What breakfast to lose weight after the holidays? The best slimming products + recipe ideas

There’s a simple science behind weight loss: Eat fewer calories than you burn. So, to lose weight, count what we eat during the day, from morning to night. For example, a light and not too late dinner and a healthy and balanced lunch based on seasonal products are excellent options to get rid of the feeling of heaviness and keep in shape, right? But what about the most important meal of the day? What breakfast to lose weight, whether you train or not, after Christmas and New Year’s? Let’s look at some of the possible answers…

What is the ideal breakfast to lose weight after the holidays?

Speaking of breakfast for weight loss, there’s more than one approach you can choose to take. For example, we can opt for a protein meal that will help us achieve our body mass goals. Studies have shown that eating 30 grams of protein for breakfast can keep us full, or at least not hungry, for most of the day. The reason this works is that high protein foods take longer to digest, unlike traditional breakfast foods which are heavily loaded with carbohydrates.

And if we play sports…?

what to eat before sport increase muscle mass lose fat optimize performance

However, be careful! If you play a sport, it is not advisable to take protein before your workout, because digesting and assimilating these nutrients will burn your body’s energy needed for muscle building. There are many other foods to eat before exercise. Either way, exercising on an empty stomach is good for burning fat, but it won’t make you gain muscle. Either way, the high protein weight loss breakfast works in many ways because:

  • Control your appetite and ward off overeating
  • It maintains the feeling of satiety for a long time throughout the day
  • Helps stabilize blood sugar

The food for all diets and the best satiating protein

ideal breakfast to lose weight after the holidays slimming products protein recipes ideas

Okay, but what does a weight-loss breakfast that emphasizes protein look like? Well, the typical foods for such a meal are…eggs! Yes, these affordable, widely available, versatile and delicious superfoods are probably the best option to consider when you want to start the fight against the extra pounds in the morning! Some of the best egg breakfasts are, of course, the omelet, soft-boiled eggs, and the exotic shakshuka, among others.

What products to include at breakfast for weight loss

What breakfast to lose weight after the holidays slimming products protein recipes ideas

The other essential foods not to be underestimated when planning breakfast for weight loss are yogurt, low-fat cheeses and more or less lean meats. Ham and smoked salmon are other impeccable options, especially if you like to start your day with a savory dish. But eating four eggs a day or 200 g of high-sodium ham is not a good idea…

breakfast lose weight after vacation slimming products recipes ideas oatmeal

Fortunately, a weight-loss breakfast doesn’t have to contain just one source of protein. To make it balanced and appetizing at the same time, you can combine two or three of these products. Don’t forget to add dietary fiber from low-sugar vegetables, whole seeds and fruits, as well as a dose of beneficial fats from nuts, fish, etc. Here are some good examples to copy or reinvent based on personal preferences:

The morning slimming dish in a few sublime recipes

ideal breakfast to lose weight after the holidays slimming products easy recipe ideas

Morning omelette consisting of two eggs with mushrooms, peppers and herbs served with a slice of wholemeal toast

Fat burning breakfast whey protein pancakes topped with strawberries/berries or a little sugar-free maple syrup

Toast with smoked salmon and poached egg with some extra light cream cheese or a few slices of avocado

Rolled oats with nut milk or plain yogurt and garnished with bananas, apples, seasonal fruit of your choice or no sugar added kompot

Healthy sandwich made with two slices of whole grain bread, two slices of lean bacon (from the back of the animal) or turkey ham plus tomatoes or lettuce

Sports breakfast of wholemeal toast and seeds with a little peanut butter and a few pieces of fresh fruit before training

Several breakfast smoothie recipes with skim milk, fresh or frozen fruit and plain yogurt + a spoonful of granola for more fiber

Poached eggs (2 whole eggs or 1 egg + 1 egg white) on sauteed sesame spinach canapés with a slice of wholemeal bread

Breakfast to lose weight, but not only

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Of course, this list is not exhaustive, and there are many other variations of breakfast for weight loss. Remember that a light early dinner, plenty of movement throughout the day, and adequate hydration are equally important to not only losing weight, but also staying healthy in general.

Source used: www.medicinenet.com

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