Occupation: Look for signs of a toxic corporate culture right from the job description

If you’re looking for a new job, it might be because you’re up for a challenge, can’t stand your boss, or are looking for more challenging work experience.

Your reasons for changing jobs may be different than your co-worker’s, but the fact remains that everyone hopes their new employer will be better than their last, albeit in different ways. However, regardless of industry, role or level, everyone is trying to avoid a toxic work environment.

But how do you know if a workplace is toxic? You can do some research, talk to people who have worked there or are currently working there, or read the job description carefully and see if any of the red lights listed below come on.

There are some phrases that should be considered red flags.

1. “You will wear many hats”

If a job description says successful candidates will be required to wear multiple hats, it usually means the team as a whole is understaffed. You are hired for your expertise in a field and while no one is reluctant to help out during busy periods, going beyond your role and the duties you are assigned over the long term is not the solution. It’s a recipe for burnout.

2. “We are a family”

Your colleagues are not your family. While everyone wants to get along with their colleagues and have a pleasant work environment, the very notion of business is built on boundaries. If a job description mentions a “family” environment, that’s a red flag that you’ll be called upon to go the extra mile over and over again. It also indicates an environment where it is very difficult for workers to say no.

3. “Dynamic Environment”

Some industries are inherently fast-paced, but if a business describes itself as such, it usually means there isn’t enough time to do their work because the demands are too high. This toxic cycle continues when you work overtime to complete tasks and then are unable to restore a work-life balance without impacting your performance.

4. “Competitive salary and benefits, depending on profile”

While not necessarily a “red flag,” statements regarding competitive salaries and benefits that aren’t explained in the job description should be noted for discussion during a call with a recruiter or during the hiring phase.

For every job you decide not to apply to because of red flags in the job description, there are hundreds of other companies that are focused on treating their people right, providing real benefits, continuing education, and generous financial and compensation plans. not financial. We’ve done some of the hard work by highlighting three of the best companies below.

Senior Project Manager, Valeo

The role: As a Senior Project Manager at Valeo, you will revolutionize the comfort and well-being of car passengers.

Responsibility: You will be responsible for achieving key performance indicators for designated projects in terms of profitability, production quality and readiness whilst resolving any project related issues that require assistance.

Requirements: At least 10 years experience in a similar position, with proven experience as an OEM application project manager and knowledge of development standards. You will also be rigorous and have good leadership to run a functional organisation

Apply for the Senior Project Manager position or view all available vacancies at Valeo.

Underwriting adviser, AXA, Nanterre

The role: The advisory underwriter will join the underwriting team, bringing his experience in different commercial activities.

Responsibility: You will be responsible for the study and risk assessment in compliance with technical rules and regulations and for the design of solutions adapted to the client’s specifications, proposing suitable solutions.

Requirements: You will need to be a Bac+5 higher education graduate in insurance, actuarial science or statistics and have three years experience in pricing and drafting bespoke contracts.

Apply for the Consulting Underwriter position or view all available opportunities on AXA.

Head of Professional Affairs, BNP Paribas

The role: As a Professional Business Manager, you will provide consultancy and commercial support to agencies and clients who will rely on your experience.

Responsibility: You support clients by defining their goals and needs, before offering them suitable financial products to optimize the management of their assets.

Requirements: You are a Bac+2 to Bac+4 graduate, with at least three years of commercial experience, including one year in B2B banking, managing a dedicated client portfolio.

Apply for the position of Professional Business Manager or explore all opportunities at BNP Paribas.

Dozens of companies are currently recruiting across all industries and at all levels on NextPit’s Jobs page – check out all the opportunities now. This article was written by Aisling O’Toole.

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