Why does cortisone make your face swell?

When given repeatedly, injected, or taken by mouth, cortisone can cause facial swelling. But how ? Why that? What are the techniques to adopt to avoid having a swollen face? We tell you everything through this article.

Facial swelling results from various mechanisms. It could be the consequence of a poor food hygieneOf genetic heritageof a surgeryOf pituitary gland with tumorOf pathologyOf allergic reaction (angioedema or angioedema). The latter usually occurs following contact with food, poison, feathers or animal hair and/or pollen. In addition to these factors, administration of some corticosteroid drugs can swell the face. This is what we will see through this article.

What corticosteroid drugs can cause facial swelling?

To understand things well, it is essential to define concretely cortisone and corticosteroid drugs.

What is Cortisone?

According to the DCSS Hospital website, cortisone “it is a hormonewhich is secreted by the adrenal glands located above the kidneys. Cortisone is essential for any human organism in the perspective that it is an anti-inflammatory. Moreover, regularly check the metabolic biochemistry of products containing proteins, carbohydrates and even sugars. When a person fails to secrete this hormone, they are said to have adrenal insufficiency. Thus, cortisone will be imitated in the laboratory to be prescribed in medicine to regenerate the adrenal glands on this. It is the latter that scientific doxa will call corticosteroid.

What is a Corticosteroid?

Designed in the laboratory with reference to natural cortisone, corticosteroid is simply a synthetic hormone. If cortisone is a natural hormone, corticosteroid is a synthetic hormone produced in a laboratory. It therefore has the same mission as natural cortisone. However, there are different types of corticosteroids. Some are more effective like prednisolone and prednisone which are frequently used. Why ? Due to their superior anti-inflammatory to other corticosteroids and almost zero side effects. It is therefore due to an improper use of language that the term corticosteroid replaces cortisone. And viceversa. So very clearly, cortisone doesn’t make your face swell. But, when the subject is no longer able to secrete cortisone and is replaced by corticosteroid drugs, this synthetic cortisone tends to swell the face.

What are corticosteroid drugs?

Temporary consumption will not make your face gain weight overnight. However, habitual consumption might have side effects such as facial enlargement. This is what doctors have observed with prednisone, hydrocortisone, prednisolone. The face will swell more quickly if these corticosteroids are combined with drugs containing the Converting enzyme inhibitors (CEI). Because ACE inhibitors will accelerate the accumulation of bradykinin. Gold bradykinin contributes strongly to the actions of the IEC as it is produced thanks to enzymes. This will then generate a buildup of the o peptide substance P and edema. Thus swelling the face. To this end, medicines containing ACE inhibitors are as follows:

  • Zofenopril
  • Lisinopril
  • Quinapril
  • Trandolapril
  • Benazepril
  • Enalapril
  • Perindopril
  • Ramipril
  • Fosinopril.

All of these drugs are known for their high ACE inhibitor content. Their combination with corticosteroids would inevitably cause swelling of the face.

How to lose weight in the face during a cortisone treatment?

In fact, there is no associated remedy that can allow you to waste away from your face during cortisone treatment. However, a very poor diet in the fat, in salt, in the sugar it would be ideal to avoid swelling of the face. Regular physical activity it could also accompany this diet. In the continuity of the plan, please potassium-rich foods like banana, the dried fruitvegetables, a bit of meat, the grains like Lentils. But also, I also prefer high protein foods.

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