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[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] More technology for more people. This is the common thread of Equasens, the leading healthcare software publisher in France. It occupies the 2nd place on the podium in Europe. This structural group wants to be “patient-centric” and works to make the health system more efficient. Explanations with Thierry Chapusot, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Equasens and Denis Supplisson, Chief Executive Officer of Equasens.

What is the daily mission of Equasens?

Thierry Chapusot: Our business combines the world of information technology and health. We develop solutions for ensure better follow-up of care pathways thanks to technology. Equasens helps healthcare professionals save time and therefore provide better care by reducing time-consuming activities. Our strategy started more than 10 years ago: give the right information to the right caregiver about the right patient, at the right time.

This ever-evolving information is created and shared among healthcare professionals by their software. This is why Equasens accompanies healthcare professionals from various fields. Let’s take the example of an emergency hospitalization. The emergency doctor needs to know the patient’s possible cures in the city quickly to make the decisions of her. Thanks to our database pandaLAB HUBthere is quick access and can act effectively.

Along with this data resource pandaLAB HUBwhat is the role of pandaLABPro ?

Denis Supplisson: Our solution PandaLAB Pro, secure instant messaging for healthcare professionals, is the only one on the market to allow, in an integrated way, real-time communication between healthcare professionals. pandaLABPro For example, it allows a pharmacist to communicate with a doctor about a prescription. An assistant in an EHPAD can also contact the doctor or provide important information to the hospital.

Integrated into all the group’s software solutions (it is at the heart of our healthcare ecosystem, in cities, hospitals and factories), this application is also standalone, available and offered to healthcare professionals not equipped with our solutions.

pandaLABPro can finally be used on the go via smartphone, to communicate, send questionnaires and answer surveys. Lots of data that will help every caregiver in the care of their patients.

pandaLABPro has just received a double certification (ISO 27001 and HDS) for standards compliance and health data security.

Which healthcare professions are you targeting?

DS: The Equasens Group now has 1,200 employees, divided into 5 Divisions:

  • The PHARMAGEST Division, with solutions dedicated to pharmacists. PHARMAGEST is present in France and in Europe. It takes up the DNA of the Equasens Group: originally we were pharmacy experts. Furthermore, our main shareholder is a cooperative of pharmacists;
  • The AXIGATE LINK Divisiondedicated to health and medical-social institutions. Equip hospitals and especially EHPADs: in France, more than a third structures that host non self-sufficient elderly people have equipped themselves with our solutions. With regards to home hospitalization (HAD), 60% of these devices rely on our solutions in France. AXIGATE LINK also includes home nursing care systems (SSIAD) and multidisciplinary care homes;
  • The division SOFT DOCTOR, just born, is aimed at city doctors. It also contains the publisher PROKOV EDITIONS, the French leader in publishing medical software on the Mac. For now, 13,000 doctors use our solution. Being the doctor at the origin of the prescription, this new Division allows the Equasens Group to complete its support around the treatment path;
  • The E-CONNECT Division, launched 7 years ago to design our healthcare devices. It designs and manufactures medical equipment (devices and related electronic devices) for healthcare professionals and their patients. In France, 80% of doctors, opticians and pharmacists, among others, uses products developed by our engineers in our French factories, such as authentication devices. Thus they guarantee the total security of the health data processed. This technical division also develops healthcare devices for patients. The devices are placed at your home or in nursing homes, in order to be able to carry them out monitoring, presence or activity controlthrough sensors. They collect information which then goes back to Equasens servers. An artificial intelligence algorithm analyzes this data, and then allows you to obtain information on the evolution or deterioration of your state of health;
  • The FINTECH Division, which supports all of our activities. It is a financing division, based on a platform developed by us. It interconnects banking institutions and allows us to offer healthcare professionals and institutions the most suitable financing solution to their needs.

All of these solutions are finalized 80,000 health workers, distributed in 7 European countries (France, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg and United Kingdom). In addition, our health systems cover all French people. Every patient present in the area necessarily has a medical record within one of our software.

What are the values ​​that guide you?

TC: The Equasens Group was created 37 years ago and today has 1,200 employees united by a common identity: to be “citizens of health and well-being”. These citizens bring our 4 values ​​to life.

Proximity above all : despite the Group’s European expansion, we remain close to our customers, whom we often meet at meetings organized throughout France. These exchanges are an opportunity to compare our vision with their needs in the field. We then work on the most suitable solution. Our divisions bringing together many professions, competence it is also an essential value. We rely on experts from these different health professions to respond to the big challenges.

Equasens is part of a permanent innovation and, therefore, anticipation needs is essential. In the end, optimism characterizes our Group. It is even symbolized by our logo, which represents a face turned to the future, with a rainbow. We believe in people, in their intelligence and in our ability to find new solutions.

From a CSR perspective, these commitments are part of our DNA. We are not a publisher of polluting software. Our per capita carbon footprint is one of the lowest in our market. Only our vehicles have an impact on our carbon footprint, but we try to hybridize our car fleet as much as possible. As for the premises we own, they have been refurbished or are being refurbished. The goal: to achieve energetic sobriety.

As for the social our score dedicated to professional equality between women and men is 89/100 for the year 2021. A salary analysis is carried out so that each employee is at the same level based on their seniority, knowledge and experience. This attention strengthens the harmony within the teams. We also launched a stock option plan for all employees, the second in 15 years.

Do you have a last word?

TC: We want to increase our international development and extend our know-how into other areas of health. From the beginning of 2023, an offer dedicated to liberal nurses will also be available..

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