Champions League – JDA Dijon wins against the Greeks of Peristeri

Fourth in the Elite League, JDA Dijon takes a good option in the Basketball Champions League. After a second-place finish in the group stage in the regular season, Jeanne faced Greek side Peristeri in the ‘play-in’. 89-80 victory in this first match of the series, Tuesday 3 January 2023, at the Palais des sports in Dijon, thanks to a great Holston (15 points) and a fantastic McDuffie (27 points). The second game of the series will take place on January 10 (and January 18 for an eventual third game, in Dijon).

The video of the match, point by point

fourth quarter

And it’s over! Jeanne wins 89-80! !

39′ Holston’s pass crosses… THE WHOLE PITCH! Goods in reception, + 2 points (86-78).

39′ Hrovat shooting. 2/2 (84-78).

39′ The smash of the Greeks. “Only” four points clear for Dijon (82-78).

38′ What a match for McDuffie! Phenomenal! +2 (82-76).

38′ Jeanne leads by only four points (80-76).

36′ Hrovat from three points, from far away, superb. Time-out requested by Peristeri (80-74)

35′ Holston combines with McDuffie (22 pts), it’s magic, Palace rejoices! (77-74).

35′ Gavin Ware! (75-74).

34′ Peristeri three points (73-74).

34′ Great work by Hrovat, Dijon takes the lead again (73-71).

33′ This match is far from over. 3 more points for the Greeks, and also two more on the next action! Peristeri draws, time-out requested by the JDA! (71-71)

32′ Two shots for Peristeri, Holston adds two! Still five points ahead in this very undecided game (71-66).

32′ Holston invents things and serves Ware, still five points ahead for Jeanne (69-64).

31′ Holston fails in three points, Greek reply in dunk. But McDuffie lights up from three points and allows Dijon to maintain the gap (67-62).

Fourth and final quarter, here we go again!

Third quarter

30′ +2 launch for the Greeks. McDuffie replies, +2 points. Jeanne leads at the end of this third quarter! Another 10 minutes to go (64-60).

30′ Tempers flare up

30′ Oh what action by David Holston, once again! (62-58).

29′ Jacques Alingue, yes sir! (60-58).

29′ Two shots for the Greeks, 1/2. They draw (58-58).

29′ The Palace lights up… Robin Ducoté too! Recovery, speed and go. The JDA Dijon is back in front! (58-57).

29′ Three shots for Hrovat… 3/3! (56-57).

28′ Holston claims the foul, not heard, but still + 2 points. Peristeri responds immediately to maintain a narrow advantage (53-57).

27′ The JDA punished against (51-55).

26′ Holston for Alingué, the seniors combine! +2 (51-52).

25′ Do it on McDuffie! Three shots… and three out of three successful! (49-52).

24′ +3 points for Peristeri… but Holston responds in the same position, splendid! The Palace sings his name (46-50).

24′ Alingué on the rebuttal, Holston ahead, Krovat in conclusion, bravo, JDA Dijon is approaching! (43-47).

22′ Peristeri scores, McDuffie responds for the JDA, and virulently claims a foul that doesn’t arrive. Technical foul called against him, Nenad Markovic asks him to calm down. Successful throw for the Greeks (41-47).

22′ Come on, Jeanne is recovering in the right direction, thanks to Holston, with three points (39-44).

21′ McDuffie, Dijon’s top scorer (12 points), responds from afar, but Péristéri responds immediately (36-44).

21′ The Greeks score first (34-42).

The players are back, Jeanne has to make up for the (short) delay (34-40). We start again at the Palazzetto dello Sport!

Second quarter

It’s the break, Jeanne is ahead by six points at the interval, nothing is decided. (34-40).

20′ Last three-point shot by the Greeks, it fits! (34-40).

20′ McDuffie shoots, +1! (34-37).

20′ Markis McDuffie denial, three points, bravo! There are 38 seconds left to this second QT, the Greeks ask for a time-out (33-37).

19 Another action concluded by Peristeri. Annoying, with more skill, the JDA Dijon could be ahead (30-37).

19′ The Greeks close strong and widen the distances (30-35).

18 a huge dunk slammed by Peristeri. Too much for the Dijon coach, who asks for a new time-out (30-33).

18′ The two teams surrender blow by blow. Nenad Markovic is beside himself after this action by the Greeks. +2 points for Peristeri, missed throw (30-31).

18′ Jacques Alingué unlocks his counterattack! + 2pt. The foul is obtained, but the throw is completely missed (30-29).

17′ Miro Bilan hurts Jeanne… + 2 points, he gets fouled but misses the shot (28-29).

17′ Peristeri doesn’t give up (28-27).

16′ Very high class action, led by the JDA! The rebound, the comeback, the pass from Holston and Ducoté at the end, it’s all there! (28-25).

15′ Francisco scores three points for Péristéri, the Greeks close (26-25).

14′ Rarely, following a shot from Greco, the ball gets stuck between the glass and the basket! Throw-in for the JDA, but the Peristeri club asks for a time-out (26-22).

14′ What a McDuffie party! (26-22).

13′ The Greeks are getting closer again, Nenad Markovic, Jeanne’s coach, seeing the advance dissolve, asks for a time-out (24-22).

13’+2 for Peristeri, with two shots (24-20).

12 the Greeks score, get fouled, but don’t improve, missing the shot. Jeanne scores against (24-18).

12 Gavin Ware is getting more and more into the racket! +2 and is fouled. His throw was successful, the JDA Dijon accentuates his advantage a little (22-16).

11′ Great percussion by Ducoté, Ware in conclusion (19-16).

We start again for the 2nd quarter!

First quarter

10′ Jeanne ends the first quarter with the lead, in an extremely competitive start to the match (17-16).

9′ Gavin Ware opens his counterattack and allows Dijon to take the lead again. The Greeks answer, Hrovat too (17-16).

9′ Nice move by McDuffie for Jeanne! Try the three points, the ball hits the window, but it’s already falling under the basket. Automatic assistance (13-14).

8′ Peristeri pushes Dijon into a foul, and the score gets worse (11-14).

7′ Very tight start to the match, but the club from the suburbs of Athens takes the lead again (11-12).

6′ Calmly Bilan passes his two passes to Peristeri (11-10).

5′ Not even five minutes, and Holston is already on fire for the JDA! + 3 points. The Greeks answer (11-8).

4 Hrovat passes two shots and JDA Dijon passes for the first time in the game (8-6).

4′ Inaccuracies on both sides, then Brembly allows Jeanne to equalize! (6-6).

2′ The gap narrows, thanks to McDuffie (4-6).

1′ Peristeri, who sets off at a great pace from three points, takes the lead at the start of the match (2-6).

20:00 Let’s go!

20:00 The starting quintets of the JDA Dijon: Holston, Brembly, McDuffie, Ware, Hrovat. Rousselle, Loum and Simon are injured.

19:45 Welcome everyone! Between the two in fifteen minutes at the Palazzetto dello Sport. Players from both teams are currently warming up.

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