order:

  • Sauces such as roja which is a tomato based sauce;
  • Green sauces: salsa made from green tomato or avocado.

Note that these sauces are known to be very hot. So if you can’t tolerate chilli, don’t order it.

Mexican tacos are also a tortilla with various combinations of meat and vegetables. Indeed, it is important to know tell the difference between fajitas, burritos and tacos.

In fact, the first two (fajitas, burritos) are mostly prepared with wheat tortillas while Mexican taco is made with corn tortillaswhich are smaller than the previous ones.

Generally, in baking, the tortillas are folded in half with the filling in the center. In order for the tortillas to have that crescent shape, they are baked in the oven or hung on the grill.

Types of tacos from Mexico

Mexican tacos with meat
tacos are typical Mexican dishes.

There are three types of Mexican tacos:

  • Classic tacos;
  • Canasta;
  • Toast it.

Classic tacos are Mexican dishes that date back 500 years . Since that time, Mexican cuisine has evolved hence the varieties of tacos offered in various restaurants.

The most famous Mexican taco of all is undoubtedly the regular tacos which consist of a corn and meat tortilla.

Canasta tacos are steamed tacos.This Mexican dish is made with meat and corn noodles.

The tostada, on the other hand, is a sort of tacos prepared with corn dough stuffed with meat before being rolled up on themselves. . What sets this type of tacos apart from others is this this type of Mexican tortilla has the lettuce on top of the dough and not inside.

It must be recognized that tortillas have a large place in Mexican cuisine, especially for making authentic tacos. In Mexico, tacos qualify as snacks.

In taquerias (restaurants specializing in Mexican tacos and Mexican cuisine), you can choose from many varieties of tacos in addition to those made with corn tortillas, meat and vegetables. Among them, you can eat the “Taco Al Pastor”, a pork dish flavored with various spices, sometimes even with pineapple.

To travel through the various Mexican-style recipes and dishes, don’t forget to taste the ” Steak Tacos“oa” Carne Asada tacos“. For the preparation of these Mexican dishes you need only beef cut into small pieces.

To experience the different flavors of typical Mexican dishes, eat ” tacos de shirtswhich are made of pork. The preparation of these Mexican dishes is done with the fat of this meat.

ForMexican chicken tacos, choose the “Tacos de Chorizo”or the “Barbacoa tacoswhich are prepared with lamb or veal.

Place to enjoy Mexican style tacos in France

If you are in France and want to taste Mexican cuisine,you can go to O’Tacos-Paris among others. It is a renowned restaurant known as the French sandwich giant. It has 300 establishments. As customers and regulars,O’Tacos is the crossroads of very young teenagers and forty-year-olds looking for tortillas.

The specialty of the house lies above all in its mastery in being able to combine all the ingredients such as merguez.The taste of the tacos is mostly overpowered by a mysterious cheese sauce with a healthy dose of cheddar. At O’Tacos, be surprised, knowing that this establishment offers you a Gigataco with +2.5kg of meat.

Welcome to O’Tacos where Mexican cuisine based on tacos will hold no secrets for you. Don’t wait any longer, travel to the Mexican lands while staying in France through the flavors of Mexican dishes, especially the various taco recipes offered by this renowned establishment.

A taco is an antojito of Mexican cuisine which consists of a corn tortilla folded or rolled up on itself almost always containing a filling, most often based on meat, salsa, onion and chopped fresh coriander. Tacos are usually eaten without cutlery, with your fingers.

Tacos, fajitas, guacamole… Almost one in three French people regularly buys “tex mex” products in their supermarket! And after taking supermarket shelves by storm, Mexican cuisine is now available in fast food restaurants and gourmet restaurants. So what are the specialties of Mexican cuisine? How much are the new fast food tacos worth and how can you reproduce traditional Mexican recipes at home?

Tacos are everywhere in Mexico. You’ll find them in some table-service restaurants, but the best tacos are usually served on the street. Families can own the same stall for decades, and most stalls specialize in one or two types of tacos. We’re talking about entire generations of a family dedicated exclusively to tacos. So yeah, people do take their tacos seriously.

Good tortilla chips are essential for delicious, authentic Mexican tacos. Most taco vendors make their own tortillas by hand or buy them fresh from a local tortillera

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