Happy Kenwood plan: more than €400 in gifts for the purchase of a Cooking Chef Experience

You think that preparing good meals takes too much time or too much know-how. Thanks to the Cooking Chef Experience, you will compete with many bistronomic establishments, whatever your level of cuisine or the time you have to cook! And good news: until January 15th, Kenwood is offering you more than €400 in accessories for the purchase of this multifunctional pastry cooker. Hot ahead!

In recent years, multifunction robots for pastry have revolutionized home cooking. Kenwood’s Cooking Chef Experience marks a new milestone in this industry. For 1,499.99 euros, lovers of good home-cooked dishes will finally enter the bistro era. Especially since, until January 15, 2023, Kenwood is offering more than 400 euros in gifts for the purchase of a Cooking Chef Experience.

Between childish use, silence, versatility and power, the Cooking Chef Experience is the safest address for recipes worthy of the best PAF cooking shows. Appetizers, desserts, main courses, soups, pastries, pastries and even drinks, you will always find a recipe to impress your guests or sublimate what is lying in the fridge. Make your choice, follow the instructions displayed on the Touch Screen of the Cooking Chef experience and that’s it. It’s hard to make it easier.

Become a master chef with just one click

Aperitifs, appetizers, soups, dishes, side dishes, tarts, desserts and entremets or even cakes and biscuits, the Cooking Chef Experience fears no recipe and no palate. A versatility that it owes, in particular, to its numerous accessories. With over €400 in freebies, until 15 January 2023 for the purchase of a Cooking Chef Experience, you’ll be spoiled for choice when deciding on your menus and creating them quickly and easily.

The Kenwood Cooking Chef Experience robot.


The integrated scale ensures that the proportions are perfectly respected and limits the clutter of your kitchen. The 1,500 watt motor mixes, kneads or cuts ingredients and preparations in total silence. As for the induction hob, it delivers temperatures ranging from 20 to 180°C, allowing all cooking modes.

Induction for 100% controlled cooking.

In the kitchen, the temperature and the cooking method are crucial for the success of a recipe. Thanks to its induction cooking system, Cooking Chef Experience replaces a rice cooker, a fryer, a wok, a saucepan, a steamer or, simply, a saucepan. Something to sear, grill, simmer or cook on a low heat for a result worthy of the utmost.

Especially since thanks to the reactivity of induction, which stops heating as soon as the temperature is restored and the absence of residual heat, you will never be afraid of overcooking or, worse, burning whatever it is.

Connected and scalable

A color touch screen equips the Cooking Chef Experience. Naturally, it will allow you to control robot functions such as weighing, speed, timer, temperature and programs in one step. Faithful to the spirit of modularity of the Cooking Chef Experience, the screen interface can be customized as desired for greater ease of use.

Finally, thanks to the application Kenwood world, you will enjoy hundreds of step-by-step guided recipes. Sweet, savoury, quick, simple or complex, you will surely find what you are looking for. You can also share your favorite recipes with the community.

Accessories for all uses

In addition to the pastry kit and kitchen kit, the Cooking Chef Experience comes with a multifunction bowl and a Thermo Resist blender. The first has knives and six discs for grating and mincing. The second prepares velvety soups, soups, stews and other hot soups in less time than you can tell.

If we add the thirty optional accessories, the Cooking Chef Experience is, without a doubt, the multifunctional pastry robot that most deserves this name. And with €400 free, until 15 January 2023, the Cooking Chef Experience is, at the end of the year, the best gift for cooking lovers.

The Cooking Chef Experience is available on Kenwood.fr at the price of €1,499.99 and, until January 15, 2023, take advantage of over €400 in freebies when purchasing a Cooking Chef Experience.

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