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To deal with it and avoid breaking the bank during each consultation, the ideal is to take out complementary health insurance. Also known as mutual health insurance, supplementary health insurance is individual health insurance that covers the portion of medical expenses not covered by health insurance. Subscribing to supplementary health insurance therefore allows you to reduce the rest of the costs even more. However, finding the right health insurance is far from an easy task. Many parameters must be taken into account in order to obtain the best possible rates and reimbursements.

Use a health insurance comparator

One of the best ways to find good health insurance is to use a comparator. This is an online tool that allows you to compare different insurers to choose the most suitable supplementary health insurance for you based on your profile. Using a comparator is extremely simple.

All you have to do is go to the comparator and enter your search criteria. Based on these criteria, the comparator will provide you with various estimates and you can choose the loan that best suits your needs. The criteria on which you must base your comparison are, among other things, the tariffs charged, the reimbursements offered by the insurer, the reimbursement deadlines offered, the additional services, etc.

You are probably wondering why use a comparator to find a good health insurance company that fits your needs. The reasons are many. First, a The mutual insurance comparator allows you to compete without much difficulty.

In fact, you can compare dozens of insurance companies without having to make many calls or switch from one insurance company to another. This will allow you to select the mortgage that offers the best rates. A comparator can also help you lower the prices of your supplementary health insurance. You can also get a health quote online for free.


The options to consider in your health insurance

To find good mutual health insurance, you also need to take into account the options offered by the insurer. In fact, complementary offers several options and they can vary from one complementary to another. The first option in terms of mutual health insurance is the basic contract. This contract generally offers 100% refunds for all covered care stations. Treatments covered here include: routine care, hospitalization, dental and optical expenses.

The brokerage contract generally covers costs related to optics, teeth, hearing, hospitalization, pharmacy, alternative medicine or even maternity and gynecology. Higher-end contracts offer paybacks of up to 300%. This contract covers all nursing positions which are reimbursed by the social security.

Note that in your contract, you can completely change the guarantee levels, add some options and remove others. Also, the most expensive contract isn’t necessarily the best mortgage for you. In fact, an option may offer you a great payback rate, but it won’t necessarily match your needs.

So make sure you choose the options that will actually be useful for you. For example, it makes no sense to sign up with a mutual insurance company that offers reimbursement for hearing care if no one in the family has a hearing impairment.

Find mutual insurance based on your age and lifestyle

To choose the right health insurance, you need to take into account your age. If you are young, the ideal is to opt for a basic option covers routine care, optical care, dental care and hospitalisation. If, on the other hand, you are over 50, we advise you to contact a mutual fund for the elderly.

Indeed, 50 is the age when health problems can become frequent and a basic contract will not offer you good coverage. If you are over 60, a premium contract will allow you to effectively address all your health problems.

Your lifestyle can also influence the choice of your supplement Health. If you carry out a risky professional activity, for example, you will need to report this to the insurer in order to find a mutual insurance company that suits your needs.

There are mutual health insurances for the whole family

You are not alone and do you also want to include your partner and your children in your complementary health contract? It’s entirely possible. There are in fact family health mutuals known as family mutualism. These supplements allow you to cover all members of your family, without having to enter into many individual contracts.

To choose the right family health insurance, you must take into account your needs as well as those of your partner and your children. For example, if you have a hearing impaired child, you will need to include this option in your supplement. Similarly, if someone in your family suffers from a chronic condition such as diabetes, you will need to take out your contract to get better coverage for this disease.

There are mutual health insurances for the whole family©AdobeStock

The cost of your health insurance

A good health supplement also needs to be within your budget. The price of your contract can vary depending on many factors.

The type of mortgage

The type of supplement you choose can affect the price of your health insurance. For example, you won’t pay the same fees for an individual mutual fund as you would for a family mutual fund.

The profile of the insured

Your profile can affect the price of your mutual health insurance. At this level it will be especially necessary consider your age, occupation, and lifestyle. The more your profile is at risk, the more your health insurance will cost.

Other criteria such as your city of residence can also affect the price of your health insurance. That’s why we advise you to use a mutual company comparator to compete against the competition and thus find the best price.

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