RUGBY. France: the only nation with so many rich problems?

Rather Ramos or Jaminet? Ntamack or Jalibert? Or Marchand or Mauvaka? So many questions that the France staff allow themselves the luxury of asking. In fact, this golden generation isn’t just talented, it’s also accomplished, and that’s rare. In the history of the XV of France, nuggets, there have been, the legends have passed and have marked the history of our sport. However, rugby is a collective sport and, for one of the first times in its history, our France XV seems to concentrate more talent than ever before. Among these youngsters who form the new generation, some are part of the U20 team world titles, in 2018 and 2019. Now they are the joy of the great French team, and we can mention: Romain Ntamack, Demba Bamba, Pierre -Louis Barassi, Matthis Lebel, Cameron Woki, Arthur Vincent and Jean-Baptiste Gros. Some of these players are now executives of the Blues.RUGBY. For the English press, France’s XV owes a lot to one man, and it’s not Fabien GalthiéThe excellent current results are obviously the result of effective training, which has been able to mature and flourish year after year. Also, internationally, we have one of the youngest teams, with an average age of around 26 on the last autumn tour. It is a rare fact to point out, because this has not always been the case. A few years ago the Blues’ new breath was struggling to be felt, especially in 2017 with a black streak of 8 consecutive defeats under the Novès era. Today, if we look item by item, the French pool is consistent. And even when injuries persist on our pillars (like on this tour), the quality is still there. Our second lines can play behind. Our third rows walk on the water and the substitutes line up with the starters at each entrance. Right now, difficult to know who will be the 3rd starting line at the Mondial with a brilliant Charles Ollivon in November. Who will jump? Jelonch? Through? RUGBY.  XV of France.  “I don't see the limits of him”, who is this player who impresses Galthié?RUGBY. XV of France. “I don’t see the limits of him”, who is this player who impresses Galthié?In 3/4 time, it’s even more impressive. France have the best number 9 in the world, of course, but in this position we are full of talent in our league. With Lucu and Couilloud, Galthié has excellent elements in the fray and the succession is assured. And the number 10? The XV of France has long sought this great number 10, decisive and leader of the game par excellence. If in 2015 the choice of the opener of the XV of France gave Philippe Saint-André a hard time before the World Cup, poised between 5 players (Talès, Trinh-Duc, Lopez, Michalak and Plisson), for this 2023 edition, the choices seem to have already been made. Barring injuries or a significant drop in diet for one or the other, Matthieu Jalibert and Romain Ntamack should participate in the World Cup in France. These two excellent openings are part of the renewal of the French team. Furthermore, in a central position, we are also satisfied with Gaël Fickou who has established himself as a cornerstone of the Blues system alongside Danty without forgetting Moefana. Then, Penaud seems inevitable, letting the battle rage for the left wing with players like Villière, Lebel or Raka. The Ramos / Jaminet tandem is also a luxury when it comes to competing on defense.Ramos / Jaminet - Why is this competition a great thing for Toulouse and the Blues?Ramos / Jaminet – Why is this competition a great thing for Toulouse and the Blues?

When we take an interest in our neighbours, particularly in Europe, turnover is difficult to set. First, among our best enemies, the British, the dynamism isn’t splendid. Despite the young guard led by Smith and Steward, the rest of the team struggles to forget the glories of the past. As in the position of scrum-half where Ben Young is felt absent. Even more surprising, despite the Irish’s top spot in the world, the roster isn’t quite as deep as ours. Despite their success, the Murray-Sexton duo still keep the team afloat and struggle to be replaced, just like the old veteran Cian Healy, who at 35 is still not passing the baton. The problem is even more evident in the XV porro, which does not find the youth it once did. It is in the number 10 position that this team is struggling, just like South Africa, who are always trying to overshadow their past glories in this position. Finally, even if Italy is brought up by a new generation full of ambition and talent, the quantity of players is less and the quality less equal within a full squad. We just have to measure ourselves against the All Blacks, and that will come in the opening match of the World Cup. At the moment, New Zealand appear to be the only ones racking their brains as much as France over the starting XV. But probably with greater uncertainties on the New Zealand side.

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