Recipe ideas Savory Christmas verrine

Christmas is fast approaching and we have only one thing in mind: the prospect of the good times we will spend with our loved ones and our friends, around the festive meals and aperitifs that await us. If you’re finalizing your holiday menus, but you’re out of ideas… think of salted verrine!

These small savory delicacies are perfect for a delicious start to the holidays: they can be served as appetizers or appetizers, or become the protagonists of your buffets and festive aperitifs.

So, how about inventing Christmas verrine recipes to delight your guests from the very first bite? Discover our gourmet selection and bet on unexpected and original combinations of flavors to prepare always different and gourmet appetizers.

Verrines: everything you need to know

Invented in the 90s, verrines are a gourmet solution for presenting our dishes. The concept is simple: instead of serving a preparation or a dish on a traditional plate, they are presented inside a small transparent glass, in mini portions. If possible, we try to play with the colors and textures of the different components of the dish, to create more visible layers within the verrine.
The great advantage of verrines is that they can be prepared in advance, they are very beautiful to look at and allow you to taste different flavors and dishes in small quantities.

Most of the dishes and preparations lend themselves to being served in verrines, we just have to give free rein to our culinary creativity! However, there are some small tricks that can make the difference in their preparation. Here are our recommendations.

Bet on lightness: whether served as an aperitif or at the start of a meal, verrines must remain light, to leave room for all the other delights to come. Don’t go overboard with the layers of ingredients, simplicity is always appreciated, even at Christmas!

Choose the most suitable verrine format: the smallest will be perfect for a buffet, the glasses can serve as aperitif or appetizer verrines. And if you serve hot soups or soups in jars, you can use small cups.
Now, to the stove: here are some ideas for cold and hot Christmas glasses.

Ideas for cold Christmas glasses

Avocado Verrine and Shrimp

Avocado Verrine and Shrimp

Simple and quick to prepare, but always appreciated: avocado-shrimp verrine are a great classic for party buffets and aperitifs at dinner! They can also be served as a light and tasty appetizer, to prepare the stomach for the rest of the (substantial) Christmas meal. Here is the recipe to follow to prepare them for your guests.

Panna cotta verrines with goat cheese

Do you know panna cotta? It’s a deliciously creamy and rich Italian dessert made with cream and topped with a nice layer of raspberry coulis. This dish can also be prepared in a savory version with goat cheese, and lends itself well to being prepared in small portions, inside single verrines. Discover the recipe of our version of panna cotta with goat cheese and cherry tomatoes by clicking here.

Glasses of white gazpacho

Also called salmorejo, white gazpacho is a southern Spanish specialty, made with almonds and garlic. With an intense flavour, it is perfect to be served in small portions. Click here for the easy recipe.

Squid tartare verrine

A delicious tartare of finely cut squid, enriched with capers and served with a herb sauce: an explosion of flavors that will delight the taste buds of your guests, to be served in individual glasses. The recipe for preparing this delicacy is here.

Crab verrine and avocado

Another verrine with an iodized flavor, combining crabmeat and avocado, served on a bed of Japanese-style vinegared rice. These morsels of tartare in verrina will be perfect to start your Christmas lunch in full gluttony: here is the recipe.

Ideas for warm Christmas verrines

hot glasses

Verrine of velvety endive soup with bacon

A “poor” ingredient such as escarole can be transformed into a refined velvety soup, enriched by the salty taste of crispy pancetta. Serve this gourmet soup in a verrina, it will be a perfect appetizer for your Christmas Eve meal. Here is the easy recipe to prepare it at home.

Verrine of chestnut soup with duck breast

A creamy softness that combines the slightly sweet taste of chestnuts, the citrus taste of orange peel and the intense and unique taste of duck breast. The result is appetizing and lends itself perfectly to being served at the start of a festive meal. Click here to find out the recipe for chestnut soup with duck breast.

Verrines of chestnuts and cream of Jerusalem artichoke with chorizo ​​​​and apple

Still chestnuts, but combined with Jerusalem artichokes for another delicious velvety, this time accompanied by chorizo ​​​​and diced apple. A few bites of this comforting soup, served in a verrina, will be enough to warm the taste buds and the hearts of your guests. Check out the recipe here.

Verrine of polenta with truffles

For refined and unique verrines, try this truffle polenta soup recipe, created by chef Edouard Loubet. Exceptional ingredients for a recipe worthy of a New Year’s Eve dinner!

Finally, if you are a fan of verrines, you can also offer desserts in small bites! Click here to discover all our gourmet recipes for sweet verrines, to end the meal sweetly.

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