Calmont: This restaurant changes its name and now mixes traditional and Réunion cuisine

Nadège Grondin took over the reins of the restaurant on rue du Vieux-Moulin on 1um December 2022, with the Le Co’sie brand. (©Angélique Passebosc – Voice of Midi Lauragais)

It should no longer be called Le Comptoir de l’Hers, but Le Co’sie. The restaurant of rue du Vieux Moulinin Calmont, he may have kept his address, his name and face, in fact they have changed.

Behind this new sign he is now hiding Nadege Grondin. It was she who took over the reins of the establishment, thus opening on 1um December 2022, the doors of his first restaurant. “Even though I kept the wine, beer and soft spirits barthe concept is somewhat different,” he points out.

In addition to this space, the professional mainly offers on-site or take-out catering. A kitchen that wants « traditional, revisited [sa] sauce”but also reunionis.

From Flamboyant to Co’sie

A cuisine that some Calmontais have already tasted in the past, under another name. Because until she embarked on this new adventure, Nadège Grondin offered-under the sign The Flamboyant – Reunionse specialty that she prepared at home and sold at home, to take away and also at the market.

I had built my clientele, but since 2019 I’ve been doing this, I’ve started going around in circles. I wanted to change. Then the opportunity to rent here arose…

Nadege GrondinOwner of the Co’sie

The Calmontaise then makes a 180° turn. “A restaurateur friend gave me a lot of support,” he confides. I have to say Serving mom’s cooking on trays isn’t the same as preparing dishes every day. »

And this, although The Co’sie has very little cutlery – fifteen at the most. “Exactly, I think it’s cute, it’s more enveloping. It’s a place that looks like me,” she smiles.

After offering her dishes to take away, at home or at the market under the name of Flamboyant, Nadège Grondin now welcomes customers to her restaurant.
After offering her dishes to take away, at home or at the market under the name of Flamboyant, Nadège Grondin now welcomes customers to her restaurant. (©Angélique Passebosc – Voice of Midi Lauragais)

A touch of exoticism

Here, in the heart of downtown Calmont, between the hall and the church, Nadège Grondin offers “his kitchen. In each dish, the native Réunionnaise adds “the dough of her”, a touch of exoticism that reminds us where it comes from. “For the dishes I play a lot with spices, vanilla…, she slips. People are often surprised. »

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She cites as an example the duck parmentier with sweet potatoes, the pineapple tiramisuthe mango panna cotta… Without forgetting the essential reunion recipes such as rougail sausage.

But that is not all. In the Co’sie menu: a midday lunch formula with “an easy-to-serve dish” ; in the evening customers can choose between two dishes and two desserts à la carte or from the menu. “I do it based on my mood and the products I can buy. And the mistress assures her, here, everything is home madeeven the spring rolls and Samosas.

Catering and restaurateur

If the director of this new establishment likes to try new things and surprise her clientele, what drives her above all is the idea of ​​sharing.

We are a large family, so I have always cooked. Even when I was working on buses, cooking was what I wanted to do. Why ? Because I like that, this idea of ​​sharing in the kitchen. Then I like to see the satisfaction on people’s faces.

Nadege Grondin

This is one of the reasons why she has not been able to put aside all that she had built with Le Flamboyant. She explains:

The sign no longer exists, but I continue, with Le Co’sie, to offer my services for family, wedding or corporate lunches. This brings an advantage. Either way, I couldn’t put it aside. It’s part of my culture, my identity. I didn’t want to close the door on my regular customers.

Practical information

Le Co’sie – 1 bis, rue du Vieux-Moulin – Calmont 31560.
Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30 to 14:00 and from 17:30 to 22:30, as well as Sunday from 9:00 to 14:30.
Contact: 06 47 06 86 27 or [email protected]

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