LIVE – Ligue 1: Neymar and Mbappé should play against Strasbourg

Neymar and Mbappé should play at PSG-Strasbourg

Will Neymar and Kylian Mbappé be fit against Strasbourg on Wednesday night (21:00)? The trend is for the presence of the two PSG stars for the resumption of Ligue 1. Both the Brazilian and the French should have time to play, although a final decision will only be made after training on Tuesday.

Mbappé has been participating in the collective sessions of PSG since last Wednesday, Neymar since Thursday. A full point was made by the medical staff upon their return. Some of this medical staff were even in Doha during the World Cup to observe the capital’s club’s players.

Both strikers want to keep up the pace and are eager to move on after the World Cup. They want to dive back into their club season with their sights set on the Champions League round of 16 against Bayern (to be held on 14 February).

As for Lionel Messi, the date of recovery has not yet been set. The world champion is still enjoying his holidays in Argentina. To date, “la Pulga” has not made any request to present the World Cup at the Parc des Princes to the public.

Guendouzi and Veretout have resumed training with OM

Two new globalists are back, on the side of Marseille. Eight days after the World Cup final, Mattéo Guendouzi and Jordan Veretout resumed training with OM on Monday. The Marseille club will host Toulouse on Thursday evening in Ligue 1 (21:00).

CB extension

White on Martinez’s celebrations

“This is human nature. Everyone is different. Afterwards you have to know how to channel yourself into the celebrations, it’s not like that for everyone”.

White on the World Cup final

“I think the Argentines played very well. They were very good, it’s one of their best games, with a very good player but that’s no surprise. With ten Argentines who knew how to run and make an effort for him because they knew he could win them From the first to the last match they played like this thinking that Messi could help them win the World Cup, and they were right. France could have been world champions but Argentina is not undeserved about the match.”

White on refereeing the World Cup

“In the beginning the VAR had to solve many problems, I find that this is not the case. I find that we reported the problem in a closed room with 3 or 4 people. I find that we are putting a lot of emphasis on the central referee. The actual time and Red cards? Honestly right now I’m not thinking about all of that, I’m focusing on the work that needs to be done here. If we’re going to move towards a football that is all locked up, we’re going to get bored.”

White on the influence of Lacazette

“I also hope (that it will have more influence). It’s up to them to take the lead of this group and take them where we want to take them.”

White on Tolisso

Il est sur le bon chemin. Il a subi énormément de blessures qui lui ont attaqué le moral. he has.”

White on group mentality

“He lacks character. Tagliafico? Ah Nico… When you attack you attack strong, when you defend you defend strong. He’s a player who has that mentality. When building a group you have to add the individual qualities of each one.”

White on the areas he wants to improve

“I think you have to improve the team and the group. You have to make sure you put your stamp on this group, but also get players who are football-minded who can gain you ground and save you time. What role? It depends on the quality. The technical quality, the experience. When we say that we lack experience behind it, that’s the truth. It’s not a bad thing for my group, it’s “It’s a fact. I have my right back who is 19 years old. and my two stoppers who are 20 and 21 years old. It’s not about making excuses, it’s a reality.”

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White on Textor

“Mr. Textor bought the club but for the moment I haven’t discussed with him and from what I know I don’t know if he has come to Lyon.”

White on the market window

“I hear huge mistakes, to say the least, saying that I demand it. Nothing at all. I tell my president, my sporting director, that if we want to achieve our goals, we have to improve the group. We talk and apparently they are very receptive because they are d ‘agree with me.”

White on the cut

“It allowed us to have a little more time to get to know each other, to implement certain work rules. It didn’t go against us. But only the second half will tell if it helped us. The race for points starts on Wednesday.”

White on the competition

“Preparation is good, but I miss the competition, we miss it. It’s the life of a top player.”

white on trust

“There are players who are slowly returning to their initial form, but they may not be ready to take on the role of team leader. I hope they will be ready soon because we need technical leaders on the pitch.”

White on mood

“There are many things to do, to update, to put into practice above all. We can work on the mood, we can improve it, change it. But the nature of people is difficult to change. This group must be going through something important. I told them it didn’t translate into matches, but the preparation went very well. I made preparations for that, there are always little problems, there weren’t any. There was this mood of working, of wanting to make up for this physical delay. It’s been overcome, so come on, forget it, play. You’re wrong, fine, but at least play. We do it in training, I don’t see why I wouldn’t do it in matches. This block in matches, I have difficulty We try to fight it but they have to let go, honestly.”

White on what injuries change

“It can change my plans yes. Above all, we have to find efficiency. We don’t give more importance than that to the system. I’m sure it’s the animation of the system that does everything. We go to Brest with ambitions in the game. But it’s true that not having all our full-backs available, which… I wouldn’t say the word but you know what I think.”

White on the wounded

“Malo Gusto, we have recently lost him in my opinion, even if we have to be careful about his recovery. He is under the control of the medical staff, but he is already giving up on Brest and Clermont. He has a program to follow, we are in a process that is not in the short term. We have Nicolas Tagliafico who is not injured but became world champion, I take this opportunity to congratulate him, he is fantastic. He will definitely be back on January 1st, because he is getting married on the 28th. This guy has a lot to celebrate and I hope “He will return to us in good shape. Henrique, we are very careful but it will be very fair to recover him. Jérôme Boateng is in the rehabilitation phase and I hope that from the beginning of January he will be operational. It is understood that we have some problems but the situation requires it. We have a problem behind us but we will play with a defence.”

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Caqueret on the podium gap

“I don’t think we’ll look at European places. We’ll take match after match, winning, that’s how we’ll get back to the top. Little by little, we can talk about European places and the Champions League again if possible. When you get to know the Lyon club, “He’s not in his place. But we didn’t do the right things to bring him there. It’s a second part of the season that will be very intense. We’ll make him give everything to get the club back to where it should be.”

Caqueret on how to translate progress into games

“Beyond the physical and technical level, it’s a question of desire and aggression. If we can transmit it on every ball from training to the match, it will unleash a soul in the team and we will be better.”

Caqueret on OL’s progress during preparation

“It’s very complicated for us, honestly. We see the progress in attitude, in training. It was very frustrating after the friendlies because we didn’t give everything. We still lacked this aggression, this desire to win, when these are things that in this At the moment we often find ourselves in training, this is what makes me say that things will get better and that the championship will be great for us in this second part of the season”.

Caqueret on the match against Brest

“I think we have to forget this first part of the season. Forget in the sense that we were good or bad away, we will do everything to be good away and at home. We know it will be tough in Brest, against a team that needs of points”.

Caqueret on the role of Lacazette

“He joins Coco, he has this role of leader. He is our captain, when he speaks we listen to him. He listens to us too. We have a very good relationship with him”.

Caqueret on the evolution of Tolisso

“Unfortunately Coco had some physical problems but that didn’t stop him from getting back in shape. To train with him every day, I think he’s physically ready. He has that leadership role on and off the pitch. It’s really a possibility to play with he’s going to help me progress, he definitely had this role (of leader) in the end, it’s a role he takes on with a lot of faith and heart, he knows how to say things right. He’s lucky to listen to everyone.”

Caqueret on miscommunication

“We were almost silent on the pitch. It’s difficult to move forward when we don’t talk to each other. Off the pitch we also had discussions, with the players, the staff, the management. We talked about what was happening and also what was wrong, we needed”.

Caqueret that there is better

“You will tell me that the friendlies did not show it, but I will still tell you yes. We have corrected things. We are better in our heads, it was complicated before the break. We feel better “We have more communication, another point that was missing. We feel the change and motivation of the entire workforce.”

Caqueret on preparing for the World Cup

“It’s true that it was different from other years, but it allowed us to work really well. I think we managed to make up for a physical shortcoming. We made two training camps, in Spain and in Dubai. Then we played friendlies which didn’t work out well but let’s keep the positive. Physically we will still work to be 100%, but all this also depends on the succession of matches”.

Caqueret and Blanc in front of the press

Two days after the resumption of Ligue 1, the Olympique Lyonnais coach and Maxence Caqueret will attend a press conference.

The date of Messi’s return is still unknown

World champion with Argentina a few days ago, Lionel Messi is still resting with relatives in the Rosario region. No date has been set for his return to PSG, but he is expected to miss the reception in Strasbourg on Wednesday.

The program of the 16th day

Wednesday 28 December:

3.00 pm:


Ajaccio – Angers



Clermont – Lille

9:00 am.:


Paris SG – Strasbourg

Thursday 29 December:



7:00 pm.:


9:00 am.:

Marseille – Toulouse

Nice – Lens

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