Tensions in the emergency room: the recommendations of the ARS Pays de la Loire to limit the pressure on hospital services and regulation

In case of health problems,The Agency insists on the need, except in the event of a life-threatening emergency, to consult your own doctor as a priority. To limit contamination and serious forms of certain diseases, it also encourages compliance with barrier gestures and vaccination against Covid-19 and the flu.

Particularly strong tensions in emergency reception and regulation services

The emergency services in the Pays de la Loire region are facing a very high volume of activity at the end of the year due to the three epidemics circulating simultaneously (flu, Covid-19 and bronchiolitis): from 25% to 40% in more activity than the same period last year. At the same time, the number of calls to 15 and 116 117 is also very high and entails long waiting times, with an unprecedented level of medical regulatory activity (+20% to +30% depending on the territory).

This situation forced the ARS to decide to activate the white plans for all health facilities in the region from 16 December, in order to mobilize staff and adapt its organization to guarantee the response to urgent treatment needs.

The ARS wishes to express its gratitude to the fully mobilized staff who are facing unprecedented difficulties. At the same time, the Agency supports the structures to support them in the search for solutions (student solicitation, health reserve, hospital discharge facilities, economic incentive measures, etc.).

What to do in case of health problems?

To limit the pressure on the emergency services, it is essential that the population adopts the correct behavior in the event of a health problem.

If symptoms appear, you should consult your doctor first. In case of absence or impediment of the attending physician, you can go to another doctor’s office, SOS Médecins (at 36 24 (0.15€/min) in the areas covered by this establishment: Nantes and Saint-Nazaire), a home or a health center close to home to make an appointment.

In the evening after 8 pm, on weekends from Saturday to noon and on public holidays, it is possible to reach an on-call doctor by calling 116 117 (or SOS Médecins in the areas covered by this establishment).

This service allows, depending on the situation:

  • receive medical advice by telephone;
  • to be informed on where to consult the nearest on-call doctor;
  • be examined by a doctor on duty or by SOS Medici (in the areas covered by this structure);
  • to be treated in the hospital.

In Maine-et-Loire, Sarthe and the Vendée, the 116 117 also operates during the day (see detailed timetables on our website).

Note: 116 117 only concerns “unscheduled care”, i.e. acute medical problems (pain, infection, minor trauma, mental distress, etc.) that are not life-threatening (malaise, breathing difficulties, neurological disorders, chest pain, severe trauma, etc.).

Do not go to the emergency room before consulting your doctor (by calling 15), because waiting times there can be very long in this period. The competent doctor will evaluate your situation and direct you to the most suitable remedy.

In the event of a life threatening emergency, dial 15.

To protect your health and limit the pressure on hospital services, respect the barrier gestures and get vaccinated against the flu and Covid-19

Limiting contamination and protecting the most vulnerable is essential in this period of strong epidemic circulation a respect barrier gestures, which are effective against both Covid-19 and the flu :

  • Wear a mask it is highly recommended for everyone in closed and crowded places (especially public transport),
  • Frequent hand washing,
  • Regular ventilation of the premises,
  • Coughing or sneezing in the elbow,
  • Use a disposable tissue.

The health protocols (testing, isolation and barrier gestures) must be respected limit the spread of Covid-19.

Finally the Vaccination against flu and Covid-19 is strongly recommended, because it reduces mortality and severe forms. The two vaccinations are fully compatible: the two injections can be performed on the same day. Also, if the two vaccines are not given at the same time, there is no time limit between the two vaccinations.

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