the 7 funniest tweets of 2022 about Centre-Val de Loire

In these last days of 2022, France 3 offers you the best of Twitter with a regional theme, to keep smiling before the new year.

2022 is coming to an end. The opportunity to make a small retrospective of the past year, through the prism of humor rather than that of current events… And again, the events that marked 2022 are never far away. Small best of, therefore, publications by internet users on Twitter, who at least will have managed to entertain the web by talking about the Centre-Val de Loire.

British-French journalist Alex Taylor says he settled in Perche in midsummer. History does not say whether it is the Perche on the Normandy side or the Perche on the Eure-et-Loir side. And yet, the plumber to whom he explains that he has already lived in Chartres, 40 km away, is categorical: “At Perche we don’t like Beaucerons!

In Eure-et-Loir, the group lives well.

Mamère Christmas at the Sea.

That’s all.

The legislative elections this year gave rise to the parachuting of former Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer on the electoral district of Montargis. Held by the right, coveted by the Nupes, finally conquered by the far right… Suffice it to say a quagmire for Jean-Michel Blanquer, who was famously doused with whipped cream by two teachers on the streets of Montargis before leaving. in the first round.

Still, the campaign gave rise to a supposedly cordial meeting between the former minister and the elected representative of the opposition in Montargis and – at the time – communist candidate for deputy Bruno Nottin. What allows the latter to make fun of Jean-Michel Blanquer’s parachuting: “I was able to tell him where the tourist office was“.

Taras Grescoe is a Canadian author, having worked in particular on the place of the car in the city. “A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars, but where the rich take public transport“, he enthusiastically tweeted in July 2022. A tweet that managed to win 250 000 likes on the platform, all the same. A huge spotlight for… Orléans. Because the photo accompanying the text is nothing more than a magnificent shot of rue Jeanne-d’Arc, with a tram speeding towards the cathedral in the background.

An international honour, but also an opportunity to laugh. “The Americans have such an absurd and ramshackle country that for them the Orléans tram is a monument of civilization“, joked the political videographer Usul, who works in particular for Mediapart and has made himself known on JeuxVidé Do the rich in Orleans take tram B?

Before winning the World Cup with Argentina, Lionel Messi certainly had to question himself thoroughly by opening Twitter on July 3, 2022. That fateful day, several internet users decided to argue about who was the stronger between Ronaldo and Messi. “Even the mayor of Châteauroux plays better than Messi“, launches a well-advised tweet.

The city councilor in question, Gil Avérous, retweeted the message, calling it a “exaggerated“. An exchange with the Berrichonne follows, who invites the mayor to “An attempt“.”To hope for a comeback in Ligue 2, we are rather confident [l’attaquant] Thomas Rubinetto”, replies Gil Avérous. Since then, the Thomas Robinet in question has gone to Nancy, and La Berrichonne is in 14th place in the national team.

Gil Avérous is not only active in summer, but also defends itself a lot in winter. Especially the time to remember that Miss France was held this year in his city… with a short video excerpt of Jean-Pierre Foucault imitating Elton John, who launches to the public: “Châteauroux one day, Châteauroux always” in a fake British accent at the cut with a knife. Which year.

In 2021, we introduced you to a resident of Blois who travels on the back of a donkey through the streets of his city. This year we have decided, in the “unusual vehicles” category, to go motorized. In this case, a new six-wheeler, consisting mainly of a scooter and a shopping trolley, the latter firmly attached to the former by the force of the driver’s arm.

A video shot on the road between the Buffalo Grill and the McDo in Tours Nord. Just enough for the Touraine Police Twitter account to react: “The sidecar must be attached to the motorcycle, and not held by the driver. It is usually on the right side of the bike.

What a beautiful idea the municipality of Veretz, in the Indre-et-Loire, had to honor the Cher, the river that crosses it. At the crossroads between rue des Isles and chemin du Cher, an “I ❤️ le Cher” sculpture has been placed to challenge motorists. Except that, looking quickly, it is possible to read something very different, due to a certain proximity between the first E and the C. As underlined, without saying it, by a navigator on Twitter.

With his 9 200 likes, the tweet paid homage to our beautiful region. And so it’s our tweet of the year.

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