Basilic & Co, already 60 counter restaurants and launched a new concept

The chain of Italian restaurants created in 2007 by Laurent Bassi has just crossed the threshold of 60 outlets after two new openings in December near Montigny-Lès-Metz and Angers. With 13 new restaurants at the counter and a turnover of around 33 million euros, 2022 will have been a fruitful year for the brand, which has recently launched a V3 of the concept capable of operating continuously.

A beautiful brand story is that of Basilic & Co, founded 15 years ago in Romans-sur-Isère, and which has just celebrated the opening of its 60th restaurant, rue Saumuroise in Angers, on 14 December. From the very beginning, Laurent Bassi had the flair to base his brand identity on an offer of local pizzas, promoting local products. But it is only 6 years later, in 2013, that the model we know, which integrates on-site catering as well as take-away and delivery, will see the light with the 2and unit on the Grenoble side. The road to development was then set, seeing the brand open its first franchise in Nantes in 2014 and earn a finalist place in the Franchise Revelations competition the following year. Since then, the brand has continued to spread, first at a measured pace before accelerating from the architectural V2 of the concept released from 2017-2018. Result, a 50and restaurant opened last spring before a 60and, a few weeks ago, to close a year full of 13 openings. This too is the bearer of many hopes with the launch of a new point of sale model and the arrival of a starred chef within the internal team in the person of Edoardo Cristaudo.

A new concept committed to continuous opening

Indeed, in addition to the pilot located in Valence, Basilic & Co is currently testing a V3 of the concept on several units. ” This new format should make it possible to enhance the offer between meals to allow continuous opening 7 days a week and therefore further increase profitability. “, underlines Cyril Gervais, marketing and communication manager of the network. The afternoon and afterwork ranges have been significantly enhanced with the integration of pizza formats. Beyond the products made in restaurants, the evolution of the concept also introduces a gastronomy department. It notably offers Nyons AOP olive oil and even Espelette peppers AOP from Maison du Piment. Design, menu, graphic identity, everything has been redesigned to adhere as much as possible to the DNA of the concept while being part of an eco-responsible approach with chalet wood, oak parquet, portraits of partner exhibitors or even French crockery.. The the place is thus designed to be even more convivial and each guest, sitting at the counter to enjoy his pizza in front of the stove or settled in a more intimate space, can enjoy more atmospheres. Enough to increase the average ticket which already reaches 34 € including taxes on the units that have opted for this new version.

100 restaurants targeted by the end of 2024

For the rest we find the strong markers that have decreed the success of the brand, which generates on average 43% of its turnover in delivery. In addition to the essentials (from 12 to 15 pizzas), Basilic & Co will continue to offer at least 2 menus a year that highlight local products (from 6 to 8 dedicated recipes), or around twenty pizzas, focaccias and calzones made from 100% restaurant-made dough and slowly fermented. A major challenge lies in the permanent supply of selected new producers capable of supporting development (each franchisee can include some complementary local products in their menu). In the spring of 2022, the starred chef Edoardo Cristaudo also joined the team and has already signed 2 menus. The concept also maintains its modularity between setting up 70-90 m² dedicated to VAE and delivery (via platforms) or higher (up to 200 m²) by integrating on-site catering with table service. The renewal of the park should also take place gradually with already at least 22 franchise contracts signed for the new version and a goal of 100 branded restaurants by 2023. In terms of notoriety, Basilic & Co will still be able to count this year on the partnership with the French national handball team, while a new loyalty program should come out of the drawer in the coming months.

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