can we purify the body and spirit by staying outdoors for a long time in winter?

Everyone knows the benefits of sunlight and heat. By exposing yourself to the sun, you accumulate vitamin D3 and improve your health. If we take a survey with the only question: “Which season do you prefer: summer or winter?” I have no doubt what the answer will be. The number of those who will answer “Summer” will be overwhelming. Everyone has their own preferences, and if you like winter (not sitting for hours in front of the fireplace), you might be able to list a few health benefits of cold weather. For those who are curious to discover them, I wrote this article.

Health benefits of cold: do they exist?

While a cold is always associated with health issues like colds and flu, you might be surprised to learn that it has health benefits, too. You are not a person who fears the cold and you don’t stop exercising outdoors in winter. No need to try to convince yourself that the benefits of cold weather are numerous. The first thing to consider is that viruses do not survive freezing temperatures. If you are one of the sports and movement enthusiasts in general, you are not inclined to hinder your routine even in the bitter cold. To avoid discomfort, find out about the weather before you go out and don’t risk frostbite and severe hypothermia. The right equipment, whether on the ski slope or in the park, should be waterproof and comfortable.

Why is cold good for blood circulation? It is clear that low temperatures make the heart beat faster than usual, and this frequency accelerates blood circulation. Its transport to vital organs occurs quickly and efficiently. Therefore, movement is beneficial and essential in cold weather.

Is it good to be cold?

the health benefits of cold reduce inflammatory pain improve brain function

I just wrote that due to the cold, blood circulation improves. There is a vasoconstriction during which small vessels narrow. Then follows a vasodilatation and the blood goes back and forth in the veins and lymph. This is one of the health benefits of cold weather. Let’s make a parenthesis: we must not remain still for long. So move, move more when exposed to cold temperatures. Body parts vulnerable to cold must be protected. These are the face and hands. If you can wear gloves, don’t leave your face uncovered, but use a homemade scrub suitable for your skin type.

What are the benefits of cold on the body?

what are the benefits of cold on the body exercise exercise low temperatures good equipment

Perhaps you have noticed a difference in the state of your body after training in summer and winter. Similar to putting ice on a wound, cold can reduce inflammation and pain. One study found that runners exposed to cold temperatures recovered faster from workouts. This suggests that exercising in the winter may lead to less inflammation and pain than in the summer.

From what I’ve read, cold weather improves brain function. There is evidence to suggest that our brains work best in cooler temperatures and that the best way for students to learn lessons is in 16°C.

We do not deny that calories are burned in the sauna or in the gym. A curious fact is that cold also increases fat burning. This is due to the activation of “brown fat” in the body, a good fat that can burn other “white” fats. Plus, exercising in cold weather increases your body’s energy expenditure for hours, so you end up burning more calories.

Because some allergies flare up in hot weather, people with hay fever can make better use of the cold for outdoor outings and workouts.

The lack of bugs is a significant asset! Think about how much inconvenience and disease mosquitoes and ticks cause as soon as you feel a rise in temperature. The cold kills them.

Is it good to sleep in the cold? Cold water and its benefits!

what are the benefits of cold on the body sleep well cryotherapy treatment with cold water

Without a doubt yes! The heat is annoying! In winter you fall asleep faster and healthy sleep is guaranteed at a temperature not exceeding 19°C.

Are you looking to improve your well-being and maintain peak performance in all aspects of life? Cold water immersion is the solution. Since the dawn of mankind, cold water therapy has been one of the best tools for achieving optimal health. It is free and available to almost everyone. A media hype has arisen around this type of treatment.

Going back centuries, we can trust the experience of the ancients who practiced natural healing of the body through breathing and cold immersion. Currently, there are many testimonials about the power of cold exposure. Some people say they have overcome “long Covid” and many fears and anxieties in their daily lifestyle.

The main idea behind cold therapy is that by voluntarily exposing yourself to cold stress, you can regulate your nervous system and learn to better manage stress.

Exposure to cold has a number of health benefits to the body’s immune, digestive and circulatory systems.

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