“We can come back guys!” His call to riot in the locker room

VIDEO. Kylian Mbappé is one of the main protagonists of the documentary “Merci les Bleus”, broadcast on TF1 this Tuesday evening, 48 hours after the defeat in the World Cup final. In the locker room at halftime he called his team mates with a start …

He has long aspired to more responsibility. Kylian Mbappé established himself as the great attacking leader of the French team during the football World Cup, with a central place in the Blues’ offensive system and 8 goals scored in Qatar, making him the top scorer of the tournament. What we don’t know today, however, is the exact role he plays in the Italian locker room. It is necessary to believe that this too is growing. If we had no doubts about the teammates about the aura of a Pogba, a Lloris, a Varane or a Griezmann, Kylian Mbappé also intends to take his part in managing the team now.

The documentary “Merci les Bleus”, broadcast this Tuesday evening on TF1, 48 hours after the defeat in the World Cup final, shows it several times: Kylian Mbappé intends to establish himself as a “taulier” of the French team and does not hesitate to shake up his partners when he deems it necessary. It is in particular a Mbappé particularly reassembled at the interval of Argentina-France what the images of the first channel show. As France completely lost their first 45 minutes, we will briefly hear the PSG striker haranguing his teammates in the dressing room and calling them to riot: “It’s a World Cup final, the match of a lifetime,” he will launch in a powerful voice.

“Let’s go back there and either let them play stupid, or we increase the intensity, get into duels and do something else. They scored the 2 goals, we’ll score the 2 goals”!

“We can’t do worse,” continued Mbappé who warned: “Let’s go back on the pitch and either we make them act like jerks, or we go there, put some intensity, enter the duels and do something else. What guys! It’s a Cup final of the world!” Then comes this prophecy which will come true just under an hour later: “They scored the 2 goals, we will score the 2 goals! We can come back! Guys, something like this happens every 4 years!” Words that today resonate like an incredible trigger.

Video extract of Mbappé during the Argentina-France halftime

The call to revolt will in any case have been heard, with the Blues more enterprising in the second half and who will end up returning from hell a little, twice, thanks to Kylian Mbappé himself. TF1 will also catch the attacker’s words towards the bench after scoring the second goal of the equalizer with precision, with a superb recovery, on Thuram’s serve. “We won’t bury each other”, a furious Mbappé let go by replacing himself.

Kylian Mbappé’s promise

While he appeared with his face closed, visibly disgusted, at the end of the albiceleste triumph and showing a slightly happier face on the balcony of the Crillon the day after for his return to France, Kylian Mbappé still wanted from noon on Monday, to launch a message of hope to his fans and to those who are impatiently awaiting the next match between the Italian selection and the competition. The France striker posted a message on Twitter that says everything about his state of mind and his ability to recover: “We’ll be back,” Kylian Mbappé simply promised his fans. Two words welcomed as a relief after the disappointment.

Kylian Mbappé was the French hero in Sunday’s World Cup final, with a legendary hat-trick propelling him to the title of top scorer of the World Cup. But this immense personal achievement will not have been enough. However, France lost after a scenario of rare cruelty, after coming back from hell and believing in it until the end (3-3, 4-2 at the end of the game).b.).

The tragedy of Kylian Mbappé in 5 acts

For the Bondy native it was a completely crazy evening that unfolded, marked by his goals obviously and by a crushing balance for the Argentine goalkeeper Damian Martinez, but also by his duel with Lionel Messi punctuated by small friendly exchanges, a long and Trial moment with Emmanuel Macron on the sideline during Argentina’s coronation and final gasps even in the locker room after the match…

1- An anthology hat-trick

A hat-trick in the World Cup final is already a feat. Before Kylian Mbappé, only the Englishman Geoff Hurst had noticed it on 30 July 1966. The PSG striker twice got the French team back on track against superior Argentines in all respects for 80 terrible minutes. While the Blues were (badly) leading 2-0 in the first half and seemed to be at the back of the hole, Kylian Mbappé first struck from a penalty obtained by Kolo Muani (80th), one of the architects of the revolt, then unlocked a steal masterful, after the recovery of Coman and the one-two with Thuram (81 ‘), allowing France to come back from hell ten minutes from the end of regulation time in this France – Argentina. Check out this second life-saving lens in the video below.

In extra time, the Mbappé miracle repeats itself. While Albiceleste took the lead again thanks to a certain Messi (109th), Mbappé took advantage of a new penalty (118th) to save the Blues for the second time (3-3). During the penalty shoot-out, Mbappé would again deceive Argentine goalkeeper Damian Martinez, passing him a total of 4 goals including three face-to-face penalties, without fail. But the failures of Coman and Tchouaméni, more feverish, will deprive the Azzurri of a brace in the World Cup…

2- The duel (won) against Messi

Mbappé’s feat is all the more historic as he has twice surpassed Lionel Messi on the counterattack, in matches, but also in the World Cup’s top scorer. Tied before the final with 5 goals each, the two players had to engage in a duel in this Sunday’s duel. And it was Messi who took the lead at the start of the game, first scoring the goal for the Albiceleste from a penalty (23rd), then again in extra time (109th, or 7 goals in the World Cup). But that’s without counting the talent of the Frenchman who scored not two but three goals in the final and finished top scorer with 8 goals.

The exchanges of the two Parisians on the pitch were also very popular with PSG fans, who didn’t fail to point out that their return to the Camp des Loges locker room in January could be difficult, with images to back it up. In particular, we see Messi clenching an angry fist, with a furtive but very sharp look at Kylian Mbappé after his first goal. Scene that will be repeated in the other verse a few minutes later…

3. Macron’s insistence

After the match, Messi will briefly try to come and console his Paris Saint-Germain teammate, hopefully suggesting that the animosity between the two football giants was only temporary. Emmanuel Macron, on the other hand, hurried to gain the lawn to grab Kylian Mbappé and try to comfort him. A long sequence during which the attacker, in full disillusionment, will not look for the President of the Republic, rather he will seem to wait for us to let him brood over his silent defeat. It is the Argentine goalkeeper, Damien Martinez, who will come to put an end to this highly commented scene on social networks, also attempting a gesture towards his executioner of the evening.

Emmanuel Macron and Kylian Mbappé after the final whistle. © Natacha Pisarenko/AP/SIPA (published 12/19/2022)
Emmanuel Macron and Kylian Mbappé on the podium after the final. © Natacha Pisarenko/AP/SIPA (published 12/19/2022)

For a visibly disillusioned Kylian Mbappé, neither the golden boot of top scorer, nor the insistence of Emmanuel Macron to console him on the sideline will have been enough. The President of the Republic will try once again to grab Mbappé, on the podium, during the awards ceremony, in vain.

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4. Obvious distress

The images of the France players, for some in tears, will be among the most striking of this 2022 World Cup. The face of Antoine Griezmann, who completely missed his final, is one of them. But the several shots on Kylian Mbappé after the penalty shoot-out will be remembered for a long time. The French forward, who was awarded the World Cup top scorer trophy before going on to win the silver medal with his teammates on the podium, must have gone through a long and difficult time as evidenced by the pictures taken after the match.

Kylian Mpabbé after the final
Kylian Mpabbé photographed on the bench after the final, then after receiving the top scorer trophy and silver medal. ©Sipa

5. Mbappé’s “minute’s silence” in the Argentine locker room

During this 2022 World Cup, we were able to discover all the aggression of the Albiceleste on the pitch, in the final, but also during other matches of the tournament (Holland certainly retains a bitter memory). An aggressiveness in the game, but also in gestures and mentality. After the match, a video will quickly circulate on social networks. We see a caterpillar of the Argentines celebrating which will be suddenly interrupted by Damian Martinez himself. The goalkeeper, who might have been considered modest after conceding four goals from Kylian Mbappé, will ask his teammates for “a minute’s silence” for the French striker. A sequence that contrasts with that of the fair play goalkeeper who came to greet the attacker after the final whistle.

Mbappé against all of Argentina?

As against England or Morocco, all eyes were on Kylian Mbappé before and during the final. Less comfortable than he was and decisive for two matches, one might wonder whether the Frenchman would be up to the World Cup epilogue against PSG team-mate Lionel Messi. Now we have the answer. After an 80% duel in favor of Pulga, the hero Mbappé will have accomplished the feat of reversing the trend twice and winning three duels in total from a penalty against the opposing goalkeeper. A huge personal achievement.

If the duel has been in the headlines for several days, it is also because Kylian Mbappé has aroused controversy in South America after his statements on the level of play in South American countries. “The advantage we have, the European Championships, is that we always play each other and we always have high level matches, like in the Nations League. When we get to the World Cup we are ready, where Brazil and Argentina don’t “I don’t have that level. In South America football is not as advanced as in Europe. That’s why the last World Cup, if you look at it, it’s always the Europeans who win,” he said a few months ago, alienating an entire continent.

Asked about the matter, Argentina goalkeeper Martinez had also sharply cut the Bondy native. “Mbappé doesn’t know enough about football. He has never played in South America. If you don’t have that experience you can’t comment. But that’s nothing. They know we are a world-class selection and they respect us,” he said.

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