Stars and mental health

Mental health problems, especially depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder, are unfortunately very common among our stars… Here is the second part of our dossier inspired by the Us Weekly.

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Kanye West

With all the controversy it causes, you have to be completely disconnected from the news to not know that Ye has mental health issues. But those diagnosed with bipolar disorder don’t worry too much, because “everyone has a little something…”, according to him. And as he says so well: “She’s not a handicap, she’s a superpower!”

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Bella Hadid

The model has previously admitted to struggling with “excessive social anxiety,” which sadly escalated when she became a public figure. Last year, she took to Instagram to deliver an important mental health message: “It took me a while to figure this out, but I’ve been through enough depression and burnout to know that if you work hard enough on yourself […]you will learn more and more about your pain and how to deal with it.

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Shia Labeouf

It was during his rehab to treat his alcoholism in 2017 that the actor of darling boy learned that he suffered from PTSD that dates back to his childhood, when he lived with an alcoholic father. “I knew I had a problem [d’alcoolisme]but little did I know that there was something else keeping me from finding peace in my life and was hurting my relationships with people,” she confided to the podcast. Press Chat.

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Julie Andrews

See the star of The sound of music unable to recover from her divorce from her first husband, director Mike Nichols suggested she go to a shrink. “He was so wholesome and so funny and so clear… I wanted to be like him. So, I went to consult and it saved my life, in a way,” she told The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

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The star was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 17 after attempting suicide. But the pain of living of her has not diminished: the interpreter of Without me he has had two psychiatric hospitalizations since it became known. “I told my agent, ‘Hey, I’m not going to do anything wrong, but it’s gotten to the point where I’m afraid of what I might do, so I have to go figure out why.’ He told the magazine RollingStone.

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Emma Thompson

In 2010, the two-time Oscar winner took a year off to focus on her mental health. “I find my job very emotionally demanding. Sometimes I suffer from light depressions, which is very common, I think,” she later explained.

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Taraji P. Henson

The depression suffered by the interpreter of Cookie Lyon, in Empire, drove her anxiety to an all-time high, which forced her to seek help from a psychologist. “Their job is to make sure you’re sane, whatever that means, and tell you the truth, which can hurt,” she told the magazine in an interview. variety.

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Billie Eilish

The sufferer of depression and anxiety disorders participated in a mental health awareness video in 2019 where she reminded of the importance of taking care of yourself and your loved ones. “You should be able to ask anyone for help. And everyone has a duty to help those in need,” she tells the camera.

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Gin Rodríguez

The star of Joan the Virgin has been battling depression and suicidal thoughts since the age of 16. “I then started thinking about this idea that everything would be better if I left. Life would be easier. All the misfortunes, all the troubles would just fly away,” the 38-year-old actress told Kate Snow on NBC.

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Little Rexha

In 2019, the interpreter of Break my heart alone revealed on Twitter that she has bipolarity and wrote that she had long wondered why she was not feeling well and was going through so many ups and downs. “Now I know why; I’m bipolar and I’m not ashamed of it anymore…”

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Kristen Bell

The 42-year-old actress takes medication for anxiety and depression. “Sometimes when I’m feeling really bad, I have to list the good and bad things in my life to assess whether my discomfort is due to my mental state or if I really have a problem,” she told the newspaper. Sunday TODAY with Willie Geistadding that she blames herself for hiding her mental health issues from the public for so many years, as if it were something shameful.

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Maisie Williams

Child, the interpreter of Arya Stark, in game of Thrones, was raised by an abusive father, a trauma from which she struggles to recover. “I still have a long way to go, I think, but at least I’ve stopped pretending. I’m real now and I think that’s the first step I’ve taken,” she said on the podcast. Happy place.

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Sarah Hyland

The star of Modern family seriously considered suicide, as she was tired of her battle with her disease, renal dysplasia. “I was writing letters in my head to my loved ones explaining my reasons and telling them it wasn’t anyone’s fault,” she revealed on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show.

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Lily Reinhart

Riverdale it was filmed while the actress was going through the worst depression of her life. But she managed to pull it off and this is the message of hope she wants to send to her fans. “Anyone who feels depressed or hopeless, don’t give up. You are the only ones who can get out of it. And you deserve the best,” she tweeted in 2017.

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Jonathan Vanness

The star of Queer eye she revealed in 2019 that she had suffered a major trauma. Since then, despite all the social events he has to attend for his job, the hairdresser hasn’t been afraid to say no to invitations. “I think it’s really important to enjoy your own company, to have some quiet time with yourself,” he commented.

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Bryce Dallas Howard

The star of Jurassic World domination she suffered silently from postpartum depression for 18 months, because she was too ashamed and too scared to seek help. Eventually, she realized she couldn’t do it alone. “You can’t raise a child alone, you can’t heal yourself, you really need a whole community,” she said.

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Demi Lovato

Childhood depression, bulimia, self-mutilation, drug addiction, bipolar disorder… She entered a psychiatric center for the first time at 18. As fans of hers kept telling her on social media to stay strong during treatment, she got a tattoo”Be strongjust got out of the hospital.

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Catherine Zeta-Jones

At the turn of the 2010s, the beauty was hospitalized twice for depression and bipolar disorder, which all but ended her marriage to Michael Douglas. After reconciling with her husband, she said her relationship was “stronger than ever.”

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Halle Berry

It was the image of her mother who found her lifeless that convinced the star to do it The monster ball not to commit suicide in 1997, after splitting from baseball player David Justice. “He made many sacrifices for his children. It would have been incredibly selfish to end my life,” she told the magazine. Parade.

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Alanis Morissette

The interpreter ofironic she is well aware of postpartum depression, having experienced it after each of her children was born. And she has a particular way of talking about it. “He’s a sneaky little monkey with a machete who cuts his way through my body and into my mind,” she wrote on her website in 2019, two months after the birth of her third child.

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David Port

Received a diagnosis of bipolarity at the age of 25, during a stay in psychiatry, the interpreter of Jim Hopper, in Stranger things, has a unique way of taking care of his mental health… and it has nothing to do with meditation and yoga! “I just need to have fun, eat a cheeseburger and smoke cigarettes,” she said on the podcast. WTF with Marc Maron. If I were writing a book on self-development, I’d say, “Sit down on the couch and play video games.”

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Justin Bieber

The interpreter of impatient he slipped into a depression while on tour in 2017. Two years later, sources said Ontario continued to see various mental health professionals. “He’s been struggling with ups and downs, anxiety, depression and uncertainty about his future,” one revealed.

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Jon Hamm

At 20 the interpreter of Don Draper, in mad Men, needed medication to overcome chronic depression after his father’s death. “It is possible to change brain chemistry enough to […] reset the counter, to restart the engine,” he said in an interview with The observer.

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Janet Jackson

“When it comes to happiness, I’m no expert,” the late Michael Jackson’s sister said of his mental health. The interpreter of Rhythm nation often flirts with depression.

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Brooke Shields

The postpartum depression she suffered in 2003, after the birth of her daughter Rowan, nearly made her do the worst. “In the end, I fought and survived,” she said when she accepted an award from the Hope for Depression Research Foundation.

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