Music from the Volkswagen commercial: the Blues sweater

Volkswagen supports the Blues in their search for the third star by offering fans of the French team a dedicated shirt. The music in the commercial is a Daniel Pemberton track titled “The boy’s a Genius”.

Volkswagen advert: The Blues sweater

Advertising Volkswagen “the sweater of the Blues” it begins on a road that runs alongside a forest. In this snowy landscape, we can see a red Volkswagen coming forward while driving very slowly. He ends up parking in a park of what appears to be a castle. We see a foot with crampons coming out of the car. The commercial continues inside the building where we see a record player playing in tune.

The room is decorated with a fir tree from the top of which two golden stars were suspended. Symbol that recalls the two titles of World champions won by the French team in 1998 It’s inside 2018. Hanging on the wall, we also see a sign bearing the name of the place of the two stars in the 8And constituency.

The commercial continues showing Kylian Mbappé placing several balls of wool on a table. We then see a Griezmann, very diligent with a sewing machine. Sitting next to him, his teammates are equally concentrated, busy unraveling the wool threads so they don’t get tangled while some sew and others knit. Upon his natural takeover, the group of friends led by Mbappé began dribbling the balls. Finally, they end up presenting the work they have created: a magnificent sweater in the colors of the French team.

What is the music of the Volkswagen commercial: the Blues sweater

To accompany the Azzurri during the World Cup and promote its shirt with the colors of the French team, Volkswagen has opted for a title of Daniel Pemberton. The titled song “The Boy Is a Genius” is taken from the album “Desperate Romantics: BBC TV Series Original Soundtrack” released in 2006.

Daniel Pemberton is a British film music composer. He is known for composing trailers for many movies, series, video games and TV shows, as well as commercials for many brands. Among his most famous compositions are: Spider-Man: Next Generation, Ocean’s Eight, House of Shadows, King Arthur: The Legend of Excalibur, but also the show Hell’s Kitchen or series Masters and valets And Public enemies.

Who are the players of the French team in the Volkswagen commercial?

For this advertising campaign, Volkswgen has invited some players of the French team to lend themselves to the knitwear game. So, in the commercial, we see:

Kylian Mbappe plays as forward at PSG. He is one of the favorite players of the French.

Antoni Griezmann who is a player who plays as a striker or attacking midfielder. He currently plays for Atletico Madrid.

Dayot Upamecano who plays as a defender for the French team and plays for Bayern Munich.

Jordan Veretout holds the position of midfielder at Olympique Marseille.

Christopher Nkunku plays as an attacking midfielder or winger. He currently plays in the club RB Leipzig.

The Volkswagen campaign Volkswagen: the Blues sweater

During each of its advertising campaigns, Volkswagen finds a way to make us experience new emotions. We remember the commercial that told a love story two years ago, on the title “A dream come true”. A piece that would have suited just as well to this new advertising campaign. Indeed, for this year, the German car manufacturer, partner of the French team, lets us experience the passion of football. And he thought of everything! In this winter football World Cup underway in Qatar, it will be difficult for fans to wear only the French national team shirt.

The players of the French team have therefore lent themselves to the game, we see them in this commercial sewing and knitting sweaters specially intended for their fans. Thus, in collaboration with the French Football Federation (FFF), Volkswagen is offering dedicated sweaters, as well as many other gifts to be won, including a 100% electric ID 4 SUV, in an Advent calendar.

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