Our 10 most popular recipes of 2022 [Palmarès Salut Bonjour]

It is clear that your appetite for our recipes has not dried up! Many of you have visited our site to look for a recipe, created by one of our starred chefs. Of all the recipes we showed you on TV, here are the ones you cooked the most in 2022!

Every morning, our chefs present you with new recipes. The enthusiasm for our cooking segment is so great that we have chosen to launch a recipe book in the fall of 2022. You will find the favorite recipes of all our team members!


1. Sauteed Shrimp Linguine, Bruschetta, Chardonnay Pesto & Crispy Chorizo

In January 2022, our chef Jean-François Plante concocted this appetizing dish of linguine with prawns. This recipe was so appreciated by you, dear listeners, that this year it was the most consulted.

Complete recipe: Sautéed Shrimp Linguine, Bruschetta, Chardonnay Pesto and Crispy Chorizo


2. Pork tenderloin with mustard and maple syrup

Sometimes a great recipe doesn’t have to be complex. Our chefs offer dishes for large receptions, but also for last-minute impromptu dinners. Such is the case with this pork tenderloin recipe with mustard and maple syrup.

Complete recipe: Pork tenderloin with mustard and maple syrup


3. Vegetable Pad Thai

One of the most viewed recipes on our site is vegetarian. Colorful and appetizing, this vegetable pad thai can also be adapted to suit individual tastes, by adding a block of tofu, prawns or chicken.

Complete recipe: Vegetable Pad Thai


4. Homemade bread

The pandemic will have been good, it will have taught us how to cook our own bread. In 2022, many of you will consult Emmanuel Bilodeau’s bread recipe. In this special TV segment, the comedian shared his best bread recipe with us for a delicious and easy-to-digest result.

Complete recipe: homemade bread


5. Llama roast braised in red wine, buttered with classic cabbage and hazelnut butter carrot purée

A great classic of Quebec cuisine, the llama roast will always remain one of your favorite recipes. This more sophisticated version, suggested by Hugo Saint-Jaques, you liked in many respects, because it is in fifth position.

Complete recipe: Llama roast braised in red wine, buttered with classic cabbage and carrot puree with hazelnut butter


6. Broccoli salad

In 2022, you’ve definitely been looking to incorporate more greens into your diet because this broccoli salad recipe has been viewed over and over again. Easy to make, but above all delicious, this recipe is a dutykeep it close!

Complete recipe: Broccoli salad


7. Pork tenderloin with mushrooms

Pork tenderloin recipes are popular at Salut Bonjour! No wonder, they are cheap, easy to make and always successful. Our chef Jonathan Garnier offered you this mushroom-based recipe and… you adopted it!

Complete recipe: Pork tenderloin with mushrooms


8.Nspicy noodles

Our chef Jonathan Garnier was inspired by an Asian recipe for Dandan noodles to make this dish. In less than 15 minutes, you’ve got a delicious spicy noodle dish, topped with sliced ​​beef and peanuts.

Complete recipe: spicy noodles


9. Chow mein with vegetables and crunchy noodles

Anyone (or almost anyone) can cook this delicious vegetable chow mein, it’s so easy to make. You figured out that this is a recipe to keep on hand since it’s on our list.

Complete recipe: Chow mein with vegetables and crunchy noodles


10. Potatoes stuffed with prawns

In tenth and last position you chose to cook a local vegetable: the potato. Stuffed with Matane prawns, peas and cheddar cheese, the potato takes on another posture!

Complete recipe: Potatoes stuffed with prawns


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