The C1, Messi, Mbappé, Campos, PSG… Galtier confides

Arrived last summer on the PSG bench, Christophe Galtier has been living a daydream for a few months. The 56-year-old French coach remains undefeated with Rouge & Bleu and has been able to adapt to his new environment.

After a complicated year 2021-2022 at a sporting level despite a tenth French champion title, the PSG has decided to give new impetus to its sporting project. Exit Leonardo And Maurice Pochettino. The two elders of PSG gave way to Luis Camposports consultant, e Christophe Galtier, new coach of Rouge & Bleu. And for this new adventure, the former Inter coach OGC Nice first discovered a locker room full of stars. In this period of international break due to the world Cupthe coach of PSG gave an interview to the Spanish newspaper brand. He talks about his invincibility streak, his locker room fit, his philosophy, the Champions League and the future of Lionel Messi And Kylian Mbappe. Selected extracts.

Unbeaten since the start of the season

“When you are the coach of the PSGWe must have this ambition, always with great humility, but I’m in a club with top-level players and there’s this obligation of results. I immediately saw the potential of the team and the determination of my players to have an excellent first part of the season. But this is no coincidence. It is the result of a lot of hard work and the performance of my technical and medical team and of course my players. »

Improve the defensive sector

“The team I have has a very offensive character. And my thought is this: we have to score goals. the PSG it’s an international showcase with world-class players and the first thought I had when I arrived was to create an atmosphere where the player feels they can score goals. We conceded too many goals Champions League (7 goals). Obviously, there is a level difference between the Champions League and our league. But if we want to go far Champions League, we need to improve our defensive level. »

The tactical importance of a coach who arrives on the PSG bench

“When you get to PSG and that you are a French manager without a great international track record, you need to gain legitimacy very quickly. This legitimacy is based on two aspects: the first is what you will bring tactically, and you must not be wrong in what you offer because you have players who have a very high level of tactical knowledge. The second aspect is the human relationship with the group. There are eight or nine players of very, very high level, not just four (referring to him Neymar Jr, Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe And Sergio Ramos). I must have a lot of one-on-one exchanges with them. I’ll give you an example. I relied heavily on television. Today there are many player reports on the different platforms. I relied on these reports to get to know them better. For example with Mbappe. I knew Kylian in the French league, I played against him, I watched his matches… But there’s the player and there’s the man. If you know the player and forget the man, it won’t work. The whole world knows this Messi, Neymar And Ramos as players. But to save time, I started watching documentaries about them to know what the man is like, how he lives, his story, how he grew up, his career and how he became an international star. »

His discussion with Luis Campos to tell him to join PSG

“When Luis told me about this possibility [sourires], I was like, ‘Uff. Is fantastic’. We talked for 5 or 6 minutes, no more, I think he wanted this conversation not to be long. When I hung up, turned on airplane mode, looked for my wife and said, “Honey, come here, we need to talk.” I spoke to my wife and she only asked me one question: ‘Do you feel strong enough to accept this challenge?’. I told him I didn’t know if I was strong enough to accept it, but if I didn’t accept it I had to withdraw. Because having the opportunity to coach this great club with these players only comes once in a lifetime. The next thing she said to me was, ‘Do you realize that your life will change?’ I hadn’t thought about it, but it has changed (…) For a club to be successful, I think there must always be a good relationship between three people: the president, his sports advisor and the coach. . It is essential. I think that with Luis we are each in our area of ​​expertise, but that we are both free to discuss and share our opinions. »

A long process to win the Champions League?

“Winning the Champions League it is not the sum of the association of big players or very expensive players. Of course, to win the Champions Leagueyou must have great players, but you don’t win the Champions League putting the ten best players in a team (…) It’s quite a process. It is through failures that we learn. We analyze so as not to repeat the same mistakes and try to improve. These painful experiences that the PSG The crossroads must lead to a global reflection of the club: we have made these human mistakes and next year we will not be able to repeat the same ones. It’s the experience when there is a failure, because the team has the greatest ambition, which is to win Champions League. »

The future of a PSG coach is still being played out on the Champions League field

“I think it is a mistake to think like that. There are 10 teams aiming to win the Champions League every season and only one succeeds. And then, the other nine who failed, should their coaches be fired? No (…) But I insist, there are several examples. Athletic he reached the final twice and when he didn’t win the club kept believing Simon and in its sports project. It’s the same for Pep Guardiola. They haven’t won yet, but the club still believes in their ideas. I think it would be a mistake to change the sports design of the PSG if he doesn’t win Champions League. I think it’s a process, obviously not a 10 year process, but what we don’t have to do is if we don’t win this year, we’re going to change everything! In PSG, with my arrival and that of Luis it was defined as a sports project. A project defined by the president, and this nuance is very important. At the end of the season there will be an analysis (…) The analysis must be done on the daily work of an entire season, and if this work puts us on the right track. This is how things should be analyzed. »

How he manages the ego of his three attacking stars

“For me, ego is something pejorative. I prefer to talk about personalities. And there’s no great champion without a great personality. And for envy and jealousy, no problem. It is not true. I see him every day in training. The players you mention are still together and they all want to be successful. And everyone knows they need everyone to achieve that success. When I chat with Leo, with Neymar or with Kylian, I never talk about others. That would be a mistake for me, because they are complementary but different. We have Leo who is 35 and to me he is the greatest player in the history of football. We have Neymarwho is 30 years old and who has also made a career Brazilto Barcelona it’s at Paris, and Kylian who is the greatest product of French football. It came out of ParisHe went to monk and returned and stayed a Paris. Everyone has their own trajectory and they need each other. »

Can we see a less efficient Messi after the World Cup?

“We can’t know, why think? That would mean they have only prepared for the world Cup ? I can’t think that. They set up to be good at the start of the season with the PSG. I do not think that Messi will have a different motivation after the world Cup. Messi can he stay? PSG ? There are many parameters. The first is his desire, he wants to continue PSG, are you happy here? The first thing to know is if he wants to continue. »

Mbappe’s future?

“It’s the same situation as Leo. When a player is happy in a place, he has no reason to leave it. To be happy, you have to have fun. As long as the player enjoys himself on the pitch and feels that he is in a team that can win and face great challenges, he has no reason to leave. He is happy PSG ? Yes of course. It’s guaranteed. »

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