In Rennes, the renovated workshop hid a treasure from the famous mosaicist Odorico

When the managers, Ibrahim Ikhlef and Eva, his wife, bought the disused premises previously occupied by a pharmacy, the extent of the work did not escape them. We had to redo everything, redistribute the space, create a kitchen, design a chic and warm decor. ​When it came to redoing the floor, a nice surprise awaited them: A magnificent mosaic appeared before our amazed eyes.

Discovered new sumptuous mosaics by Odorico, in a renovated shop in the center of Rennes. | PHOTO: WESTERN FRANCE

A discovery “by chance”

Information taken, this treasure that was sleeping under the carpet is in fact signed Odorico. This Italian family has left its mark on the city, making Rennes the mosaic capital of the Great West. Swimming pools, halls of construction, baths, and even the sublime villas of the Costa Smeralda, are at least 700 Odorico decorations in 112 cities of the West, of which a hundred in Rennes.

“In fact, we made this discovery by accidentsays Eve. It was about three weeks ago, the work was nearing completion. And two Odorico experts walked past the 1930s building, thinking that the mosaics could really be by the famous Italian mosaicist. And indeed! »

The managers think they know that one of the experts is none other than Daniel Enocq, a specialist in the works of the Odorico family and the bringer of hidden treasures throughout the Great West. He remains convinced that there are still many mosaics to be discovered, the proof …

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Boulevard de la Duchesse-Anne is an immense work in three colors (light blue, white, brown), in full Art Deco style, the pride of the Maison Madeleine, so called in homage to an iron box preciously kept in the family: This grandma’s sweetness can now be enjoyed on site at any time of day.

Under the carpet, the managers of the Maison Madeleine have brought to light the mosaics of Odorico, boulevard de la Duchesse-Anne, in Rennes. | WEST FRANCE

A grocery store nearby

We want to be a local grocery store, offering both everyday food for all budgets and exceptional gastronomy-oriented products.​ With an emphasis on organic, fair trade, gluten free or vegan products and around 350 references :“Soups, sauces, spreads, jams, spices…”list the managers, who ensure the “ taste, origin, quality of the products and their manufacture”.

Also noteworthy is a bulk corner (flour, pasta, dried fruit, cereals), a cheese department and wood-fired artisan bread.

In the sweets section you will find everything for breakfast and afternoon tea: shortbread biscuits, biscuits, macaroons and of course the madeleines, the safe haven of the house.

The shop also has a tasting corner, a Parisian café atmosphere. Our cook prepares homemade and seasonal dishes. You can then have an à la carte lunch and choose between two first courses, two second courses and two desserts. Three-course menu, from €20. This service is an opportunity to highlight the products of our grocery store and also to have a gourmet break all afternoon.

Madeleine House, 59, boulevard de la Duchesse-Anne, 35,000 Rennes. Open from Monday to Saturday, from 10:00 to 19:30, all day long. Contact: tel. 02 99 38 17 61 or

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