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The brand supports its franchisee

Frederic and Julie Boucard welcome their cooperation with the brand BASIL & CO .which has also finalized other openings such as in Angers. Indeed, on December 14, 2022, they inaugurated their second unit in Angers (Maine et Loire).

Frederic and Julie Boucard restart the experience with BASILIC & CO. In fact, this isn’t their first franchise – they already have an establishment with this network. To carry out a BASILIC & CO project, and if you are new to the world of franchising, it is important to remember some information on how it works. If you are afraid that you lack know-how, don’t worry! The brand, whatever the sector, provides initial training to every newcomer. You will then be ready to manage your store. For any new franchise agreement, whether it is to establish you or to make you known, the brands provide their help.

Focus on the BASILIC & CO franchise

The brand was launched in 2007 and built its reputation in the Pizza, Italian cuisine sector in 2014 thanks to its franchises. The number of BASILIC & CO units is now almost 60 in France. This recent opening in the Pays de la Loire bears witness to this dynamism which has lasted for 15 years. To carry out your project together with BASILIC & CO, a large number of opportunities await you. Don’t worry about the payment of entrance fees or that of the personal contribution, the network offers you its financial partners to assist you in setting up your practice.

Angers’ choice to invest in the Pizza area, Italian cuisine

To be successful in your unit project, it is best to choose the right location. Indeed, competition, potential customers, socio-economic trends… the information relating to the desired installation area allows you to make an informed choice. Some interesting information about Angers:

  • 151,229 inhabitants
  • The majority age range is from 25 to 54 years old
  • Average annual income: €19,194, slightly lower than the national average (€20,520)
  • There are 54.50% of single-person households there.
  • With 13.77% the level of unemployment is clearly higher than the national one.
  • The latest 2019 census showed that 10.51% of its population had left the big city that year
  • There are 88,874 dwellings there.
  • The real estate market reported 3,451 transactions in 2017
  • Landlords make up 31.88% of Angevins against 66.88% of tenants
  • There are 23.82% of houses and 76.18% of apartments in the big city
  • Number of secondary schools: 42
  • There are 2 higher education institutions in Angers
  • The big city has 35 kindergartens and 22 kindergartens
  • There are 2 cinemas and 5 museums in Angers
  • There are 397 sports equipment available
  • The volume of accommodation facilities amounts to 32 establishments
  • The big city has 6 natural spaces
  • 57,613 households in the big city (i.e. 71% have at least one car
  • The department records 15,767 new passenger car registrations in 2020
  • This large city has 21 health facilities
  • In Angers we have access to 2 police stations
  • The number of burglaries in the department is significantly lower than the national average.
  • Companies in the secondary sector: 844 // Companies in the tertiary sector: 8,013

If you’re thinking about opening a BASILIC & CO franchise, here’s what you need to know

For those who are interested in this network and benefit from skills such as those present in the brand’s dedicated profile, do not hesitate any longer and start your process! To ensure its growth, BASILIC & CO rather aims to settle in cities with more than 10,000 inhabitants. If, like Frederic Et Julie Boucard, you are looking to start your project in the Pizza, Italian cuisine sector as a franchisee with peace of mind, take a look at the BASILIC & CO network customized page to find out more.

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