Wellvii and Care Daily partner for home health

This collaboration includes Wellvii devices for personal health and wellness to Care Daily’s AI services for aged care and chronic disease management

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Florida and PALO ALTO, California, January 03, 2023–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Wellvii, a maker of smart connected health and wellness devices, today announced a partnership with Care Daily, a software technology company providing artificial intelligence services for aged care, to provide integrated solutions for aging in place experiences.

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Today more than ever, patients are extremely receptive to personal health management solutions. The consumerization and democratization of healthcare achieved significant success before the pandemic, and COVID-19 has further accelerated this trend. The partnership between Wellvii and Care Daily will enable users to take charge of their wellbeing through self-monitoring and give them a better insight into their overall health.

“The central devices of the platform, the Wellvii MVS1the Wellvii Go worn on the body and the Wellvii scale combined with Care Daily’s artificial intelligence and IoT platform, will provide families with a comprehensive solution to assess their health and well-being and improve their well-being,” said Mark Khachaturian , PhD, CEO of Wellvii.

“Care Daily has commercialized the most advanced intelligence of its AI Caregiver which, until now, mainly acquired data from environmental sensors in the home so that it could learn lifestyle patterns, trends and daily activities,” said David Moss, CEO of Care Daily. “The integration of Wellvii’s core devices with our AI Caregiver services brings together home lifestyle trends and residents’ body biometric trends, enabling an unparalleled understanding of that person’s true condition. Aged care providers are thrilled to be able to market these differentiated services under their own brands.”

The two companies are in talks with major vendors to test the combined technology at home. The main use cases are aged care and chronic care management.

About Wellvii

Wellvii enables healthcare performed in any home with its comprehensive, clinically validated, connected device that measures 11 vital signs from the fingertip, including an oscillometric blood pressure cuff. Wellvii also introduces a comprehensive wellness assessment system, including the first at-home “stress test” through its unique fitness challenge. For more information on the myWellvii platform, click here.

1Wellvii MVS is not a medical device and cannot be used for clinical applications in the United States. Wellvii VitalDetect has received the CE mark as a Class IIa medical device in Europe. For more information on Wellvii VitalDetect in Europe, click here. Wellvii has been awarded 60 patents (57 in US, 2 in UK, 1 in Europe).

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About daily care

Care Daily is the only white-labeled home health IoT and AI SaaS that highly personalizes elder care delivery through leading brands. Care Daily is backed by the NIA, and the company’s award-winning Caregiver AI software intelligence is the first to achieve scientific validation for in-home aged care services. Care Daily’s Caregiver AI personalization and services are uniquely configurable by partners, significantly differentiating themselves from other brands and solution providers. Intelligence detects falls in real time, reveals hidden health issues, and brings families and health care professionals together to care for the elderly. Care Daily’s white label solutions are used by some of the largest brands to rapidly implement and continuously improve personalized senior health services in homes and communities. To learn more, visit www.CareDaily.ai or join us on LinkedIn.

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