December 2022 films, series and documentaries

The year 2022 is coming to an end but Netflix obviously has no intention of disappointing you for the transition to the new year! The streaming platform, in fact, has just unveiled its calendar for the month of December 2022 and as you can imagine it is full of commitments. Netflix spoils its subscribers with many Christmas movies and series, while it is also full of new seasons of reality shows. As a bonus, the third season ofEmilia in Paris or even the second season ofAlice in the Borderland, eagerly awaited by fans, will be online in a few weeks. We let you prepare your diary and write down the release dates of your favorite shows!

Netflix series of the month of December 2022

Once upon a time on the national team 1 – 1 December

Individuals traveling together inadvertently switch their car with that of a bank robber, who chases after them to recover the loot left in the trunk.

Always There For You (Firefly Lane) – Season 2 – Part 1: December 2nd

The continuation under this announcement

Hot Skull – December 2nd

In a dystopian universe, a tyrannical institution hunts down a linguist who is immune to a disease that spreads through verbal communication.

My Unorthodox Life – Season 2 – December 2nd

I hate Christmas – December 7th

High Voltage Seduction – Season 4 (Too Hot To Handle) – December 7 for the first five episodes and December 14 for the other five

Another group of bachelors arrives for a stay at a dream new mansion, where silencing their natural urges will net them big bucks.

Money Theft: Korea – Joint Economic Area – Part 2 – December 9

CAT – December 9th

Save who Pecho! Season 2 – December 13th

A new group of singles arrives on a deserted island in search of a soul mate. Who will find love and be entitled to a luxury getaway?

The recruit – December 16th

A young CIA lawyer finds himself thrust into the dangerous world of international espionage when a former source threatens to expose the agency’s secrets.

The continuation under this announcement

Paradise Police – Part 4 (Paradise PD) – December 16th

Summer job – December 16th

Ten Gen Z candidates dream of a vacation. But to be able to stay in a luxury villa, and maybe earn 100,000 euros, they’ll first need a real job!

Dancing Monsters – December 16th

In this joyous dance competition, the CG-studded amateurs outdo themselves for $250,000 and a second chance to make their dreams come true.

Emily in Paris Season 3 – December 21st

In season 3 ofEmilia in Paris, the heroine played by Lily Collins will have to make a choice between staying in Paris and working for Sylvie or returning to the United States. If we imagine she’s going to prefer France to flourish at Sylvie’s new agency, so is she because she’s struggling to draw a line under her pretty French. Emily should still be stuck in her love triangle involving Alfie, the handsome British expat, and Gabriel, her lifelong crush. Emily seems to prefer Gabriel to Alfie, but the latter has just gotten back together with his ex Camille…

The continuation under this announcement

Alice in Borderland Season 2 – December 22nd

The sequel to the Japanese series Alice in the Borderland it was one of the most awaited of the year! And for good reason, he should finally reveal the continuation of the adventures of the survivors of the deadly games. For now, we don’t know who’s directing these deadly games, but their actors promise a sequel “on a larger scale” in a world “bigger than ever”. Tao Tsuchiya, who plays the role of Yuzuha Usagi, anticipates the introduction of “large decorative elements, like explosions”. As for director Shinsuke Satō, still at the helm of this second season, he promises to place “An Even Stranger Mystery” in the center of the scene.

The Witcher: Legacy of Blood – December 25th

More than a thousand years before the universe of The sorcererseven warriors banished from the world of elves seek blood to fight against an unstoppable force.

Love is Blind Brazil Season 2 – December 28th

The Circle Game: USA – Season 5 – December 28th

In this fifth season, eight new candidates create profiles of singles to spot imposters, build friendships and enjoy second chances.

The continuation under this announcement

La Reina del Sur – Season 3 – December 30th

After a childhood marked by suffering and violence, a woman devises a well-crafted plan to get her revenge. With Song Hye-kyo and Lee Do-hyun.

Netflix movie of the month December 2022

Trolls – December 1st

When an explosion in a mountain in Norway awakens an ancient troll, the authorities call in a fearless paleontologist to stop him from wreaking havoc.

Qala – December 1st

Scrooge, A (bad) Christmas Carol (Scrooge, A Christmas Carol) – December 2

On a cold Christmas night, old miser Ebenezer Scrooge must face his past and change his future before it’s too late.

Lady Chatterley’s Lover – 2nd December

An unhappy married aristocrat, Lady Chatterley enters a torrid affair with the gamekeeper of her husband’s estate… and falls passionately in love with him.

Delivered before Christmas (Delivery by Christmas) – December 6th

The Claus Family 3 (The Claus Family 3) – December 7

The continuation under this announcement

Pinocchio by Guillermo Del Toro (Pinocchio by Guillermo Del Toro) – December 9th

In this extraordinary stop-motion musical epic, Academy Award-winning director Guillermo del Toro revisits the story of the famous wooden puppet who comes to life.

A Not So Happy Christmas – December 20th

Glass Onion, a story at loggerheads – December 23rd

In the sequel to Rian Johnson’s Knives Out, Detective Benoit Blanc travels to Greece to unravel a mystery involving a motley crew of suspects.

Matilda – December 25th

When an extraordinary girl with a quick mind and a wild imagination sets out to change the course of her destiny, the results exceed all her expectations. This is Matilda!

7 women (7 women and one murder) – December 28th

When their family patriarch is murdered, seven women, all with dark intentions, find themselves trapped in a mansion with a murder to solve.

God’s Crooked Lines – date to be revealed soon

The continuation under this announcement

A private investigator who claims to suffer from paranoia is checked into a mental hospital to investigate the mysterious death of another patient.

December 2022 Netflix Documentaries

The Masked Sammer – December 1st

Using the testimonies of his accomplices and victims, this documentary traces the story of a brilliant con man who managed to wrest millions from the French elite.

Robert Downey Sr., the father (“Sr.”) – December 2

Robert Downey Jr. pays tribute to his late father in this documentary that traces the life and eclectic career of avant-garde filmmaker Robert Downey Sr.

In broad daylight: the Narvarte case – 8 December

The Whispering Elephants – December 8th

Don’t answer the phone – December 14th

This documentary series follows the investigation of a prankster who forced American fast food operators to frisk their employees.

The continuation under this announcement

I AM A KILLER – Season 4 – December 21st

Premeditated acts, tragic accidents or self-defense? The killers recount the atrocious crimes for which they were sentenced to life imprisonment.

Netflix stand-ups in December 2022

Sebastian Maniscalco: Is it me? – December 6th

In a lively stand-up, Sebastian Maniscalco portrays life’s little worries, like school trips, dogs off the leash and dates with his wife.

Tom Pope: What a day! – December 13th

Tom Papa offers truths about intimacy after marriage, its problematic pug, and men’s responsibility for most of life’s inconveniences.

Who killed Santa Claus? A Murderville Murder Mystery (Murderville Holiday Special) – December 15th

A detective who hates the holidays is forced to solve a murder and save Christmas, with the help of some famous interns who are forced to improvise as the investigation proceeds.

Mathieu Dufour at the Bell Center (Mathieu Dufour at the Bell Centre) – December 22

The continuation under this announcement

Vir Das: Landing – December 25th

In his fourth stand-up comedy show on Netflix, Vir Das talks about his childhood in India, the dangers of outrage and his search for direction in our world.

Chelsea Handler: Revolution – December 27th

Chelsea Handler lets loose about her life choices, rowdy dogs, first dates, and why society should apologize to women.

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