Culture. The Les Égaluantes festival has started and continues until this Sunday

The actor Pio Marmaï is one of the personalities awaited at the Égaluantes. He will present the film “Tempête”, partly shot in the English Channel. (©La Presse de la Manche)

Claude Lelouch, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Dominique Besnehard, Christophe Offenstein, Thierry Ardisson, Françoise Fabian, Michèle Laroque… Year after year, the list of personalities who have stopped off in Carentan-les-Marais (Manche) grows longer.

30 sessions

During this cinema weekend, 30 screenings are scheduled, including 16 feature films and 6 documentaries.

The same goes for the notoriety of the Feast of the Egaluantiwhich, year after year, attracts more and more viewers. In 2021, 4,500 thus went to the screening rooms of the municipality of Manche. Despite this growing popularityno question for organizers miss the spirit of the festival, based on the proximitythe friendliness and the simplicity.

Because of this 7And editing which honors the Norman landscapes and talents on the big screen Pio Marmaï and Grégoire Ludig will be among the guests.

From film being screened This year 2022, two were filmed in the Cotentin. For the occasion they will be presented in preview.

The first, Storm, tells the story of young Zoé who sees her dream of becoming a jockey shattered during a tormented night. Pio Marmaï, Mélanie Laurent, Carmen Kassovitz, Carole Bouquet, John Malkovich… took part in the shooting of this film, which led them to the hatainville dunesthe utah beach or thePontorson Racecourse in May.

The second film that brought the Channel into the spotlight was mainly shot in Cherbourg: The Cadoresby Julien Guetta. On the bill, Jean-Paul Rouve and Grégoire Ludig play two opposite port brothers. And when one of the two goes to ask the other to smuggle drugs, a conflict erupts.

Video: currently on Actu

We wanted to show less usual settings, ports, bars, get away from traditional French cinema. One wonders why young people go less to the cinema. We have to reinvent ourselves, create new experiences.

The director, last summer, during filming in the port city

If the festival offers many screeningsit also allows the public to deal directly with representatives of the world of cinema at the end of the screenings, during signing sessions

talk about movies

At par, the young talents from Normandy they also have the opportunity to advertise their work through the screenplay contest, sponsored by director and producer Louis Becker. He will be the author of the screenplay that seduced the jury accompanied in the production of his short film, which, icing on the cake, will be screened at the next edition of the festival. Three short films have already seen the light.

This weekend of 26 and 27 November 2022Norman spectators, families and onlookers are therefore invited to enter the dark rooms… to be dazzled.



8.30pm: preview of Les Cadors, in the presence of director Julien Guetta and actor Grégoire Ludig.


– 10.45am: screening of the first two episodes of the second season of Never Show That to Nobody, for the return of rapper Orelsan and his group of friends 20 years after their debut.
– 10.45am: Les P’tiots Egalués Festival, dedicated to children, in the media library.
– 11:00: electro-pop cine-concert Lise and the funny animals, to discover with the family.
– 2.45pm: screening of the documentary I Don’t Know Anyone, in the presence of directors François Dourlen and Hugo Guillochin, and Estèphe Lesaulnier, whose story it is.
– 17:00: preview of Maestro(s), with Yvan Attal, in the presence of director Bruno Chiche.
– 5.15pm: screening of the documentary C’est moi… Marlène Jobert, directed by Dominique Besnehard.
– 8.30pm: preview of Tempête by Christian Duguay, in the presence of him and Pio Marmaï.

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