Five Pizza Original blows out its tenth candle

2022 marks an important turning point in the life of pizza franchise which, in addition to celebrating its 10th birthday, is launching a wonderful project to renew itself.


Pizza revisited with an original and unique concept

Exceptional pizzas for exceptional results

Although the 5 euro pizzas, from which it owes its name, are no longer part of its menu (except for the Marguerita), Five Pizza Original continues to offer exceptional pizzas, made with carefully selected products: regional flour from the Moulin de Versailles, fresh vegetables cut to order, local ingredients and recipes (100% fresh French mozzarella, Reblochon, Gorgonzola and Parmiggiano AOP, French cured meats, etc.)

10 years of quality and listening to customers

Despite the inflation, Five Pizza Original has managed to maintain its access price positioning with the best quality-quantity-price ratio among French pizzerias.

Furthermore, its customers are particularly attracted by the wide choice available and the possibility of creating their own pizzas with “Create your own pizza” by choosing from 45 ingredients, not counting the attractive prices which vary between 5 and 6, 90 € and between 7 .90 and €9.90 for signature pizzas (in size M).

Also, the franchise Five Original Pizza has embarked on a grandiose transformation plan, which places the franchisee at the center of the project:

From an architectural point of view, the modest counters of less than 50m2 have been replaced by points of sale (150m2) often equipped with terraces, and prestigious locations in the heart of the city, to offer a more pleasant and welcoming environment.

Its innovative offer all public », based on attractive prices, limited edition self-service recipes (to be consumed on site or to take away) or delivery (through aggregators), adapts to new consumption models.

Digital, a true pillar of Five Pizza Original’s success

Concerned about its day-to-day development, the network has taken several actions:

  • Website redesign in 2021 to gain notoriety
  • New application that facilitates the taking of orders
  • Loyalty program under development to optimize customer experience and data management

On the other hand, and in addition to the work done in his laboratory, Five Original Pizza constantly invests in its R&D department, with the aim of satisfying its customers, constantly adding new products and recipes.

Promising development plan

The launch of the franchise, in 2018, and the opening of 33 branches in just 4 years, illustrate the dynamic development of the network that has the wind in its sails; It has managed to maintain the same pace by opening 5 new restaurants in this last quarter: Massy, ​​​​Evry, Saint-Quentin, Mulhouse and Bordeaux, bringing the number of its franchised pizzerias to 50, by the end of December 2022.

Building on this momentum, it aims to reach 100 locations by the end of 2023.

The development of the network is also based on its 11 branches and on the franchisees who are planning a second or even third opening and thus become Five Pizza Original multi-franchisee.

In the same perspective of enlargement e territorial networkthe brand is evaluating the possibility of extending its concept to more strategic places such as stations, airports, hotels, supermarkets, etc., without forgetting international development.

Enjoy your 10th birthday with Five Pizza Original

Launched on 20 November and running until 18 December, a major communication campaign celebrates 10 years of Five Pizza Original.

The operation, named, kiff tes 10 ans, focuses on:

  • A contest that allows you to win 45 127 cm 4K TVs and thousands of pizzas, smoothies, drinks throughout the network.
  • A television sponsorship device around all the World Cup matches, broadcast on the Bein Sports channels.
  • Offers delivered to aggregators
  • Festive packages sent to the staff of the 45 Five Pizza Original franchised establishments.

Follow the Five Pizza Original franchise and discover many surprises!

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