“Lack of decisions and proposals”: the Regional Health Agency underlined by the elected officials after a meeting on the situation of the Cher hospitals

“The situation remains tense, still on the razor’s edge. Very often we see last minute emergency measures. We are not calm. “Yann Galut, mayor (DVG) of Bourges, is always on the alert on the hospital situation of the city and of Cher. In particular, the pediatric ward of the Jacques-Coeur hospital center in Bourges, which narrowly avoided closing for an entire weekend in October or chronically understaffed emergencies. Jacques-Coeur therefore has only 13 positions (full-time employment) of doctors out of a possible 24, in the emergency room, according to the hospital’s communication department. What prompts the municipality of Berruyère to invite all health professionals to exchange, yesterday afternoon, in the town hall of Bourges.

prize Shortage of staff, return of Covid… “On the razor’s edge”, Cher’s hospitals are organizing themselves to avoid the saturation of emergencies during the summer

In addition to the mayor of Bourges, Corinne Ollivier (PCF) and Laurent Pabiot (LR), the mayors of Vierzon and Sancerre, and Irène Félix, president (DVG) of the Bourges Plus agglomeration were present, while Emmanuel Riotte, mayor (LR) of Saint-Amand-Montrond, was represented. The five parliamentarians of the department were also on the spot or represented. A united political front to find solutions with Laurent Habert and Bertrand Moulin, respectively regional and departmental directors of the regional health agency (ARS), and the management of the various Cher hospitals.

According to Yann Galut, four tracks have been mentioned by the ARS. Firstly, the arrival of the Faculty of Medicine in Orléans, which should make it possible, in the long term, to increase the number of doctors. Then, the easing of the Padhue system (practitioners with diplomas outside the European Union) to facilitate access to foreign doctors. The emphasis will be on the advanced practice nursing device to relieve physicians. Finally, according to the mayor of Bourges, the ARS would like a better regional distribution of resources, in favor of Cher.

“ARS must move”

“Areas of reflection have been raised”, confirms Christophe Lugnot, director of the cabinet of the ARS Center-Val de Loire. This ordinary work meeting mainly brought together elected officials, hospital directors, local health workers to take stock of the department. “According to the ARS, it was up to each of the interested parties to “see how to organize themselves, which is proper to a territorial hospital group”.

Not enough to satisfy all those elected: “The ARS has come to present us with a diagnosis and the difficulties we already know, together they let go Nicolas Sansu, deputy (PCF-Nupes) for the second constituency of Cher and the representative of Loïc Kevran , deputy (Horizons) of the third. Nicola Sansu evokes a “lack of decisions and proposals. There are 140 young doctors in the region, of which only one is in Cher. Is sad. The ARS has to move and bang the table but we have an administration that explains to us that it can’t do anything. »
More nuanced, Yann Galut saw “solutions that are positive but do not respond to the extent of the situation. »

Matis Rapacioli

Grievance : More than a year later, the complaint of the mayors of Bourges, Vierzon and Saint-Amand-Montrond “for endangering the lives of others, against X”, filed in October 2021, after the impossibility due to the Bourges emergencies to operate at full Smur capacity, is still being studied at the Bourges public prosecutor’s office. The prosecutor, Joël Garrigue, says he is questioning to determine whether this complaint falls under criminal justice or administrative justice.

At the end of this meeting, Laurent Pabiot, mayor of Sancerre, did not hide his fatalism on the situation of his city’s hospital. “I asked the question of the plant’s sustainability. But I didn’t get an answer. The hospital centre, which specializes in assisting the elderly and to which three nursing homes are annexed, lacks personnel, and operators in particular. “Now we are a year and a half away, two doctors… While we need four or five. And retirements are expected. I expect visibility in the medium term. But we didn’t hear anything more…”

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