take the general culture test 2023

take the general culture test 2023

take the general culture test 2023

MISS FRANCE 2023. Currently in Guadeloupe, the candidates of Miss France have complied with the general knowledge questionnaire. Will you do better than the regional Misses? Take the test!

[Mis à jour le 24 novembre 2022 à 10h31] The Miss France candidates flew to Guadeloupe on Nov. 21 for the traditional pre-election night trip. Two days after their arrival, they complied with the traditional general knowledge questionnaire. This is particularly important for designating your favourite: in fact, the result is certainly not eliminated, but remains taken into consideration for the pre-selection. The candidates with the lowest votes could see their position among the 15 finalists compromised.

The young ladies had 1h30 to answer the 40 questions of the 2023 general culture test, which also included questions about written expression in English. As reported by Paris Match, Diane Leyre, current Miss France, also lent herself to the exercise, just like Sylvie Tellier. Of the candidates present, Miss Normandy was the first to return her copy. Before you know the top 3, also do the general knowledge questionnaire below. If the test does not appear, click here.

Miss France is shifting into second gear before the big night on 17 December 2022. Behind the scenes, the elections are preparing and the organizers have unveiled the official portraits of the 30 candidates for 2023. The public can already nominate their favorites before the night of the elections. Discover the official portraits of the candidates for Miss France 2023 below.

All about Miss France

Miss France elections will take place on the 17th December 2022, at MACH 36 in Châteauroux. Guadeloupe will host the preparatory trip this year at the end of November, before the national election night broadcast on TF1 at the end of the year. Miss France 2023 is currently under preparation, now that all contestants are known.

Sylvie Tellier leaves the Miss France organization

Sylvie Tellier will no longer participate in the organization of Miss France. The former beauty queen announced it on her Instagram account, confirming the information of the Parisian. “It’s the big leap, I have decided to leave the organization of Miss France, with great emotion […] I’m leaving my baby,” she said, with tears in her eyes. Present as leader of the Miss France society and candidate in the elections since 2007, Sylvie Tellier had lived with Geneviève de Fontenay until 2010.

Sylvie Tellier has announced her departure from the organization, without clearly mentioning her reasons. Speaking to Tv Mag, the former Miss France announced her intention to “give a new direction to [sa]career, evoking entrepreneurial desires. “I wanted to quit my job right now, because I didn’t want to launch projects for next year. That will be the role of the new teams. When Geneviève de Fontenay left, I suffered that she couldn’t cut the cord.. .” Sylvie Tellier will be replaced at the helm of the Miss France organization by Cindy Fabre, winner of the beauty pageant in 2005.

Sylvie Tellier’s departure will be gradual. Until the next elections, at the end of December in Châteauroux, you will keep the title of Honorary President of the organisation. The Miss France company explained that this would allow the former beauty queen to “keep a special place in the history of the Miss France pageant”. It will still be an honorary title, given that Cindy Fabre will succeed him in September. Sylvie Tellier will however appear during the Miss France 2023 ceremony, broadcast on TF1 at the end of the year, which she will co-present alongside Jean-Pierre Foucault. Of course you will step down at the end of the election.

Elected on 11 December 2022 at the Zénith de Caen, Diane Leyre became Miss France 2022 after being chosen to represent the Île de France region. In doing so, she takes the place of Amandine Petit, who crowned her herself in front of her audience. Holder of a degree in business administration, Diane Leyre works in a real estate development company in Paris and owns her own fashion label.

Elected Miss France on December 11, 2021, Dianye Leyre is 24 years old and represented the Île-de-France region. She the latter had not won the elections since 1997, the date of birth of the new Miss France. Holder of a degree in business administration, Diane Leyre works in Paris in a real estate development company. Trilingual, Diane Leyre speaks French, English and Spanish equally well, Diane Leyre was educated in Madrid and reads many British novels. At the same time, she is also the head of her own fashion brand. During the election of Miss France, Diane Leyre stood out above all for her fluency in speech and for her eloquent speeches.

If Miss Île-de-France was unanimous among the members of the jury, she was not the favorite of the public. As Gala explains, it was actually Miss Martinique, Floriane Bascou, who won the most votes. Miss Ile-de-France was only third in the hearts of spectators. However, points awarded by the judging panel also count as half. From the first round of voting, Miss Île-de-France had already won fifteen points. As for Martiniquaise, she hadn’t known so much popularity with the jury, which placed her in last place in the ranking of the last five Misses.

The full Miss France 2022 rankings were unveiled on Saturday 11 December 2021. First the top 15, then the top 5, and finally Miss France 2022 and its four runners-up. Check out the full ranking below:

  1. Miss France 2022: Diane Leyre (Miss Ile de France)
  2. First place: Floriane Bascou (Miss Martinique)
  3. Runner-up: Cecile Wolfrom (Miss Alsace)
  4. Third place: Tumateata Bush (Miss Tahiti)
  5. Fourth classified: Youssra Askry (Miss Normandy)
  6. In the top 15: Miss Languedoc-Roussillon, Miss Pays de la Loire, Miss Côte d’Azur, Miss Rhône-Alpes, Miss Lorraine, Miss Reunion, Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Miss Guyana, Miss Corsica, Miss Aquitaine

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