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Just three days after the Italian defeat in the 2022 World Cup final, Kylian Mbappé had already returned to training at Paris Saint-Germain. The Frenchman simply said no to his ten days off. And yet, there was much better to do than find the Camp des Loges so early…

  • A real estate trip to Madrid As his Real Madrid signing is an open secret, Kylian Mbappé could be forward-thinking. The PSG striker already speaks perfect Spanish, but not everything is fixed for him in the Madrid capital. While waiting for the golden contract that Florentino Pérez will finally offer him, Kyks and his clan could take advantage of this welcome break to visit some properties. In Madrid all attention is on Benzema and Messi to hit. With cap and mask, Mbappé will go unnoticed to afford a nice T4 halfway between Valdebebas and the Bernabéu. This will always be a win for next summer.

  • Becoming a story agent of CR7 is worthy of a good Disney, but after all, the Christmas season is always full of magic. Yes, if he wanted, Kylian Mbappé could take advantage of these ten days to save the man who covered his childhood room: Cristiano Ronaldo. Eliminated in the quarter-finals of a World Cup during which he became Portugal’s substitute again – humiliation…-, the Portuguese is also unemployed since his hasty departure from Manchester United. And his CV is no longer enough for him to recover. The proof: Eintracht Frankfurt also rejected it. Well, at the same time, the club tastes like sausages, and it’s hard for CR7 to undermine Kolo Muani. But back to our sheep: Kylian Mbappé would do well to play the heroes. PSG sporting director – we remember – Kyks could thus attract CR7 to the Parco dei Principi to replace Neymar, who will no longer play this season, as we know, and annoy Messi in passing, to take revenge in the final. A perfect shot.

  • Looking into pension reform Scoring three goals in the World Cup final to seduce the French is good. He’s even better than Zidane and his two pawns in 1998, who looked great. But if Kylian Mbappé really wants to put his money in his pocket, we’ll have to get serious and get out of the green rectangle. To truly achieve unanimity, and become the contemporary Joan of Arc, Kyks has no choice: he has to save our pensions. After all, does the tenant of the Elysée eat from her hand and politicize her royal proximity? – with him. So why wouldn’t Mbappé return the favor? This would give Elisabeth Borne the opportunity to wear a slightly less contemptuous shirt. And then Mbappé could retire at 35 to definitively eclipse Messi and CR7. Nobody will complain about it.

  • Conversion to genre cinema No need to delve into it, his record speaks for itself.

  • Driving trains While the “mean and cruel” employees of the SNCF defend their last rights as best they can by going on strike, the rest of the country beats them up as selfish. To put an end to all this, you can take the Intercités (wait, it’s a gift), or place an order with the fastest locomotive in France. With the Kylian High Speed ​​Train (KGV), no more delays – get ready to arrive much faster than expected. And then it will be good for the Parisian striker’s cardio.

  • Go on vacation anyway Kylian Mbappé is a child of Greater Paris, which influenced him before he influenced the world. Greater Paris is his home and we understand why he feels comfortable spending his holidays there. But nothing obliges him to go to the Camp des Loges for this. There are plenty of activities to distract you while you’re at home. What if Kylian takes the opportunity to take a dip in the Aquaboulevard, after going to the nearby Pokémon card exhibition? The next day, he could stroll through the Christmas market before going to see the Christmas windows of the Galeries Lafayette. The latest exhibition at the Cité des Sciences is also a success, not to mention the shows on Parisian stages, walks in the Meudon forest or a good old-fashioned escape game in the heart of the Latin Quarter. This will be the occasion to book your place at the Pantheon.

  • Go hear Daniel Lauclair
    Six years already. Since this moment of television cult, Daniel Lauclair has retired, while Kylian Mbappé has taken off. Without ever thanking the France 2 journalist for making it clear with this totally voluntary double slip, of course. It must be said that the mastery of the language was his forte. And it is undoubtedly thanks to him that Mbappé is already fluent in Spanish. So a little visit wouldn’t be too much, Mr. Kyks. You have to know how to thank people.

  • Dinner with Emiliano Martinez Brilliant on penalties, Emiliano Martinez is even better in another area: chambering. And there, the guy who was a ten-year substitute at Arsenal has no limits. Would you dare to parade for four hours with a child in the image of a man who put you four pawns in the World Cup final? Well, Dibu, he has no problem with that. And if that irritates a part of France that quickly forgot the Belgians’ chamber here in 2018, Kylian Mbappé may feel insulted. After all, if Martinez had chambered Coman, Tchouaméni or Kolo Muani, there would have been a logic… But King Mbappé, from the height of his 24 years, is above all this. And to prove it, he should invite Dibu Martinez to dinner in Paris. He could talk to him about what it’s like to play in the Champions League.

  • Changing sport Signed for an institution made up of a double city name, Mbappé knows how to do it. But after Paris Saint-Germain, it’s a little further south that the Bondy boy should go to clear his head. To do this, go to Paris-Dakar 2023, which starts in early January, in Saudi Arabia. Since Kyks is at home on the Arabian Peninsula, you might as well stick around to perform there and let his burst of speed speak for itself. He will succeed there what Luc Alphand failed to do, and will follow in the footsteps of other temporarily converted legends (Michael Jordan, Florent Manaudou …). It is doubted whether he has an ecological conscience after the earth-veil gate, but if he wants to opt for the sports of his time, Roland-Garros and the Tour de France are still waiting for a French winner from the 80s.

  • Becoming CM of KB9 It has not escaped anyone: Kylian Mbappé is not only a great footballer, he is also an outstanding communicator. His uncontrolled exits are rare. Which is not the case with Karim Benzema lately. However, as a fan of the Real Madrid establishment and contender for the Ballon d’Or that KB9 has just lifted, Michelangelo must come to the aid of Bron’s son, who has been in complete disrepair on his goals for a few weeks. King Karim’s increasingly Booba-like communication has come to nip his comeback in recent months. Only one man can save him: the one who said ” Not happy ? Triple » before applying it in the World Cup final.

    By Adrien Hemard-Dohain

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