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Emma Thompson, James Cameron, Cécile de France, Sandrine Kiberlain or Puss in Boots… Romantic comedy, big show film, cartoon or portrait of a woman, all tastes are at the cinema in December, with a series of attractive films of all kinds. These are, in our eyes, the most anticipated.

Emma Thompson and Darryl McCormack My dates with Leo by Sophia Hyde.

In My dates with LeoEmma Thompson hires a gigolo

A retired schoolteacher decides to offer herself to the services of an escort boy after her husband’s death… As far as we understand Emma Thompsonsince it is about the crunchy Darryl McCormackspotted in the Apple series Bad sisters. A director behind the camera, a good reputation since its release in England and a sexy cast: this is the spicy romantic comedy we needed to end the year on a high note! (review coming next week)

My dates with Leo by Sophia Hyde (GB-EU, 1h37) with Emma Thompson, Darryl McCormack… Released November 30th.

Puss in boots 2the even smarter swashbuckling cartoon

Here it is, the great holiday cartoon. Visually, Dreamworks has outdone itself and this sequel by The cat with the boots it looks almost even nicer. Drollery, bad spirit, swashbuckling film crossroads with animation for the whole family, we may well hold the ideal entertainment for the end of the year. Which you can always complete with the very French sequel to the adventures of Ernest and Celestine. Who said there were no more children’s films in the cinema?

Puss in boots 2 by Januel P. Mercado and Joel Crawford (EU, 1h42). Cartoon. Released on December 7th.

Ernest and Celestine, the trip to Charabie by Julien Chleng and Jean-Christophe Roger (Fr, 1h19). Cartoon. Released on December 14th.

Avatar, the water wayback to Pandora for James Cameron

A masterpiece for some or a simple technical execution without much originality for others: Avatars always divides. It took 13 years for james cameron imagine, write and develop the rest of his incredible universe. In fact, always trying to innovate and go beyond his limits, the director had to wait to have the technological resources necessary to film the motion capture underwater! Films of all records in 2009, the first part ofAvatars he had already overcome the technological limits of the seventh art with a design and a 3D viewing device subsequently adopted by all cinemas. And if we count on the success of the re-release at the beginning of the year (new historic record at the world box office), the public is definitely ready to return to Pandora to find Sully and Neytiri, but also to discover this new Na’vi tribe that lives around and in the Pandora’s ocean: the Metkayinas. The film event of this end of the year.

Avatar: The Way of Water by James Cameron (EU, 3h10) with Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver… Released on December 14th.

Cecile de France a The passengerHéloïse Pelloquet’s first film.

The passengerthe most beautiful role of Cécile de France

Simple, radiant, Cécile de France is in a state of grace. In The passengerthe first autobiographical film by Heloise Pelloquetplays a woman shared between two men, Gregoire Monsaigeon (charismatic like a husband who loves) e Happy Lefebvre (young apprentice really in love, returned fromSummer 85 by François Ozon). A magnificent portrait of a free and sensual woman in which she shines with a thousand lights. Attention: according to the latest news, the release of the film could be postponed to December 28th…

The passenger by Heloïse Pelloquet (Fr, 1h35) with Cécile de France, Félix Lefèbvre, Gérgoire Monsaingeon… Released on December 14th.

Sandrine Kiberlain and Vincent Lacoste, taken aback, inside The Green Perfume by Nicola Pariser.

Le Parfum vert, the crime comedy with Sandrine Kiberlain and Vincent Lacoste

The director ofAlice and the mayor, Nicolas Pariserthrows himself into crime comedy in the style of Mystery of the Yellow Room or Perfume of the lady in black, with a second-rate plot around a Comédie-Française actor murdered by poisoning. The release date at the end of 2022 doesn’t necessarily bode well, but spending part of your vacation on the big screen in the company of Sandrine Kiberlain And Vincent Lacoste it can’t hurt. So…

The Green Perfume by Nicolas Pariser (Fr, 1h41) with Sandrine Kiberlain, Vincent Lacoste… Released on December 28th.

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