Pays de Lunel: the pediatrician will be able to practice at the Saint-Just Health Centre

Regional Health Agency head Didier Jaffre confirmed to MP Patrick Vignal on Friday 23 December 2022 that a derogation would be granted to the Lunelloise facility.

Things didn’t drag on. Less than forty-eight hours after the joint outburst of the doctors of the Maison de santé de Saint-Just and the district deputy on the hiring of a pediatrician who has been unable to practice for several months, a solution has been found.

This was confirmed on Friday 23 December by the director of the regional health agency (ARS) Didier Jaffre and the ad interim departmental director of the ARS Pascal Durand to the deputy Patrick Vignal, received at the headquarters of the agency in Montpellier, in the presence of Free lunch. “The Saint-Just pediatrician’s problem is solved”launched Didier Jaffre.

Indeed, in a sense, the Maison de santé lunelloise, one of the first inter-professional companies of outpatient care (Sisa) in France, has undergone the plaster. “Starting from 2021, the year in which the Sisas were established, a decree was in fact issued to allow subordinate work in these structures, but the National Order of Doctors considered that this decree was not precise enough as regards the specialist doctors”explained the director of ARS.

A “subterfuge” to exercise for the pediatrician

Pending the drafting of this additional decree, Didier Jaffre and the president of the Hérault medical order Philippe Cathala have agreed to implement a process derogating from the 2021 ordinance on the Sisa. “We had to act quickly so that this pediatrician did not go elsewhere. She will therefore be an employee of one of the general practitioners of the facility”said the director of ARS.

A responsiveness welcomed by Deputy Patrick Vignal: “The ARS has supported the Maison de santé de Saint-Just from the very beginning. The rapid implementation of this derogation demonstrates that solutions can be found immediately when acting locally”said the MP.

For his part, the director of the ARS has asked for the opening “the possibility of experimenting with the provision of care at a regional level, to see how, together, we can do better”. Especially since in the region the ARS does not hide that the gap between this offer and the increase in needs is growing.

It also presupposes a proactive policy: the ARS has asked to be able to benefit from 160 additional trainees which would be added to the current 600 and supports all forms of collaboration. The Agency supports in particular nursing homes, local professional communities, etc. “Here is the power to say yes”summed up Didier Jaffre, entrusting his desire to develop the installation of scanners and MRIs in the regional territory. “There’s a real need for people to get diagnosed. These tools today are comparable to conventional radio in the 1970s.”

“Tense Situation on Lunel”

The Ars boss also returned to the tense situations of the moment. In particular, the closure for emergencies at the Via Domizia clinic in Lunel this last Christmas weekend. “Unfortunately, the situation is not specific to Lunel. I appealed to mutual responsibility, underlined Didier Jaffre. Clinics are struggling to recruit emergency physicians. Private doctors must guarantee a minimum of care, otherwise the emergency room explodes ”.

But the director also praised “everyone who is on deck at this time” and recalled that all patients who do not come from emergencies must call 15. Didier Jaffre acknowledged: “In the Lunel area the situation is tense, especially as the overcrowding in emergencies is also linked to the problem of closed beds downstream mainly due to a lack of nurses.

But, with optimism, the director of ARS also underlined: “What is interesting in this territory is that all health professionals come together to find solutions and benefit from a response to requests for care”.

“The 15 M€ for the Lunel hospital are there”

Didier Jaffre wanted to reassure about the financing of the reconstruction of the old hospital of the Republic at the health center. “The 15 million euros announced during the Ségur de la santé by Prime Minister Jean Castex are there. We need to hurry. It started well and it will happen. We don’t talk about this”.indicated the director of the ARS to the deputy Patrick Vignal.

More generally, Didier Jaffre insisted: “People are often worried, but a lot is happening” taking the example of the health system review: “Here we are. The 3rd circular means 15 billion euros for hospitals and for us in Occitania, just under 200 million euros. It is unprecedented support from the state. We must rethink how it works, stop compartmentalizing and continue reconstructions”.

In this field Didier Jaffre indicated that his priority was “Montpellier University Hospital”.

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